Want To Engage Your Learners Remotely Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak?

Want To Engage Your Learners Remotely Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak?
Summary: COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. Most of us can feel its impact all around us. Classes are being suspended, events are being canceled, travel is being cut down, everyone is preferring to stay at home. In this situation, how can educators and L&D stakeholders ensure that business runs as usual and learning is delivered even when people can’t meet face-to-face?

COVID-19 And Its Impact On Business And Education

This pandemic has made us reconsider all norms. Distance education is the new preferred way to educate as students now learn from home. Working habits are changing. Hello, work from home! With so many of us trying to switch to online learning, it becomes critical to ensure that instructors and trainers are armed with the right toolset to create the same.

Online Learning: Challenges To Address

We need to keep in mind that online training, although a very effective way of delivering learning remotely, comes with its own set of challenges. The biggest among those is learner engagement, in the absence of a physically present instructor. This is more relevant especially in today’s health crisis when learners might be highly distressed or anxious.

Another significant consideration is getting the length right for an eLearning module. It should be long enough to keep learners engaged but not so long that learners tire out. Crisp and short interactive eLearning nuggets could be one of your best bets to engage remote learners and keep them motivated.

Raptivity 2020: The New-Age Tool For Interactive Learning

Enter Raptivity 2020, a rapid interactivity building tool which helps build visually stunning and short learning interactions, without any programming. With these ready-to-use interactions, teachers and trainers can engage any kind of remote audience, be it students or employees. Here are some highlights that make it a must-have tool for online learning creation.

A Growing Library Of Visually Stunning Interactions

Raptivity 2020 is packed with interaction templates you have never seen before in eLearning. The templates are specifically suited to modern-day design and learning styles. Vertical and horizontal parallax, 3D image, layered display, panning slides, cheese quest, bowling rush, and happy meter are some of the templates included currently in the tool. Here's a sneak peek at how some of these templates look. You could look for detailed previews on the Raptivity website.

Horizontal Paralalx

Horizontal Parallax

Layered Display

Layered Display

Cheese Quest

Cheese Quest

Some of these templates are game-based, while others are interactive presentation aids—just the right mix to engage online learners. Additionally, Raptivity 2020 comes with the promise of a growing library of interactions every few months.

Rapid And Easy Customization

Raptivity 2020 comes with a pretty intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables you to customize your interactions rapidly. The best part is that using Raptivity doesn’t require any kind of programming or triggers, making it one of the easiest tools around to use. You just need to customize interactions with your content and graphics, and you are good to go. A good enough reason for you to evaluate it considering there is no learning curve!

Responsive Interactions

Raptivity 2020 houses mobile-ready interactions that work on a wide variety of devices. These interactions are truly responsive and preconfigured for various devices and layouts. This implies that there is no need to manually customize an interaction for individual devices. Raptivity 2020 takes care of this important modern-day learning and makes learning available anytime and anywhere. Your remote learners can take a lesson on their laptop or mobile, whatever is more convenient to them, and you don’t need to create two different versions of the same content. A feature that definitely fetches some extra marks.

SCORM And xAPI Compliance

Raptivity 2020 comes with SCORM and xAPI tracking capabilities. This feature makes it easier for you to track experience completion and learner performance at the click of a button, a very important consideration when your learners are logged in remotely and you cannot evaluate them face to face.

With interactions that are so engaging, experiential, and powerful, Raptivity 2020 can be a great addition to your online learning toolkit. It can engage learners rapidly in times of a pandemic like the one happening today, and even in post-pandemic times. Try out Raptivity 2020 using its 14-day free trial. If you are interested in knowing more about the tool, you may schedule an unconditional demo with our team.

This is a tough time for all of us. Let’s try and sail through it with patience, humility, the workarounds that we have, and, of course, social distancing. Keep your learners and employees clearly informed of their options. Let them know what is expected of them. Also, let them know you are with them in this and after this. Wish you all good health.