Top Gamification Learning Management Systems (2021)

Top Gamification Learning Management Systems (2021)
Summary: Companies in every industry have to buckle up and face any challenges and changes that arise. But to do so, we have to prepare and adapt our processes to any new reality. Gamification can help everyone welcome change management in an engaging way. eLearning Industry did a lot of research and testing to identify the best gamification LMS software to help you out. Check out our list and find out how to choose the best gamification packed LMS solution for your business!

Best Gamification LMS Software For Corporate Training

Can gamification LMS software help the transition to remote work policies? Or maybe help in increasing online purchases while customers stay at home? Well, gamification can do a lot more than that. Gamification is in our DNA and it has one main goal: to help you create online training courses that are challenging, engaging, and memorable.

Games have been a part of our lives from a very young age. They've helped develop our emotions. But they've always cultivated our characters and our culture, too. Most people pursue getting rewards. Others yearn to prove their status and achievements to the world. Some even seek self-expression and acknowledgment through competition, and others show altruism.

Haven't you always wanted to make it to the top of a leaderboard? Aren't you used to getting points and completing levels and challenges to get to the next stage of a video game? All these components have been successfully incorporated into online training as gamification features. Elements like badges, certifications, fun competitions, gifts, and more give an extra spark to your courses.

Based on our selection criteria, we've carefully selected the top tools to use to create engaging training. Take a careful look at the list and determine which of the following platforms will help you increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The main goal of your eLearning gamification project should be boosting organizational performance that results in business growth.

For sure, all LMS software on the list can help you implement gamification successfully. The final call is up to you—and your budget, of course. After checking the list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when opting for a gamified LMS solution.

So, are you ready to see the best LMS software for the job? Keep reading!

Top LMS Vendors Offering Gamified Features

Top Gamification Learning Management Systems (2021)

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1. Docebo
4.6/5 (30 reviews)

With Docebo’s gamification app, you can implement gamification by running competitions against performance objectives, learning goals or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

If you are looking for extra insights, you can learn more about Docebo's gamification capabilities here.

Eager to explore what kind of User Experience other community members had? Visit eLearning Industry's directory to read Docebo's customer reviews!


  • Distributing rewards
  • Notifications
  • Multiple branches

Gamification is not about "playing games" per se. Gamification is the process of adding motivational elements within a learning framework or system to increase user engagement, based upon sound game theory and game mechanics.

Docebo helps trainers make sure they set the pace of competition, ensuring the top performers are displayed on a leaderboard, and mapping points and badges to specifically applicable competencies.


  • Distributing rewards
    Docebo serves as the catalog to display, manage, and allocate physical or virtual rewards. The super admin or admin will be in charge of distributing the rewards.
  • Notifications
    When a user redeems a reward, admins are notified so they can approve, reject or message the requesting user.
  • Multiple branches
    You can configure a specific set of rewards for a specific branch in your Docebo platform. We are all competitive by nature, so leveling up your LMS to include gamification will benefit both your learners and your organization.

Plans And Pricing

Docebo's gamification app is used in several areas, such as training processes, where it helps make the experience more fun and interactive. Studies on this topic have shown positive results, as it leverages peoples’ innate desire for competition, self-expression, and achievement. The gamification app is a core feature in the Docebo Learn LMS module, available to projects of all sizes. It is easily activated and configured by the platform's super admin before it is available for use.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS allows your enterprise to deliver training at the point of need, across devices, for your sales and customer-facing teams to maximize productivity. 

You may like to check the submitted reviews for Adobe Captivate Prime.

Learn more about how Captivate Prime can enable gamification for your sales training courses or employee upskilling/reskilling.


  • Leaderboards
  • Badges and transcripts
  • Discussion board

With Adobe Captivate Prime LMS you can drive engagement through certifications and award gamification points and badges for positive reinforcement. Managers can take pre-emptive decisions using data from the skill and compliance report dashboards.

To engage learners and motivate them to achieve their goals by using gaming techniques, use the gamification feature in Captivate Prime. Learners can compete with their colleagues to score points for various learning activities and achieve bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels. Learners can also see the achievement level based on the points they have earned. The levels include fast learner, self-driven, and so on. Both internal learners and external learners can access this feature. For more information, you can watch the webinar Implementing A Gamification Strategy For Your Organization.


Salient gamification features in Prime:

  • Leaderboards
    A leaderboard is a gamification feature that acts as a scoreboard to showcase the ranking scores of leading competitors. Learners can see their gamification points using the leaderboard.
  • Badges and transcripts
    Allow learners to receive badges on the successful completion of learning activities. These open badges are shareable on social media. Learners can also download a record of all the training they have taken in the organization.
  • Discussion board
    Encourage learners to interact with peers and instructors, leading to a better understanding of concepts.

Plans And Pricing

It is ideal for corporate trainers due to the range of flexibility it offers in purchasing for SMEs and enterprises:

  • Registered user pricing model
    With this licensing model in Adobe Captivate Prime, you sign up for a fixed number of registered learners within your account. These are licenses assigned to individuals and they have continuous access to the system. This model is recommended for fixed learner scenarios.
  • Monthly active user pricing model
    Adobe Captivate Prime also offers active user pricing for organizations that have a floating audience that does not need continuous access to the system.
4.7/5 (213 reviews)

TalentLMS makes employee, partner, and customer training accessible and enjoyable. With multiple award wins on its track record, this Learning Management System comes with all the tools you need to turn online training into an engaging, fun process. 

Go ahead and find out what customers have to say about Talent LMS in eLearning Industry's directory.

Get started with your free TalentLMS account today!


  • Recognize and reward good performance
  • Inject a fun, competitive spirit
  • Turn evaluation into an interactive activity

Trusted by 70,000+ teams worldwide, TalentLMS’s gamification features not only increase learner adoption but also retain knowledge. Learners are able to take their training in an environment full of gamified features, while quizzes and tests make training an experience they will take with them after the end of their course.


  • Recognize and reward good performance
    There’s nothing more motivating than a pat on the back. TalentLMS’s gamification tools automatically recognize your learners’ hard work for you. By awarding points and badges, unlocking levels, and granting rewards, the online training software that consistently ranks number 1 applauds good performance and turns training into a gratifying experience.
  • Inject a fun, competitive spirit
    With TalentLMS, your learners can keep track of their progress without leaving the platform, and check badges and rewards they’ve already won. But if you want to increase their engagement, you need to try out leaderboards. Leaderboards basically work as public scoreboards where learners can see how they perform compared to the rest of your learner base. This way, and without lifting a finger, instructors can maximize motivation by introducing competition to the learning process.
  • Turn evaluation into an interactive activity
    Testing your learners’ knowledge online comes with a huge benefit. It’s a two-way street. With TalentLMS, you don’t only create online tests and quizzes to assess your learners’ comprehension. You can also deliver test scores right on the spot, and the platform will automatically identify those who failed and encourage them to go back and pick up what they’ve missed.

Plans And Pricing

The great thing about TalentLMS is that you can start out with a forever free account that will allow you to test everything before purchasing a plan. Paid plans start from $59 per month and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any point.

4.1/5 (29 reviews)

SAP Litmos provides an award-winning eLearning solution to 21+ million global users. The solution combines a powerful LMS—SAP Litmos Training—with a robust course library—SAP Litmos Training Content.

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You can read the latest user opinions and reviews for SAP Litmos in our directory.


  • Encourage learners to complete more courses
  • Leaderboards
  • Reporting

It enables targeted learning, boosts employee experience and loyalty, and protects the brand by keeping the organization compliant. By engaging learners with features such as gamification, video-based content, and an attractive, easy-to-use interface, SAP Litmos improves employee retention and performance.

SAP Litmos Training includes gamification features that increase user engagement and enjoyment of learning. These features award and motivate users with achievements earned by participation in the learning program, as well as stimulate friendly competition among individuals and groups to build excitement and commitment around training.


  • Encourage learners to complete more courses
    By earning points and badges based on their activity in the system, your learners will be able to complete their courses at ease.
  • Leaderboards
    Feature the most active participants on the leaderboard and set who can view which boards.
  • Reporting
    Allow admins to report on and view the results of all gamification activities.

Plans And Pricing

Starting as low as $4 per user per month, plans can include the SAP Litmos Training LMS as a standalone solution or combined with SAP Litmos Training Content for access to 1000+ professionally designed, off-the-shelf courses.

Learning Pool is a full-service eLearning provider helping organizations maximize the potential of its people with learning platforms, creative content, and powerful analytics.

If you’d like to learn more about what they do, please visit

Also, make sure to check Stream LXP reviews in our niche directory.


  • Real learning games
  • Gamification
  • Gamification pedigree

They service over 800 organizations and 3.5 million learners around the world. This team is famous for replacing legacy learning content and systems with smarter, simpler alternatives that cut costs and increase returns.


Their suite of learning tools includes one of the most feature-rich Learning Management Systems on the market, a world-class Learning Experience Platform with AI-driven personalization and social collaboration, and the world’s most widely installed Learning Record Store. They also have a range of content offerings from off-the-shelf catalogs to bespoke built and self-directed learning content. Their solutions work beautifully on their own and seamlessly when brought together.

  • Real learning games

Harness established and replayable game frameworks to deliver a real game experience that captures the imagination of your learners. They have developed a range of gameplay frameworks that can be applied across a diverse selection of topics, settings, and industries. From multiplayer quiz challenges to digital board games to explorable map simulations, these frameworks make learning games a more attainable ambition for clients across the globe. Built with maintainability, they favor Adapt Builder for its low cost, but they also use Captivate and Articulate Storyline.

  • Gamification

Enhance more traditional learning formats with game mechanics and aesthetics to engage and motivate your learners. Extend social learning and gamification by using their Stream LXP platform. Games may be fun but they mean nothing without real business results. Learning Locker, one of the world's widely used LRS, can be applied to analyze choices in-game. Besides, it is great for identifying patterns in behavior and culture. Or you can also use it to link game performance with business data.

  • Gamification pedigree
    • Gold Learning Technologies Award for Best Learning Game with Schlumberger in 2017
    • Best LMS Implementation in 2018 with AG Barr who used gamification to make their platform “one of the most user-friendly LMS implementations we have seen”
    • Silver for Ryan O’Hara for Learning Designer of the Year in 2019


Learning Pool has a fresh approach to partnering with their customers; one that makes a real difference with a 98% client recommendation rate. And despite the global coronavirus crisis, they’ve had a record year in many different ways such as:

    • 50 new employees have been onboarded across their six global offices
    • 170 clients have been signed

They’ve celebrated a number of industry and business achievements since they are featured on 14 eLearning Industry lists for learning platforms and content creation. They've also achieved both a Gold and Bronze award win at the most recent Brandon Hall Excellence Awards. On top of that, Learning Pool maintained its Core Leader status on the Fosway 9-Grid, celebrated Gold for Customer Service Success at the Stevie Awards. Their marketing team was announced as Marketing Team of the Year at the Business Brilliance Awards.

Success Stories

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) needed its whole leadership base to embark upon a program of training. IHG created contribution challenges that asked participants to add their own User-Generated Content back to the platform. The response from leaders was phenomenal; more than 30,000 responses were generated in response to the curated material from IHG.

A.G. Barr implemented gamified elements, including open badges and leaderboards, which have been a revelation in boosting user and team engagement as well as motivation. This has even reached those employees who do not have computer/internet access readily available on a day-to-day basis. The redesigned dashboards for target groups also were well received. Each screen has been designed by combining A.G. Barr branding with the need for an enjoyable user experience. The result is both "on-brand" and visually engaging.

4.8/5 (2 reviews)

The Unlock:Learn LMS has its design based on an extensive survey among corporations, aiming to identify the most utilized LMS features. The above makes their product aligned with modern businesses and business needs.

See what users say about this LMS by checking the reviews in our directory.

Explore a unique approach to learning management with an Unlock:Learn free trial.


  • Maximize content consumption
  • Custom-built
  • Easy to use

Infopro Learning creates products and services that unlock the performance of employees, businesses, and L&D organizations. With over 25 years of experience in the corporate training industry, they know what it takes to run a successful learning organization that engages learners.


Their learning management tool is designed to address 4 core challenges that prevent organizations from maximizing their Return On Investment of online training programs. Their LMS gamification solutions fulfill these promises in the following ways:

  • Maximize content consumption
    They built a tool that focuses on motivating learners to consume more content. Nothing impacts the Return On Investment of online training programs more than consumption, and gamification is a crucial element.
  • Custom-built
    Whether you want badges, leaderboards or a point-based eCommerce solution, their LMS can be customized to match the demographics of your learners.
  • Easy to use
    Gamification has to be seamless within an LMS for learners to stay motivated. They make implementing game elements into learning simple with their intuitive and clutter-free interface.

Plans And Pricing

They have priced their product to fit the budget of large and small organizations. For organizations looking for a simple way to incorporate gamification into their LMS, Unlock:Learn can be up and running in a matter of weeks. For modern organizations that are looking for an effective way to engage their employees in online training with gamification, their pricing is assuredly very competitive.

Designed by iSpring, iSpring Learn, a cloud-based LMS, aims to deliver high-quality corporate training. The LMS includes gamification in order to enrich the educational process, stimulate the users' level of involvement, and enhance their motivation. 

If you care to read what other users think of this LMS, visit our iSpring Learn review section.

To have a better understanding of how this LMS works, you can start your iSpring Learn free trial!


  • Progress in leaderboards
  • Points
  • Badges

The main gamification features are points, customizable badges, leaderboards, and certificates.


When accessing the portal, users get notifications about the points they've earned. They can also see detailed information about learners' progress in "Achievements." Achievements include:

  • Progress in leaderboards
    The users’ ranking is based on the summary of points and badges. This option allows users to compete with colleagues.
  • Points
    Points are awarded when users pass courses and assessments. You can set fixed points, for example, you can award learners with 5 points for each course and 20 points for each test they complete.
  • Badges
    These are given for passing a certain course or gaining a certain amount of points. For example, you can award a user with a new badge for every 20 points or award a "marketing expert" title as soon as they complete a course on marketing techniques. iSpring Learn has a wide built-in collection of badges, which you can extend with your own images. All of these features are customizable.

Plans And Pricing

The pricing of iSpring Learn starts from $2.82 for each user/month. Gamification is included in the standard package. iSpring Learn is a great solution for gamification in corporate training because it is fast to deploy, easy to use for both users and administrators due to its intuitive design, has a fair price—paying for active users only—great 24/7 technical support, and it provides access on any mobile device. Many companies worldwide have already tried iSpring Learn and tested its gamification features, subsequently improving the process of staff training.

If you are looking for ways to make learning fun and engaging for your organization, look no further than Tovuti LMS. Tovuti is a modern cloud-based and fully gamified LMS that supports badging, teams, scoreboards, and certifications. 

Feel free to see pricing options for Tovuti LMS.

Also, if you want to learn more about what users think of this LMS all you have to do is read the submitted Tovuti reviews.


  • Badging
  • Points and Scoreboards
  • Interactive Lesson Content

Tovuti also has built-in lesson creation that allows you to build games into your content using one of our many pre-built interactive content modules. This way, your learners have as much fun completing their work as they do competing with each other. And the best part, Tovuti is super simple to use and maintain!


Tovuti LMS gamification highlights include:

  • Badging
    Create your own badges and set the criteria for users to earn them. Users will see their badges displayed on their transcript, user profile, and learner dashboard. Badges can also be shown off to others in Tovuti’s Community area.
  • Points and Scoreboards
    Tovuti lets you create as many types of points as you’d like and then assign those points to tasks such as lesson and course completion. Points can then be tracked via Tovuti’s scoreboard module that shows the users' point totals as well as the Top Ten point earners in the organization.
  • Interactive Lesson Content
    Tovuti has a library of pre-built interactive modules that allow you to create games, interactive videos, and so much more using the media you already have. When learning is fun, learners retain more and are happier to engage with your material. Everyone wins!

Plans And Pricing

Tovuti is priced to meet almost any budget and designed to meet almost any demand. This LMS can be purchased through one of two subscription plans. Tovuti Core for organizations that just need a learning platform for their staff and Tovuti Pro for organizations that need advanced functionality such as single sign-on, API Integration, social learning tools, and monetization options. And the best part,  Tovuti’s gamification features are included in both Tovuti Core and Tovuti Pro plans.

Whichever plan you choose, Tovuti is ready to help you create engaging content to make learning fun for your users.

Growth Engineering is passionate about battling against dull online learning and helping learners to unleash their inner superheroes. Their research-backed online learning solutions use brain science to make training more fun and engaging. 

See one of the world’s best gamified LMSs in action. Book a demo now!

Also, don't forget to explore Academy LMS reviews in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • XP, badges, and leaderboards
  • Levels
  • Streaks

Academy LMS helps you drive behavior change which results in extraordinary business impact. Companies such as HP, L’Oréal Travel Retail, BT, Flight Centre, and The Financial Times have seen a better return on their training investment with the help of Growth Engineering’s innovative and customizable products.


The Academy LMS was built using an engagement-first approach. That's why their customizable gamification features are baked into the platform, rather than tagged on. Check out the features available below:

  • XP, badges, and leaderboards
    The Academy LMS uses experience points, badges, and leaderboards to motivate learner progression. The learner who completes the most learning objects or social interactions gains the most experience points, while badges give learners some well-earned recognition after achieving a specific learning objective. Learners are ranked on the leaderboard according to their gained XP and badges, which fuels competition, and encourages social learning and collaboration.
  • Levels
    Levels are a key gamification feature on The Academy LMS. They act as goals and rewards that the learners unlock as they achieve their training objectives. Knowing that the next learning level is just around the corner keeps learners motivated to put in the effort to progress.
  • Streaks
    Streaks are a powerful new habit-forming tool that has been added to Growth Engineering's product suite. Set your learners time-bound challenges. For instance, log in once a day for the next five days or complete one piece of content every day for the next ten days. These streaks help to encourage behavioral change and offer a strong visual reminder of learning progress.

Plans And Pricing

They combat a wide variety of business needs with a selection of plans and personalized training solutions that meaningfully impact your business goals. Their tiered pay-per-learner rates mean that the more learners you add, the less money you pay per learner. As such, the Academy LMS offers an engaging, fun, and unique learning platform at a great value!

With LearnUpon, you can use gamification to turn every online training session into an engaging experience. Motivate your learners by setting clear goals, regular milestones, and recognizing achievements.

Looking for specific details on their pricing plans or need to have a closer look at their gamification features?

Visit Learn Upon's website to learn more.

Check out reviews for LearnUpon LMS in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Gamify your learning
  • Unlock badges
  • Gain points and level up
  • Climb the leaderboard
  • Track and report

LearnUpon helps businesses unlock the power of learning. From Fortune 100 companies to rising SMBs, their user-focused LMS and industry-leading expertise enable businesses to deliver impactful training that fuels employee, partner, and customer success.


Combining a powerful user-friendly platform with a best-in-class support team, they help businesses of all sizes around the world quickly and easily deliver high-impact learning that fuels long-term growth.

With LearnUpon’s gamification functionality, you can positively influence learner behavior and reward achievements, which motivates your learners to participate, and more importantly, complete their training. Create learning experiences that engage your employees. Encourage your team to hit their goals and place a spotlight on the best performing learners with gamification and leaderboards.

  • Gamify your learning
    Level up your engagement rates by adding game mechanics to your learning process. Set clear goals and regular milestones, and recognize achievements to motivate learners.
  • Unlock badges
    Award badges with every learning achievement. Pick ready-made badges or create your own that are unique to your company.
  • Gain points and level up
    Allow your users to gather points for completing activities, motivating them to reach the next level and get one step closer to their training goal.
  • Climb the leaderboard
    Place a spotlight on the best performing and most active learners using leaderboards. It adds some friendly competition too.
  • Track and report
    Keep a record of every badge, point, and level. LearnUpon's reporting lets you monitor all gamification activities from one place.

Plans And Pricing

LearnUpon’s pricing plans scale up with your business. All plans start with a no-risk, no-obligation, and no-credit-card-required free trial. At any time during your trial, you can upgrade to one of their paid plans and retain all of your branding, settings, and information. All of their packages are billed annually, starting at $699/month for a basic plan, $1,249/month for the essential plan, or $1,999/month for the premium plan. Gamification is available on their premium and enterprise plans. Their sales team would be happy to talk to you about their enterprise plans for businesses wanting to train larger audiences.

Looking For An LMS With Rich Gamification Functionality?
Save time and money. Compare top LMS software by gamification features, reviews, and rating!

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Companies Made The List?

Global recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the best gamification Learning Management Systems based on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer Experience
  • LMS software features
  • LMS software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

Next Steps After Checking eLearning Industry’s Top 10 Gamification LMS Software List

We hope all the above helped you realize how gamification reshapes learning. For sure, you'll need to spend enough time to investigate each one of these Learning Management Systems for your gamification project. This is key to finding the ideal gamification LMS for your online training objectives. One that fits your training budget. Taking free-trials to test LMS software is a proven method when trying to reach a final purchase decision. If you're interested in comparing LMSs for other types of training, by all means, explore eLearning Industry's Top Learning Management Systems directory.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for free LMS consulting tailored to your needs. Our LMS matching process is very simple; complete these 5 steps and find the Learning Management System that works best for you.

Do you want to dive into more information on how to scan the eLearning market for a Learning Management System? Read the article 11 Tips For Choosing The Best Learning Management System. You'll get all the help you need to choose the best LMS based on your company’s needs. Last but not least, if you are an LMS vendor, you are more than welcome to create a free listing on eLearning Industry!

How To Leverage Gamification To Train Your Workforce And Customers

In these unprecedented times we live in, an imminent need for change management is upon us. Decision-makers in every niche are forced to make organizational changes fast. There are several approaches you can use to prepare, support, and assist your teams in making the shift to remote working and virtual training.

One of the best ways to help your employees make a smooth transition is to create engaging online training programs. By adding gamification elements to your online training courses, you can lead them through this quickly and effectively. An LMS solution with gamification capabilities is meant to help you do just that.

Here at eLearning Industry, we've tried and tested several gamification LMS software. Our goal was to explore how L&D and HR managers can implement gamification elements in their corporate training. If you're also looking to bring change and innovation to your organization, keep reading. Are you using gamification effectively in your online training?

Check eLearning Industry's top gamification LMS software list if you want to:

  • Deliver instant corporate training results
  • Boost employee productivity and creativity
  • Develop engaging online training courses
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance employee skills development
  • Create effective leadership development training
  • Bring knowledge retention
  • Help remote teams adapt quickly to changes
  • Gamify your employee onboarding courses
  • Combine gamification with compliance training
  • Compare the top gamified-based LMS solutions
  • Find the right gamification LMS for your needs

In our list, we’ve gathered the top 10 Learning Management Systems for gamification. Please keep in mind that this list is about gamification LMS software. For all-around corporate training, you can check out our extensive LMS directory.

Find The Ideal LMS To Implement Gamification In Your Corporate Training
Save time and money. Compare top LMS software by gamification features, reviews, and rating!

Benefits Of Gamification LMS Software For Corporate Training

An LMS solution allowing the use of gamification elements can be a beacon for employee engagement through any transitional period. In fact, change management gamification is becoming a new trend. By using gaming methods, training managers can help employees learn more effectively. HR managers can also leverage such an eLearning solution to test and prepare for any organizational change.

Gamification is a popular strategy amongst L&D teams across all types of corporations, but not just to address change management issues. Sales teams have already taken advantage of this tactic with excellent results. The reason is that gamification adds a combination of elements such as entertainment and competitiveness. By incorporating the concept of game mechanics into your online training courses, you can create engaging learning experiences on all levels.

Who says non-gaming activities like corporate training have to be dull? Let's face it, this gimmick is going to be a top priority in L&D for a long time, especially when it comes to boosting engagement through gamified learning for employees and customers alike.

So, here are the top benefits of adding gamification elements to your online training courses:

  • High learner engagement
  • Motivation through goal tracking
  • Knowledge retention improvement
  • Team building
  • Experiential learning
  • Instant feedback

Key Advantages Of Using A Gamification LMS To Implement Online Training Programs

In order for any corporate training program to be successful, it takes a lot of planning before the actual delivery. Customized training content for businesses, educational institutions, government corporations or any other organization needs to address specific online training objectives.

Training managers and HR teams are looking for online training solutions that can help employees develop existing employee skills. Gamification can help you achieve all the above by bringing innovation into your corporate training.

An LMS offering gamification elements is an excellent solution for:

  • Employee skills development
  • Creating engaging learning experiences
  • Building better customer relationships
  • L&D teams who need to create virtual scenarios
  • Training managers who want to develop simulation games
  • HR managers who seek an innovative change management tool
  • Managers who want to incentivize learners with leaderboards and badges

If you're eager to improve your learners' online training experience, you can't go wrong with gamification. As long as you have set clear goals and objectives, your gamification project will be a success.

The Connection Between A Gamification LMS And Mobile Learning

If you've ever used a mobile app, you must have already noticed the close bond between gamification and mobile learning. Mobile learning is the driver for learning on the go, but gamification is the flame that can keep users hooked to your learning content.

By opting for a gamification strategy, your learning design is based on a more personalized learning approach. Who said corporate training courses can't be fun and engaging? Plus, by using self-regulation, you get one of the most effective ways to boost employee skills development.

Thus, putting it simply, gamification is the art of adding game strategies and elements to non-game contexts. By following this strategy, your courses can boost motivation and participation. What's more, you'll get faster results. Plus, you'll manage to achieve your business goals by offering outstanding experiences to your learners.

Things get even more exciting when you can deliver all of the above anytime, anywhere. Be it for customer satisfaction, employee training, increasing sales results or even dealing with your whole extended enterprise, an LMS with gamification capabilities is all you need.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Gamified eLearning Platform

A top-notch gamification LMS software should help you create easily digestible learning experiences. Plus, it is the right tool to present your eLearning content engagingly. The LMS solution you choose should also assist your online training evaluation and effectiveness. So, please, make sure it has useful reporting features.

There's no denying that a gamification learning platform can foster the shift toward giving a more active role to your learners. By utilizing a gamification LMS, you can have robust online training that delivers and brings business growth through training. If you don't try it, you won't be able to understand if it is any good. I highly advise you to check LMS demos and free trials to test the User Experience on your own.

What you need to think when searching for a gamification LMS:

  • Can you apply a gamification strategy to achieve goals?
  • Do you want to focus on customer training?
  • Is leadership and employee skills development important to you?
  • Are your learners tech-savvy?
  • Will it bring you a good ROI?
  • Is it value for money?

You can find a great variety of LMSs out there. If you're looking to boost engagement and course completion, then a gamification LMS platform is the right way to go. Plus, if you want training on the go, you can't go wrong with this approach.

Such an LMS will surely help you create appealing online training programs that can delight any type of learner. Whether your online training ventures focus on customers or employees, you can deliver engaging training anytime, anywhere.

So, after reading all the above, you might already have set your eyes on a gamified eLearning platform. Choosing the ideal LMS for gamification needs a lot of research but also has to meet your business needs and goals. I've decided to share some insights to help you out.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Gamification?

Organizations all around the globe implement external training programs for a variety of reasons, the two main being brand awareness and customer satisfaction. These companies leverage gamification in customer training with the primary goal to increase motivation and engagement. To achieve results, you should find the right strategies that can motivate your audiences to accomplish your online training objectives.

You can opt for a gamification LMS if you are one of those companies who need to:

  • Increase product knowledge
  • Offer better customer service
  • Improve employee skills
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Enhance customer retention
  • Boost online training revenue
  • Aim for business growth

Are you keen on trying gamified-based learning? Do you need to develop custom eLearning content for your gamification project? Are you into microlearning and employee engagement? Then, seek a gamification LMS that provides just that.

For all the above reasons, a customer-oriented company can benefit from virtual training and gamification a lot. Find the perfect LMS solution for your business needs and accomplish goals by training employees and customers alike.

Setting your objectives is vital. So, please do your research. Making a hasty decision to purchase an LMS solution for gamification is not the best move. Take advantage of an LMS free trial to see what each vendor offers. So, you might as well make a checklist and find which gamification LMS features suit best your business needs.

Gamification Examples And Use Cases For Any Business

You can use gamification in combination with microlearning. By doing so, you can influence learners' behavior. Gamified elements can motivate training progression and increase completion for each module. Another approach is to go for partial gamification. Even though it is entry-level, you can leverage quizzes or assessments in a traditional eLearning environment. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation through gamification can spark commitment and unexpected participation. By adding game elements to certain activities, you generate engagement for your learners.

Are you aiming for customer training? By using external resources like special offers or discounts, gifts, social status, respect, appreciation, etc., you can also incentivize people to complete a task. You'll discover that a successful gamification strategy can make your online training courses fun, exciting, and effective.

Gamified learning paths are another step you can try. For example, by focusing on scenario-based learning, you can help clients understand how to use a product. This is all about mastering product knowledge. You can use gamification to train employees on a product through quizzes or other interactive mobile learning activities.

You can also benefit from gamified learning portals. By featuring short gamified quizzes (microlearning approach) or other challenges, you can deliver non-stop online training to employees—both for products and services. Gamifying your learning material instantly and productively is essential. By using the pre-existing content, you can create gamified templates, making industry knowledge more accessible than ever.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of An LMS That Boasts Gamification Expertise?

First off, when choosing an LMS with gamification features, there are several things you need to consider. So, you have to focus on your LMS's essential features. Make sure that the learning platform you choose can let you customize it according to your business needs. It is essential to have a clear plan when developing your online training program strategy. Custom solutions might be of great value for your company in the long run.

Your gamification LMS software must have a user-friendly interface that's easy to use. This way, both your L&D team and your learners won't need much training beforehand, which will make your LMS implementation much more manageable. Make sure to check if the respective gamification LMS offers different integrations. For example, does it have CRM and eCommerce integrations? Also, a top LMS with gamified features has to be mobile compatible. That means employees and customers alike should be able to access it from a variety of mobile devices—tablets, smartphones, etc. Of course, it needs to have badges and leaderboards.

Another important LMS feature is that the Learning Management System that you choose allows social learning. So, check if your users can leverage other tools like billboards, news, blogs, forums, chats, etc. An LMS that offers the above can help you mix formal and informal training. If you want to train your extended enterprise, you should also check customization options as well. Do focus on its reporting tools, since it is the most important feature to evaluate your online training.

Evaluate And Compare Gamification LMS Vendors Based On Business Needs

The key to implementing your eLearning strategies effectively lies in gamification. Gamification elements are fundamental, especially for customer training and employee skills development. A merely great LMS platform is no good if you can't achieve your online training objectives.

You need to motivate your employees and customers to finish their online training programs. To increase course completion, you have to make your online training content more exciting. Purchasing a gamified-based LMS solution is a brilliant move if you're aiming for engagement.

What to consider before the purchase:

  • Do you know your online training goals?
  • What is your online training audience?
  • Which type of content do you need to present?
  • What knowledge skills and attitudes need to be developed?
  • Are you familiar with the infrastructure that your company has?
  • What type of media or devices does the target audience use daily?

An ideal gamification LMS:

  • Is mobile-ready
  • Meets your business needs
  • Suits your learners' skills
  • Has the appropriate features
  • Can be accessed on-the-go

If you've read all the above, then congrats! Now, you have to get to the essential step of the process. When choosing a gamification LMS vendor, you should make sure that the eLearning product offers most of your checklist requirements.

Of course, there is no better way to test a product or service than taking a free trial tour. I strongly suggest that you conclude to the top 5 LMS software with gamification capabilities that suit your needs. Only then you should start the free trial period to figure out which one is ideal to accomplish your goals.

You might also like to schedule a free LMS demo to see how the UI looks and gain the general feeling. Between the two, an LMS free trial will give you a better idea of the User Experience. However, an LMS free demo might also be helpful because you'll have the chance to ask all kinds of questions during the session.

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