How To Boost Your Authoring Tool Listing With PPC

How To Boost Your Authoring Tool Listing With PPC
Summary: Promoting your product should be simple and cost-effective. In this article, I highlight 8 stress-free steps to launch an authoring tool listing with PPC.

Step-by-Step Guide To Boost Your Authoring Tool Listing with PPC

An authoring tool listing can maximize your online presence and build brand credibility on its own. So, is a PPC campaign really worth the added investment? I won’t keep you in suspense…Yes! A directory listing with PPC includes premium placement in the directory and a CTA button to boost conversion rates. You also get landing page consulting to drive even more traffic and improve SEO, and that’s just for starters. But where do you even begin? How do you create a listing and then pair it with a PPC strategy? Well, you’re in luck, because this step-by-step guide can help you boost your authoring tool listing with a results-driven PPC campaign.

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eLearning Promo Guide: Standing Out From The Crowd In An Authoring Tool Directory
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1. Set Up Your eLearning Industry Account

One of the fraud prevention measures we have in place is user verification. As such, you need to create an account. It takes just a few minutes to register your authorizing software company and set your username and password. This also gets a backstage pass to listing analytics so that you can track your traffic stats and conversions.

2. Create An Authoring Tool Directory Listing

The next step is to log in and set up your directory listing. We’ve streamlined the process from start to finish. In fact, most of the sections are lists, so you simply need to check everything that applies to your product. For instance, all the features your authoring tool offers and the deployment options. However, there’s also room to write a detailed description of your product benefits and company background.

3. Optimize Your Landing Page

There are a few things you can do to maximize directory authoring tool listing benefits. Firstly, add visuals to your list to boost visitor engagement, such as video demos and screenshots of your UI. It’s also crucial to include targeted keywords to improve visibility. Last, but not least, link to your website so that buyers know where to find more info. One of the perks of upgrading to a listing with PPC is that you get landing page consulting and a personal PPC marketing advisor.

4. Customize Your PPC Campaign

Now it’s time to custom-tailor your PPC campaign with the help of geo-bidding, which allows you to target more than 200 countries. You also have a personal account manager to guide you through the process. An insider tip for PPC ads is to know your niche audience. Focus on features that matter most to them and research their buying behaviors. You can also scope out the competition to see what they’re doing in their PPC campaigns.

5. Set The Right PPC Bidding Amount

Bids start at just five cents per click and you can set a max spending cap. Choosing the right bidding amount involves market analysis and, of course, budget limitations. You should also estimate sales to determine how many customers you need to turn a profit. Finally, research current bid amounts based on your target keywords. For example, your top five long-tail keywords strike the right competition balance. They aren’t so competitive that the bid skyrockets, but they’re still popular enough to draw in qualified buyers.

6. Craft An Attention-Grabbing Call To Action (CTA)

You’ve already piqued buyers’ interest with your directory listing. However, they may need a little more convincing to click on the link. So, include a compelling call to action that speaks to them on a personal level. The CTA button only contains a small text block, but there’s plenty of room in your product description. The key is to create an emotional connection without using gimmicks or false claims. Also, use command verbs to draw them in and create a sense of urgency.

7. Evaluate Authoring Tool Listing Performance Metrics

Every authorizing software listing comes with data-rich reports and graphs. These cover everything from daily performance to cost-per-click. As a result, you’re able to analyze every aspect of your PPC marketing strategy. There’s even a conversion pixel to help you calculate ROI. This is also the place where you can adjust your budget to get the most from your directory listing with PPC. The back-end analytics page is also password-protected. So, you know your sensitive marketing data is safe.

8. Fine-Tune Your SEO Strategy To Maximize Results

Like all other marketing tools, your directory listing should adapt to suit your needs. Maybe you have to target fresh keywords to optimize performance, or include other links to improve conversions. The built-in reports can help you find pain points. Then you can adjust your strategy to boost ROI. Another reason to fine-tune your SEO approach is to expand your reach. For example, reports show that most of your leads come from a specific sector or geographical region, thus, you can modify your PPC campaign to target this group instead of wasting resources on those with low conversion rates.


Most companies brace for impact when launching a new marketing campaign. They know there are risks involved and usually hefty hidden fees. Fortunately, a listing with PPC helps you hedge your bets. It’s a low-cost way to build your brand image and attract qualified leads, not to mention you get to take control of your spending with transparent geo-bidding. So, why not create your authoring tool list today and see immediate results.

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