How To Create Workplace Harassment Training

How To Create Workplace Harassment Training
Summary: Workplace harassment training is an essential component of compliance education. Use our all-in-one training system to tailor engaging, prebuilt content for your organization.

5 Ways To Create And Deliver Workplace Harassment Training

Everyone wants and deserves to have a workplace where they feel safe and protected. When they don’t, it affects everything from morale and job performance to productivity and even your company’s bottom line. That’s why out of all the compliance training topics, workplace harassment may be one of the most important. Respect in the workplace is a fundamental right and it’s foundational to the emotional health of both employees and your overall organization.

Whether your goal is to create a fully custom workplace harassment course yourself or buy an off-the-shelf workplace harassment course, the following 5 tips will help ensure that you’re delivering training to your workers that’s both engaging and effective. Because there are several ways to approach creating and delivering workplace harassment training, let’s walk through your options.

1. Create A Custom Workplace Harassment Course From Scratch

If your goal is to create your own workplace harassment training from scratch, a good place to start is by gathering source materials from in-house Subject Matter Experts like your legal or compliance teams and your human resources folks. Getting their expert input can help ensure the content and message meets your company’s legal and ethical standards. This is also a good time to reinforce your company’s position on workplace harassment by gathering a message (in writing or on video) from your executive team.

Once you have your content defined, you’ll want to think about the ways to create, share, and analyze your course. That’s where an all-in-one training system can be a great option. With Rise, anyone can build custom training from scratch in minutes. That’s because the courses are built with modular media, text, and interactive blocks you can simply stack in any order you want and then customize with your content. When you finish developing your course, you can publish and share it with your learners immediately. And, it gives you easy-to-interpret reports so you can track and analyze who’s completed training—and how well they did.

2. Purchase An Off-The-Shelf Course

For some folks, the legal implications of this topic make licensing an off-the-shelf course with vetted content written by experts a more sensible option. This option can also be a good fit if you simply don’t have the time to pull together content.

But…are these types of courses really worth it? Sometimes, licensing off-the-shelf courses from a vendor can be a lengthier process than you’ve bargained for—and a costlier one too. Not only do you have to get the training content approved by your legal team but you’ll also need to make sure the course works well with your Learning Management System (LMS). And, if you want the course customized to look more “on brand”—that’s more money.

Some vendors may offer an option to host your harassment training on their own LMS so you can avoid compatibility issues. But the downside of this arrangement is usually the cost. Vendors may charge per user to take the course. That can get pricey when you’re trying to reach hundreds or even thousands of learners.

3. Start With Prebuilt Business Lessons And Customize Them As Much As You Want

Rise is an all-in-one online training system with carefully researched, prebuilt lessons. This means that you don’t have to pay extra for course content on popular business topics like sexual harassment, communication skills, time management, and more. It puts all of that great content and more right at your fingertips. You just drop a prebuilt lesson into your course and go.

The content is also fully customizable, so you’re not stuck using content that doesn’t ring true to your learners. You can personalize business content as much as you want. You can edit text, swap out images, delete content, and add altogether new content. The sky’s the limit. For example, you can drop in a button block to add important links and references that direct employees to reliable external sources. Or, add an attachment block and give employees a resource they can download, like a flyer with your compliance office contact info. Including these kinds of custom resources can be especially reassuring for new employees who may be experiencing an issue, but don’t feel comfortable enough to approach anyone in your company to discuss it.

The courses are quick and easy to create with the help of prebuilt lessons, and they’re also easy to update. That means it’s easier for you to keep your workplace harassment training current, even as laws and policies change.

4. Customize Training Courses Already Available In Rise

In addition to prebuilt lessons, we’ve also developed several training courses on common topics that you can customize. For example, the sexual harassment prevention training is a good one to copy and tailor to fit your organization’s needs. It also complies with the toughest state regulations (though you’ll still want to pass it by your legal department to confirm).

5. Track Employee Participation In Training

Finally, no matter what option you choose, you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping a record of which employees took and passed your workplace harassment training. It’s easy to do that with our all-in-one training system. It has built-in reporting capabilities that let you capture who’s completed your workplace harassment course and see how well they performed on the final quiz. Having this information at your fingertips may help your organization mitigate risk and satisfy state and federal requirements.

Let’s Review

Creating your organization’s workplace harassment training doesn’t have to be a lengthy, or costly, process. An all-in-one training system like ours gives you three ways to do it. Create workplace harassment training from scratch with intuitive features. Customize prebuilt lessons on workplace harassment to fit your needs. Or, customize the workplace harassment sample course any way you want.

Creating a compliance course is a serious undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to create engaging and effective training your employees will love.

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