Gamified Learning Management System: An Upcoming Motivation Strategy

Gamification On Learning Management System
Summary: Gamification has proven to be a successful motivation strategy – if done the way the learners want! So, how Learners would like to use their Gamified Learning Management System.

For every motivation strategy, there is a list of heuristics for improving quality. A strategy is successful only if implemented correctly. The impact of a learning motivation strategy should ideally improve achievement and participation in learning activities. E-learning environments have long provided an “edutainment” flair to learners. The multi-media features and the degree of control over the e-learning environment has made this medium a more preferred method of accessing learning materials. At Talent LMS, we are all about implementing quality and user-centric services.

Learning is a life-long endeavor. Innovation and learning are inseparable. But learning is automatic for only a select few. A greater part of learning communities need motivation. Gamification has proven to be a successful motivation strategy – if done the way the community wants! Most adult learners exercise intrinsic motivation – they need few external stimulants and rewards to learn. Gamification may apparently seem like an extrinsic motivation strategy (rewards, badges, points, etc) but it is much more than that. If gamification features are placed optimally, they can serve as intrinsic motivators! How? Boosting learner confidence, morale and return on educational investment.

How Learners Would Like To Use Their Gamified Learning Management System

Talent LMS recently conducted an extensive Gamified LMS Survey to find out how learners would like to use the concept of gamification in their learning. A whopping 75% of learners are avid game players.

Top 5 Gamified Learning Management System Stats

  1. 72% of learners strongly prefer gamification in their learning management systems.
  2. E-Learning platform interactivity and participation can be increased by placing social sharing support functionalities AND add point accumulating opportunities for activities like reading, writing, sharing course reviews and vote for a content). Learners want points for all interactions! Currently 83% don’t bother sharing content at all in e-learning sites, while 75% occasionally do so in other sites like Amazon and Netflix.
  3. Updated leaderboards with learner avatars and their points (50%) and badges (60%), with a special mention of WHY they earned these points are also desired. Community recognition (62%) and challenges to achieve recognition are desired (82%). Techniques like progressing to different levels, scores, real time performance feedback and activity feeds are in demand. Narrative fiction and its related features are least favored.
  4. Rewards like discounts on new content/courses (69%) and access to exclusive content (78%) are also requested.
  5. Online competitions need a facelift. 25% of learners have an affinity for them, while most users (60%) find them “sometimes fun”. This is an excellent opportunity to leader learners towards life-long learning and contributing to a growing knowledge managing community.

The Talent LMS learning community has spoken.

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