List Of Authoring Tools: Part 3

List Of Authoring Tools: Part 3
Summary: In the List of Authoring Tools Part 3, you will find 37 eLearning Authoring Tools for the creation and development of online courses. Total number of Authoring Tools: 127!

List Of Authoring Tools: 37 eLearning Authoring Tools

A few months ago I begun a broad research to create the Ultimate List of Authoring Tools. The results of my research are:

If you know an authoring tool that is not included in the list I will highly appreciate if you leave a comment with a link!

  1. MOS Solo
    The free authoring tool for travelling author-trainers. Create local content: training, presentations, tests, surveys, etc.
  2. Myles
    Myles provides the easiest way for you to get your courses into Moodle, Kaleidos, Learnwise, Studywiz, Fronter and all SCORM eLearning systems.
  3. myUdutu Course Authoring Tool
    Udutu is not a software company, it is a service company. We recognized that budgets, personnel resources and shifting priorities can stall a worthwhile online course project for months or even years. Licensed Desktop tools get limited to a few "technical" experts, and leave subject matter experts, project managers, and other stakeholders out of the loop. So we make the authoring tool available to anyone and everyone, and because it is online, stakeholders can collaborate from anywhere, on any platform or operating system, so long as they have a browser.
  4. NAuthor
    INTEC’s NAuthor-Suite offers a professional Software Solution, where E-Learning is the basis for company-wide blended-learning concepts. Interactive, spatially independent and highly controllable knowledge transfer allows you to react to all kinds of new requirements.
  5. O-LAS Author
    O-LAS Author is an easy-to-use rapid authoring tool that allows anyone to rapidly design, build and implement online training courses without prior technical expertise.
  6. Object21
    Object21 is the complete Learning Object Production Suite from Emantras. Object21 completely automates the workflow of building a rich media LO and enables authors to create, review, edit, publish and package a learning object through a single web based application. Object21 truly evolutionizes the way learning content is developed and puts the power of interactive content creation in the hands of the educators.
  7. Octane
    Octane is a revolutionary system that enables content creators to quickly and cost-effectively enhance existing content by adding new tools, functionality, and value. In a matter of minutes, content is transformed, creating a more engaging and valuable user experience.
  8. OnlineAuteur
    A complete suite of full Web tools  to create quickly and effectively all your evaluations and your online training modules, based on the leading technology of Adobe Flash. Create your evaluations and your courses easily without specific knowledge.
  9. Open Learn Producer
    OpenLearn is the online training market's leading virtual classroom product enabling a highly effective new form of communication by combining the power of distributed multimedia with the benefits of online collaboration and interactivity.
  10. Openworld Presenter
    Openworld Presenter lets you create rich media presentations and e-learning courses with ease.
  11. Opus Pro
    Opus Pro is a visual development tool for Windows providing fast-track design of versatile elearning, interactive applications, stylish database front ends, online games and multimedia with or without programming. Publish and distribute to Flash, SCORM and Moodle as well as .EXE, CD-Rom and DVD-video for pleasure promotion or profit.
  12. OpusWorks Composer
    OpusWorks®Composer is used by small to Fortune 100 companies to create media-rich e-Learning modules and curriculum. It's 100% online with nothing to download. Novices and experts agree ~ Composer is elegant yet powerful.
  13. OutStart Trainer
    OutStart Trainer solves the problem of high-cost course development with the fastest, easiest authoring tool available today. Using OutStart Trainer's hundreds of flexible templates and drag-and-drop authoring, you can create rich course content without any programming.
  14. Panopto Focus
    Easily record and stream your presentations, university lectures, product demos, training videos, launch events, screencasts, meetings, and more - all with an app that runs on any laptop.
  15. PedagogueAMS
    PedagogueAMS is the premier online testing application being used by some of the top Fortune 500 companies to administer thousands of tests each week, in 18 languages to employees in over 70 countries.
  16. Pixie
    Elementary students love using Pixie to create curriculum projects! Pixie is exciting creativity software students can use to share ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, voice narration, and images.
  17. Podia
    Podia is a range of webcasting services and applications designed from the outset to enable you or your business to communicate your message over the internet in an easy to use, attractive, enagaging and above all effective manner.
  18. PowerPointForce
    PowerPointForce is a strong, fast and flexible authoring tool developed for users who have no special technical prerequisite, but who can in fact use common pedagogic tools such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint. Knock-out presentations that you will create with the help of PowerPointForce are launched on all servers and LMS. If your organization is using a Learning Management System, you can take advantage of the user-friendly SCORM-compliant technology.
  19. Powersim Studio 8
    Powersim Software has different types of simulation tools that cover all your needs for building simulations, running in-depth analyses or distributing solutions.
  20. PPT2Flash Professional
    Create Professional Flash Movies and E-learning Courses from PowerPoint Slide Shows.
  21. Presenter '09
    Turn slides into e-learning courses. Quickly and easily add interactivity, branching, multimedia, and narration to your PowerPoint content.
  22. Presio
    Eliminate the cost, time, and complexity of creating professional-looking multimedia presentations for the web. Presio is a powerful yet easy to use tool for creating rich media web presentations. Presio is perfect for developing online training, recording lectures, creating web presentations and tutorials.
  23. PRO-ductivity Systems's Course Authoring Tool
    Authoring Edit is the most easy-to-use yet powerful online learning authoring tool on the market today. With Authoring Edit, you can design, produce, update and manage interactive multimedia training courses, for delivery via the Internet, an intranet, a local area network, or CD-ROM, with absolutely no programming.
  24. ProForm
    With ProForm Rapid eLearning Studio, anyone can create interactive Flash-based SCORM-conformant e-learning courseware without having to know a line of code or learn a complex authoring environment. You do not need to own or know Flash to create Flash-based courses.
  25. Prosperity CREATOR
    With Prosperity Creator, you can easily author powerful and intuitive courseware capable of meeting any e-learning requirement. Flexible and robust, Prosperity Creator allows you to rapidly deploy multimedia training systems to small groups, departments and the enterprise via the Internet or Intranet. Prosperity Creator makes developing courses simple by placing easy-to-use, yet highly effective tools in your hands. Learn how to quickly build compelling courseware with Prosperity Creator.
  26. Question Writer
    Create a quiz and customize it with 20 different templates. You can put your quiz on a disc or on the web. Look at your results online or download to Excel.
  27. Questionmark Perception
    Questionmark Perception provides a collaborative authoring environment for learning professionals, educators, test publishers and subject matter experts (SMEs) to create surveys, quizzes, tests and exams.
  28. QuickLessons Authoring Tool
    The collaborative platform to create e-Learning courses. Create online courses using our libraries of templates, animated characters, interactive games and adding your content including PowerPoint Presentations.
  29. QuizCreator
    Craft Professional Online Quizzes & Surveys and Track Results.
  30. QuizForce
    With the help of QuizForce you can create Rapid and efficient Flash-based quizzes and surveys with many different types of questions for e-learning. The many different question possibilities are presented for the students in an exciting and challenging way.
  31. Quizmaker '09
    Assess learners — effortlessly. Build quizzes, surveys, and interactive assessments in a highly intuitive way.
  32. Rapid eLearning
    Rapid eLearning can help your organization respond more quickly to business changes and opportunities. Because instruction delivered through a rapid e-Learning development process tends to be shorter and more focused, this approach is ideal for Next Generation workers/learners, who need relevant, interactive content, right now.
  33. Raptivity
    Raptivity is an amazingly powerful, yet simple interactivity building tool which helps you create outstanding learning content without any programming. It has a diverse set of 180+ customizable interactions which helps to add a new dimension to learning. Raptivity’s cutting edge technology keeps your learning content compatible with latest devices. The output is SCORM/AICC compliant and integrates perfectly well with other authoring tools and platforms.
  34. ReallyManaging Assessment
    ReallyManaging Assessment enables you to create, manage and deploy tests, quizzes, questionnaires and learning materials on web, mobile and tablet, for use online and offline.
  35. ReallyManaging Capability
    ReallyManaging Capability is a fully customisable online capability management system which helps organisations target training to the people and departments which need it most.
  36. Respondus 4.0
    Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard, ANGEL, Desire2Learn, Pearson eCollege, Canvas, Moodle, and other learning systems. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment, or moved from one LMS to another. Whether you are a veteran of online testing or relatively new to it, Respondus will save you hours on each project.
  37. RightCourse
    RightCourse provides the keys to allow you to spread whatever message you desire. With RightCourse you can easily develop and deploy your custom training solution to better all of your team members.

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