eBook Release: Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale

eBook Release: Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale_How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization
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Summary: You’re reaching out to new markets and your sales staff is leading the charge. Is your current online training program up-to-par or do you need a fresh strategy to skyrocket global sales?

How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization

Sales employees are on the front lines of your retail business. They engage with customers, promote products, and qualify leads. And that’s just a small portion of their essential job duties. So, how do you give them all the online training support they need to further your company’s success and improve workplace satisfaction? Especially when there are so many topics to cover and you’re working with limited eLearning resources. Our new eBook shares everything you need to know to launch a sales online training strategy and prep your team for worldwide expansion. Before I delve into the contents of Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Training Program In Your Organization, let’s go over some tips to cut L&D costs.

eBook Release: Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization
eBook Release
Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization
Get to know how to launch, enhance and retain successful programs in your organization.

Tips To Cut Costs Without Compromising

1. Hire An Outsourcing Partner

eLearning content providers are aware of all the obstacles your sales team must contend with. As well as how to stretch available resources so that your organization can train staffers without going into the red. However, the benefits greatly depend on the outsourcing partner and their qualifications. Look for companies that specialize in your industry and offer diverse solutions to get the best value for money. Finally, make a clear distinction between tasks you’ll complete in-house versus those you can cost-effectively outsource. Your team may already have the necessary tools, experience, and skills to comfortably design your new sales online training content.

2. Inventory Your Assets

Many organizations treat their online training archives more like a trash pile than a treasure trove of reusable materials. So, inventory your assets to see if those outdated videos, images, or modules can be repurposed for your current sales online training strategy. This is yet another task an outsourcing partner can tackle. They’re able to conduct a Training Needs Analysis to spot the gaps, then take stock of your repository to find hidden gems. Even if they need to be polished up with new design elements and fresh online training objectives.

3. Welcome Employee Contributions

I’m not suggesting that employees should bear the burden of your entire online training development process. However, they can offer unique contributions to reduce spending and facilitate knowledge sharing within the organization. That top sales performer has unique insights to offer their peers. Invite them to create podcasts, video demos, and other bite-size online training resources to lend their expertise. They submit content for admin review, then it’s uploaded to the microlearning library. Which can also cut outsourcing costs, since there are fewer tasks on the to-do list.

4. Incorporate Vendor Online Training Resources

Many vendors host a free eLearning resources library for organizations who sell their products or services. They want to provide you with support because it improves the health of their bottom line. Your success is their success. Why not incorporate their online training resources into your sales online training strategy to reduce L&D expenses. Another place to look is social media platforms. Especially if the product is popular and there are plenty of reviews/demos already online. Just make certain you have the authorization to use third-party eLearning resources in your online training program.

5. Make The Most Of Impromptu Online Training Opportunities

Not everything has to be structured or formal. Take advantage of impromptu online training opportunities like online discussions and live events. For example, one of your top salespeople decides to hop onto the social media group to host a live Q&A. It’s free and they can impart valuable expertise in between client meetings. These impromptu online training activities are a crucial part of your strategy because they happen organically. Peers engage with each other to build a better team dynamic and stronger interpersonal skills. Instead of being forced to participate in ILT events that might be out of their comfort zone.

6. Successful Sales Online Training For SMBs Going Global

Landing more sales isn’t simply a matter of teaching the fine art of persuasion and negotiation. Every member of the team must be aware of company policy, compliance regulations, and customer service challenges. So, how do you ensure that your global workforce gets the personalized support eLearning resources they need to uphold your image and widen profit margins? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Training Program In Your Organization:

  • Profit-Boosting Perks Of Launching A Sales Online Training Course
  • Top Sales Online Training Topics To Cover In Your Onboarding Program
  • Reasons To Outsource Sales Online Training Programs To eLearning Content Providers
  • Super-Charged Sales Online Training Techniques To Widen Your Profit Margin
  • Sales Online Training Activities Employees ExpectWhen They Login To An LMS
  • Sales Online Training Process Stages For SMBs That Are Going Global
  • Retail Sales Online Training Mistakes That Take A Bite Out Of Your Budget
  • Simple Tips To Personalize Sales Online Training Programs For External Partners
  • Cost-Effective COI Compliance Sales Online Training Techniques
  • Crucial Skills To Enhance In Your Sales Online Training Programs
  • Ways To Find A Sales Online Training Content Provider
  • Elements That Are Probably Missing From Your Current Sales Online Training Strategy

Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Training Program In Your Organization is the ultimate guide for any business that wants to expand without enduring profit margin growing pains. Whether you’re an SMB with limited resources or a large company that’s ready to take on extended enterprise. It can help you meet employee expectations, personalize the online training process, and select the perfect outsourcing partner for the job. You’ll also learn which skills to hone and how to pinpoint areas for improvement. It’s available for you to download, so get your copy today.

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