List Of Learning Management Systems: Part 2

List of Learning Management Systems: 50 Learning Management Systems
Summary: This blog post is the 2nd of a series that will cover 300+ of Learning Management System Solutions. At the Learning Management Systems: Part 1 I have created a list of 70 Learning Management Systems. At the Learning Management Systems: Part 2, I will cover 50 more Learning Management System Solutions out of o total of 300+.

List Of Learning Management Systems: 50 Learning Management Systems

If you did not see your favorite LMS at List of Learning Management Systems: Part 1 or Part 2 please leave a comment and it will be included at the Learning Management Systems: Part 3

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  1. LearnFlex
    LearnFlex Enterprise LMS is a robust, extensible, highly scalable solution that facilitates learning management process, skillset compliance, tracks performance, automates administrative workflows and streamlines the overall learning experience.
  2. Learning Studio
    Our LMS does it all: it’s a cloud-hosted service that manages training, evaluates, and tracks employee results. It’s flexible to help keep your brand consistent, deploy your online training courses, and report on employee performance.
  3. Learning Suite 360
    360training's Learning Suite 360 is an all-in-one Learning Management System. A cloud-based learning solutions for corporate and individual use.
  4. Learnosphere
    Learnosphere is a powerful and easy-to-use mobile-ready LMS from Learnnovators. It has an intuitive interface, and enables organizations to manage the entire learning process from enrollment and delivery to testing, tracking and reporting.
  5. LearnUpon LMS
    LearnUpon is a modern cloud-based LMS that allows organizations to quickly and easily train their employees, partners and customers."
  6. Learnyst
    Learnyst provides Online Teaching apps to sell courses & mock tests from your own branded web, iOS & Android Apps. We are “shopify for education”. Learnyst has helped educators to generate 10X revenue over investment and save at least 80% on online teaching platform maintenance.
  7. Litmos LMS
    Web-based elearning tool; easily create web based training modules and tests, manage users and track individual users progress.
  8. LMS King
    Our specially designed Learning Management System (LMS) has been developed to work on Joomla version 3.1 and above. This system offers you everything you need from online testing and exams to presentations and quizzes.
    MATRIX is a simple, powerful LMS for businesses that makes it easy to deliver online training. Our mission is to make training more enjoyable by offering an e-learning solution that engages learners and makes the whole process more productive.
  10. mCourser
    mCourser – interactive content on our distribution platform for publishers and an intuitive yet powerful mobile LMS for schools and individual students in one coherent solution.
  11. Memopulse
    Goodbye "one training session and forget". Hello Memopulse. Memopulse is a fully functional elearning software that allow people to create, share, study learning content, and remember it forever thanks to a system of smart reminders.
  12. Mindflash
    Mindflash allows you to create training from existing content such as PowerPoint, Video, SCORM files and PDFs. Save time by managing large scale training programs in groups. Track high level and detailed program performance.
  13. MOS Chorus
    MOS Chorus is an integrated LMS/LCMS platform, comprising 4 fully integrated modules: an administration tool, content editor, style editor and interface editor. It is agile and modular, fast to deploy, fully customisable and SCORM compatible.
  14. MVS LMS
    One size fits all, MVS LMS is best suited for any company looking for a reliable and secured way to distributing their courses to their target learners. The product comes with One Year Free upgrade and support.
  15. myTutoring
    myTutoring solves the reach, discovery, matching, scheduling, collaboration and payment inefficiencies in the tutoring value chain by enabling online live personalized learning anytime, anywhere.
  16. NEO LMS
    NEO is a simple, powerful LMS for schools and universities that makes it easy to deliver online education. Our mission is to make learning more enjoyable by offering an engaging e-learning solution that makes the whole process more productive.
  17. Netex learningCentral
    Multi-channel LMS compatible with eXperience API Launch all online, onsite and blended courses and obtain detailed tracking reports, all from one application.
  18. NuCLO(TM)
    NuCLO(TM) is a robust, comprehensive LMS for Corporates and Training Providers. It is the only LMS that has a built-in action learning and measurement methodology called CALF(TM). Learn. Manage. Deliver and Measure with NuCLO(TM)!
  19. Open edX
    Open edX is the open source platform that powers edX courses. Institutions can host their own instances of Open edX and offer their own classes. Educators can extend the platform to build learning tools that precisely meet their needs
  20. Opigno
    Opigno is a full-fledged LMS based on Drupal. It makes possible to create engaging online training, to manage in-house trainings and blended learning paths.
  21. Oxademy 360
    Platform based in Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that understands the students learning preferences by analyzing their behaviors and distributes the content accordingly.
  22. Pathship
    Pathship provides an on-demand, live learning platform for enterprise clients focused on expert-led tutorials. Using machine learning and facial expression analysis, it measures engagement throughout learning sessions to optimize learning outcomes.
  23. Percepium LMS
    Percepium LMS is a CLOUD based solution with apps for Learning, Competence, Performance management and Analytics.
  24. Percolate LMS
    Ranked a top 50 LMS, Percolate is cloud-based and easy-to-use! With a fresh, modern interface, create tags to flexibly assign people/groups/courses any way you want. Simplicity and low cost plans make it attractive to small and mid-sized businesses.
  25. PersonaLearn Learning Management System (LMS)
    Ranked a Top LMS Persona Learning provides a dynamic enterprise learning platform unique in its ability to serve academic and non-academic organizations, including colleges, K-12, corporate training, and any other type of organization.
  26. Practi
    Practi is a cloud-based LMS that helps small business leaders create their own online and offline mobile courses. Suited to millennials, Practi's self-paced approach is perfect for blended learning that improves employee training and development.
  27. Predict360
    Predict360’s Learning Management Software can be licensed as a standalone application or it can be part of the integrated regulatory change, risk, audit, incident, case, policy, procedure and competency management software.
  28. PreSuite LMS
    PreSuite LMS expands learning management systems to offer document management, reporting wizard, form builder and scheduling system all in one! Inquire today for a free demo!
  29. ProProfs LMS
    ProProfs LMS software provides a complete elearning and online training solution for educators, trainers, educational institutions and enterprises as well.
  30. Qafie LMS
    Considering the Asian sub-continent & African region in mind, Qafie has come up with a low cost multilingual LMS & Student Management System that works on open source technology, suitable for small schools to universities & SME to big corporates.
  31. RomyLMS
    RomyLMS is an easy to use and affordable learning management system. Designed to be fast and intuitive, you can have your training program up and running within minutes of creating an account.
  32. Roundtable Learning Management System
    Roundtable Learning Management System is a cloud-based LMS that was developed to manage and deliver engaging content. The built-in tracking gives you access to robust performance data that will help you make better informed decisions to impact business.
  33. Scrimmage
    SCRIMMAGE provides state-of-the-art Mobile Learning technology for any device, anytime, everywhere via iOS, Android & web-based apps. Simple, Secure, Responsive Access to all Content + Gamification, Collaboration & Reporting Tools empower Learners.
  34. ShareKnowledge
    ShareKnowledge is the first corporate LMS built on SharePoint and considered the industry’s most valuable SharePoint add-on — providing a powerful learning solution that will transform your organization and propel business productivity.
  35. Simformer LMS
    Simformer LMS has the unique feature –integrated business simulation environment. It can be used to develop serious business games, simulations, e-learning courses, and training programs for businesses and educational institutions.
  36. Simplify LMS
    Simplify LMS. The best Learning Management System for small to medium sized business. Simplify LMS is more than just a Learning Management System. It's a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to help your business run better.
  37. SkillBuilder LMS
    SkillBuilder is an easy to use, flexible Competency-Based Learning Management System to deliver engaging training programs that address your business needs.
  38. Skilljar
    Skilljar’s cloud-based learning management system (LMS) enables businesses to scale their customer and partner training programs. Data is synced with hundreds of business applications and CRMs.
  39. SmarterU
    Our fully featured, SCORM-compliant LMS comes with unmatched client training and highly-responsive support. We'll Solve Your Training Pain and We Will Love You More.
  40. Spoke
    Meet Spoke, the world's simplest LMS. Named a Top 50 LMS, Spoke is ridiculously simple to use for both users and admins. Get a demo!
  41. SUTRA
    SUTRA provides a fully functionally, customizable and localizable LMS. System features make the solution ideal for both corporate and trade association clients. CMOOR offers application development, hosting, customization and ongoing support.
  42. Sycamore School
    Sycamore School is a PK-12 grade, 100% cloud-based SIS and LMS. Our 21st century pricing means you get one universal system, for one low price. No modules or add-ons. The most comprehensive system on the market!
  43. Teachable
    Teachable Enterprise is a cloud-based, white-labeled course platform for high-volume organizations that want to sell online courses, train employees or teach online. We host, you teach.
  44. Teachlr Organizations
    Teachlr Organizations provides an easy-to-use online school designed to deliver continuous corporate training. Companies are made of people. Better people, better results.
  45. Teamfluent LMS
    Teamfluent helps companies that want to grow people by building a culture of learning and increasing knowledge acquisition. Our mission is to become the single source of knowledge in organizations.
  46. The Academy LMS
    The Academy LMS is the #1 NextGen LMS that learners and admins actually enjoy using! Unlike other learning platforms that simply deliver content, the Academy LMS is an engagement engine, packed full of exciting gamification and social features.
  47. Thinking Cap LMS
    The Thinking Cap Learning Management System (LMS) targets all your training needs across all your training devices. It’s easy to set up, customizable beyond anything you've seen, and totally secure.
  48. Together Jazz
    Together Jazz is a customizable platform which can be integrated with business management systems for all processes related to Learning and Development (L&D).
  49. TopClass LMS
    The Flexible Learning Platform: An intuitive, complete and proven LMS that evolves with your organization. TopClass is a web based solution for efficient management, tracking and certification of training for corporate organizations and associations.
    TOPYX was launched in 2009 as the first fully-hosted social learning management system with integrated informal learning features and a unique pricing model with no user fees. Everyone loves TOPYX and we know you will too!

Need help finding the right Learning Management System? We’ve got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of the best Learning Management Systems in the market. You can also get an LMS quote tailored to your needs in as little as 3 minutes. This simple 5-step process will help you find the Learning Management System that works best for you. Whether it's your first time with a Learning Management System or you are looking to transition from your current Learning Management System, we are here to help.

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