List Of Learning Management Systems: Part 1

A List Of Learning Management Systems: Part 1
Summary: I receive requests from fellow eLearning developers, Instructional Designers, training and learning professionals all the time concerning Learning Management Systems.

A List Of Learning Management Systems: 70 Learning Management Systems

This is why I began a broad research to create the Ultimate List of Learning Management Systems (LMSs). This article is the first of a series that will cover 300+ of Learning Management System solutions, so stay tuned!

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In the Learning Management Systems: Part 1, I have created a list of 70 Learning Management Systems in alphabetical order:

1. Abara LMS

Abara LMS is a modern, mobile-first Learning Management System for Corporates, Training and eLearning companies.

2. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a flexible learning platform that makes it easy to build and manage training programs for internal and external stakeholders.

3. Administrate LMS

Administrate LMS is a Mobile Friendly LMS That Supports eLearning, Instructor Led Training, and Blended Learning.

4. Agylia

Agylia is a mobile, flexible and global LMS that enables learners to access digital learning on their preferred devices, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

5. aNewspring

aNewSpring is the next generation LMS for training providers. Social interaction, personal learning, and reinforcement training help professionals learn smarter and perform better.

6. Asentia

Go beyond eLearning with an LMS that automates all aspects of a successful blended learning program. Asentia has been designed to seamlessly blend the most advanced eLearning technology with conventional training, all within a learning ecosystem fostering collaboration and communication.

7. Assessman LMS

Our distinctly superior software package is cost-effective, time-saving, and can be easily adapted to specific requirements and changing environments. It is guaranteed to prove an excellent return on investment in your training environment.

8. Astute eLearning Platform

Astute takes the pain out of implementing eLearning. Learners love Astute's learner-centric user experience, and its automation features make happy administrators.

9. Atiral

Atiral is a cloud-based Social Networking Collaborative Learning Platform, helps to connect learners with the educational institutes, resources, and their colleagues, thus enable them to reach their full potential.


Sophisticated state-of-the-art learning management tool

11. BackOffice

Manage, train, and grow your dream team with BackOffice people management software from Coalmarch Productions.

12. Bluegem Learning Management System

Bluegem's TMS includes a fully integration LMS designed for training providers.

13. Bridge

Bridge is a modern Learning Platform created to drive a compelling learning experience while helping employees and companies grow faster.

14. Buaus LMS

Training software for the rest of us! Buaus in Three: Assign, Training, Report & Tracking

15. Business Training TV

Cloud-based LMS with inbuilt video-based business and safety training content.

16. C1-HRD

C1-HRD is a web-based elearning platform which works either in the cloud or on-premise environment. Since 2014 when the 1st version released, it has been served for several major industrial leaders' goals in human resource developments.

17. Capabiliti

Capabiliti is a mobile-first training platform that is used by companies for bringing their distributed teams onto a mobile platform for effective training and engagement.

18. Circle LMS

Circle LMS is the go-to solution for corporations. Let our training automation manage your complicated curricula matrices and results tracking.

19. Classe365

Classe365 is an enterprise-class, next-gen cloud-based unified Learning Management System and Student Information System specifically for the education industry.

20. is a free, personal, cloud-based LMS for teachers and instructors. It's the easiest way for anyone to create and deliver course content online. We also offer a cloud-based, white-label version for institutions and training organizations.

21. Cognito365

Cognito365 is an elearning platform perfect for companies who do not currently have a Learning Management System in place. Packed with features and customizable, Cognito365 can be branded for your organization. Tin Can (xAPI) compatible.

22. COL Campus

COL Campus is an online LMS that makes use of integrated tools. It is interactive, providing course material, testing, and grading programmes with immediate feedback to the learner. COL Campus offers on-line examination, testing and assessment.

23. Collaborate

Collaborate is an intuitive and easy to use tool that facilitates collaborative learning via peer review and feedback, boosts the learner’s critical judgment skills, enhances the learning journey while boosting student motivation and engagement.

24. Configio

Configio provides a rich, engaging, and intuitive learning environment that your instructors and learners will love. It's easy to build a curriculum structure for your online courses including syllabuses, chapters, assignments, exams, and much more.

25. Contendo Training Management System (TMS)

Create/Manage Users, Create/Assign Users to Groups for consistent training assignments, Run individual or group reports, Assign training in just a few clicks, Prove your company’s Due-Diligence, Execute training strategies based on real-time data.

26. Content Raven

Content Raven is an Enterprise Learning Experience Platform that enables companies to securely manage, distribute & measure their blended learning content. Clients include innovative Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, EMC, GE, and Mondelēz.

27. CoreAchieve

CoreAchieve is a simple, cost-effective way to share videos and documents! Corporate eLearning - Member/Constituent eLearning - College/University eLearning Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device!

28. CourseGenius

CourseGenius is the complete online training solution for any organization. You can easily create, sell, deliver and track online courses all in one user-friendly platform.

29. CourseMill

Do you want to deliver online training to employees, without stretching your budget? CourseMill learning management system is your solution. Our LMS automates enrollment, manages compliance, and makes creating dashboards easy with Advanced Reports.

30. Coursepath

With Coursepath, a European based platform, you can create your own Online Academy in just a few steps and be able to share your knowledge and offer training courses right away. Coursepath makes training easy, and the learning aspect of it all rewarding and fun.

31. Courseplay

The quick and affordable online training management solution for organizations to train, test and track their employees, students, customers or vendors.

32. CourseStage

CourseStage is an enterprise level, tablet-responsive learning management system built specifically to support association eLearning initiatives and professional development among members.

33. CourseStage Health

CourseStage HEALTH is an enterprise level, tablet-responsive Learning Management System built specifically to support healthcare and medical society eLearning initiatives and professional development among members.

34. Creatrix Campus

Creatrix Campus provides a better way to education management with a fully customizable cloud ERP solution for higher education to meet their strategic goals.

35. Didacte

Sell your courses or train your employees; on-site, online, within minutes. Build your courses without the expected hassle and start sharing your expertise. Yes, it is that simple.

36. Easy LMS (Quizworks)

Looking for an easy and effective LMS without the hassle that goes with big clunky systems? Then we have the solution for you! Create e-learning lessons that are fun and effective with our easy to use LMS.

37. Ed

Ed is simpler & smarter workplace learning. A better mobile LMS and integrated authoring tool designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective microlearning directly to your users' devices, anytime, anywhere.

38. Edmego Learning Management System

Prepare yourself for training success with Edmego LMS: a feature-rich, powerful, employee-oriented learning management system that works to fill your company’s training holes. Automate student learning with pre-scheduled, role-based learning plans.

39. Eliademy

Eliademy (əlɪaˈdəmi) is an e-learning platform that allows educators and students to create, share and manage online courses. It is a free alternative to Moodle, Blackboard and other commercial learning management systems.

40. eloomi

eloomi combines LMS and continuous performance management. Second to none user experience and customer-driven features simplify engaging skill training and feedback-based performance improvement on any device.

41. Entrenarse

Built from the ground up, focused on corporations and the corporate training model. We rely on more than 8 years of experience in delivering training to thousands of people in companies from all industries.

42. EthosCE LMS

EthosCE is designed to automate the delivery of continuing education in the health professions. We work with medical associations, academic centers, and health systems to create an easy-to-use environment for learners and administrators.

43. eXact learning LCMS

eXact learning LCMS is the industry reference, Learning Content Management System that responds to today’s varying business pressures, supporting instantaneous, company-wide collaboration for the creation of critical learning content

44. ExpertusONE LMS

ExpertusONE is the most powerful and intuitive LMS for training any audience. Ranked #1, the enterprise-class LMS empowers learners with advanced mobile, gamification, social and eCommerce; Salesforce integration; automated admin; and real-time data.

45. Fivel Systems

Fivel’s vast (and ever-growing) library of micro-learning experiences is targeted towards hidden learning opportunities within a company and reports on user skills and system engagement. We care about your investment.

46. Forma LMS

Forma LMS is an open-source, web-based elearning platform (Learning Management System), used to manage and deliver online training courses.

47. Freestone

Freestone LMS delivers all online learning formats (i.e. live webinars, live webcasts, publications, on-demand courses, podcasts, eLearning courses etc.) in a consistent and seamless way, offering a unified user experience through Freestone™

48. Geenio LMS

Geenio is a modern and comprehensive platform for managing the learning process and creating educational courses. It provides tools for creating the complete learning cycle from content creation to the final analysis of results.

49. Glo™

Glo™- Learning platform puts you in control of your learning strategy. It allows fully customizable brand and interface, making it tailored to your world as well as gamification, visual learning journeys, badges, and leaderboards making it more engaging for the user.

50. GyrusAim

The GyrusAim Product Suite is designed to completely manage the learning & development programs of companies ranging from 20 learners up to multi-site, enterprise organizations requiring complex training.

51. IMC Learning Suite

IMC Learning Suite is the solution for the planning, management, implementation, and control of personnel development processes. Our technology hosts unlimited functionalities and configuration settings to create an LMS as unique as your organization.

52. In2itive LMS

Our LMS and consultative approach can help you embrace learning technologies, share your expertise and develop your people and business through the web.

53. Inquisiq R4

Inquisiq R4 is a Learning Management System with a higher level of features, advanced reporting, and powerful automation. Inquisiq focuses on exceptional LMS functionality and ease of use to fit any budget.

54. Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS)

Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS) is an integrated highly configurable next-generation LMS that enables you to deliver & manage eLearning, classroom training, social learning, blended learning, gamified learning and competency-based learning.

55. iSpring Learn

Easy-to-use cloud-based Learning Management System for teaching and assessing employees or students online.

56. ITSI

ITSI offers a comprehensive digital teaching and learning solution consisting of an interactive device-agnostic app and an educator console for managing content and learners. It also provides valuable analytics.

57. JoomlaLMS

JoomlaLMS is a professional eLearning platform with innovative training options, advanced reporting, and conferencing application.

58. JoomlaLMS King Professional

The JoomlaLMS King Professional version has all of the extensions required to run a fully-featured e-learning program. For reporting purposes, for example, a user statistics plugin is included. This automates the reporting process, saving you time.


KALBOARD360 is an innovative, cloud-based learning management system (LMS). It has been designed to help schools improve their learning through the use of cutting-edge technology.

60. Kannu

Kannu is designed by educators, for educators, with a strong focus on user interaction and pedagogical flexibility. Building a course is easy, and keeping track of communication and coursework is even easier.

61. Kindred Learning Management System

SaaS Social Learning Management System developed to adapt to all devices.


Responsive & streamlined, the new KMI Learning LMS is as powerful as ever but very easy to use. User experience has been our focus & elegant simplicity is the result. The new interface enables you to manage users & content with ease on all devices.

63. KnoBis

KnoBis is a knowledge base and training platform for Slack teams.

64. Knolyx

Knolyx is a learning tool designed for professional training companies and their students. The main objective of this eLearning platform is to optimize training sessions by providing them at every hour, from anywhere, at a lower price.

65. KnowHow

KnowHow seamlessly integrates organizational learning and personal development needs. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that KnowHow is intuitive and easy to use - a true Learning Platform.

66. Knowledge Anywhere LMS

Simple. Dynamic. Legendary. Our next-generation LMS gives you the ultimate functionality and ease of use for a revolutionary user experience.

67. Knowledge Direct

Knowledge Direct is a learning management platform that combines advanced technology with ease-of-use, helping associations to develop rich, customized and social learning experiences that are accessible to anybody, anywhere.

68. Knowledge Generator

A ‘disruptive’ patented AI ‘Gamification’ eLearning of ANY content in Real-Time; all-in-one, LMS, CMS, a platform that engages students to learn 32% better, 300% faster with a retention level of 80%

69. LatitudeLearning

The LatitudeLearning LMS was designed to manage partner training programs and addresses the unique challenges of administering partner training.

70. LearnCube Virtual Classrooms

We make it easy to start teaching online, using our Virtual classrooms and Online School software

Need help finding the right Learning Management System? We’ve got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of the best Learning Management Systems in the market. You can also get an LMS quote tailored to your needs in as little as 3 minutes. This simple 5-step process will help you find the Learning Management System that works best for you. Whether it's your first time with a Learning Management System or you are looking to transition from your current Learning Management System, we are here to help.

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