List Of Learning Management Systems: Part 3

List of Learning Management Systems: 30 Learning Management Systems
Summary: This blog post is the 3rd of a series that will cover 300+ of Learning Management System Solutions.

List Of Learning Management Systems: 15 Learning Management Systems

At the List of Learning Management Systems: Part 3 I have created a list of 15 Learning Management Systems in alphabetical order.

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  1. Totara LMS
    Totara LMS is the award-winning open source learning platform designed to help develop, train, manage and engage your staff.
  2. Totara Social
    Totara Social is an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) designed to foster collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing across the extended enterprise.
  3. Training-Online.Eu is cloud based FREE e-Learning platform. Don´t pay fixed monthly fees or licenses, just register and use it right now. Start your own courses marketplace with built in eShop functionality.
  4. Tugaru
    Tugaru is the acclaimed LMS used by companies and training providers who want more control. Tugaru delivers a personalised platform for providers and a unique adaptive engine that evolves learning experiences based on behaviour. Built on Kentico CMS
  5. TutorPro LMS
    TutorPro’s cloud-based (or installed) LMS is used by major corporations, top law firms and leading learning vendors world-wide. With an intuitive and customizable interface, our LMS is the perfect hub to support your firm-wide eLearning strategy.
  6. Unicorn LMS
    Set apart from other Learning Management Systems by its ease of use, configurability and security, Unicorn LMS is a scalable platform that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. LMS previously named 'SkillsServe'.
  7. UpsideLMS
    UpsideLMS is a best value, SaaS LMS that brings you additional advantages of speed, scalability, innovation, lower TCO and higher ROI while helping you manage your company-wide, multi-location training programs easily & cost-effectively.
  8. Valamis
    Valamis - Learning Experience Platform helps you to create engaging and personalized learning experiences, manage competencies, meet regulatory compliance, and far beyond. Share information and train your employees, customers, and partner network with this award-winning learning solution with strong analytic capabilities. Valamis is being used by large corporations and governmental agencies to facilitate learning and improve performance.
  9. Velpic
    Velpic simplifies training and makes it affordable for any business. Quickly create or purchase video lessons or upload your own PPT/PDF/Word training documents. As a cloud-based LMS, you can schedule content to anyone anywhere and users can learn on their mobile devices. No locked-in contracts, software or hardware hassles. Try Velpic for free from our site or ADP Marketplace (single-sign integration for ADP members).
  10. Violet LMS
    Award winning collaborative learning platform with a secure, robust, integrated system for educators, administrators & enterprises, designed to improve automation, communication & centralization of information, knowledge & data in training space.
  11. Vydiatech LMS
    Vydiatech LMS is a cloud-based LMS for Online Training and Distance Education. Start your 14 Days FREE LMS Trial Now.
  12. WiZDOM Enterprise
    WiZDOM Enterprise is a comprehensive learning management system, which has been designed specially for a large enterprise in order to help them meet all their training, learning and development needs.
  13. WizIQ LMS
    WizIQ LMS enables you to provide live real-time or self-paced training by helping you build, deliver and manage courses from your own self-branded domain.
  14. Wyzed LMS
    The Wyzed LMS is an employee training platform offering businesses the easiest and safest way to deliver employee training online.
  15. Zoola Analytics
    Zoola Analytics from Lambda Solutions is the only cloud-based reporting and analytics solution for Moodle and Totara. Zoola delivers real-time access to all LMS data, visualization options, and scheduling/sharing options.

Need help finding the right Learning Management System? We’ve got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of the best Learning Management Systems in the market. You can also get an LMS quote tailored to your needs in as little as 3 minutes. This simple 5-step process will help you find the Learning Management System that works best for you. Whether it's your first time with a Learning Management System or you are looking to transition from your current Learning Management System, we are here to help.

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