List of Learning Management Systems: Part 3

This blog post is the 3rd of a series that will cover 300+ of Learning Management System Solutions.

List of Learning Management Systems: 30 Learning Management Systems

List of Learning Management Systems: 30 Learning Management Systems

In case that you want to create a FREE eLearning portal in 30''

  1. Accessplan LMS
    Developed by the training and development industry experts at accessplanit, the accessplan Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful online solution that can easily: Deliver training, Track progress in real time, Manage courses, Generate in-depth reports.
  2. EduClass - Learner Management System
    The Learner Management System (LMS) module is an E learning application for learner training, administration of the training and documentation of training content. The LMS enables training centres to enhance teaching. The LMS can be fully integrated into the other Intoweb Modules and can be thus be used for in-service training as well as external learners.
  3. iCampus360°
    iCampus360° is the latest generation Cloud Portal that connects prospective and current students, faculty and administration with your school using one single database. Based on WEB 2.0,  iCampus360° Portal combines a comprehensive Student Information System (SIS) with the power of a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) with a robust Learning Management System (LMS) developed at Stanford University, allowing school administrators, faculty, and students one single, easy-to-use platform to manage all school related activities. Th fully integrated learning management system (LMS) and e-learning delivery platform offers convenient online delivery of courses, tests and surveys. This full-featured LMS contains the functionality necessary to conduct online skills assessments, perform gap analysis, track training and support corporate learning initiatives including learner registration, course delivery, and learner progress.
  4. Intrafinity LMS
    The Intrafinity LMS is flexible and powerful enough to manage the corporate education of employees of organizations ranging in size from small to multi-national enterprises using minimal resources and keeping administrative costs lower than ever before.
  5. IntraLibrary LMS
    intraLibrary is Intrallect's Digital Object Repository. It is a strategic technology that underpins a mixed learning environment, improving the management of all learning assets leading to better quality teaching materials.
  6. iQity Learning Management System
    The iQity Learning Management System is a comprehensive, online-education delivery system, paralleling – yet improving upon – the traditional classroom environment, and offering teachers and students the most effective e-learning environment.
  7. iQpakk mobile learning systemThe iQpakk mobile learning system is an all-in-one solution that consists of four components: the Learner, the Manager, the Generator, and the Presenter.
  8. Isoph Blue Learning Management Software
    Take a tour of our softwareIsoph Blue enables your organization to develop and manage a wide variety of continuing education, training, and certification initiatives. More than just a learning management system (LMS), Isoph Blue is a complete, customizable portal environment with tools for creating a wide range of learning content and managing a vibrant community of learners.
  9. KESDEE Learning Management System
    KESDEE empowers your organizational learning culture through KESDEE Learning Management System (K-LMS), a software package that automates all your training activities. It is a scalable, flexible platform for managing both instructor-led and e-learning activities, resources, schedules, and courseware catalogs across the organization.
  10. KMx Advanced Distributed Learning Platform
    KMx is an Advanced Distributed Learning Platform that provides fully integrated eLearning development, learning management, performance management, learning content management and virtual classroom technologies in one easy to use solution.
  11. KP-Learner Manager
    This LMS is designed to run on Windows servers (IIS), and by default, connects to an Access database. However, using ADO, and changing connection strings, you can connect to other ADO databases (tested with Microsoft SQL).
  12. Latitude LMS
    It's the affordable Learning Management System (LMS) that adapts to you. We want you to get to know us and our LMS. That's why our learning management system is totally free for up to 100 users.
  13. LearnerWeb Enterprise LMS
    The LearnerWeb Enterprise LMS makes workforce training delivery and management intelligent, easy and affordable.
  14. Learning Evolution LMS
    Learning Evolution’s world-class learning management capabilities are designed to address the unique business needs of any organization.
  15. LearningFox Learning Management System
    LearningFox® is a Learning Management System that is SCORM-conformant 1.2. LearningFox allows organizations to reduce online training and testing, delivery and maintenance costs by up to 70%.
  16. LearningServer LMS
    LearningServer is a powerful eLearning platform for organizations seeking to maximize their investment in .NET framework. By simply logging on to a site, powerful learning creation, delivery, and measurement capabilities are placed at the fingertips of an organization's extended family. LearningServer provides organizations of all sizes with a powerful competitive edge that allows faster time-to-market, improved supply chain communication, and a well-trained workforce. Feature Collections such as Collaboration, Content Management, Enhanced Management, and Career Development offer increased functionality.
  17. LearnShare Learning Management System
    The LearnShare Learning Management System creates a cost effective, high quality training and educational environment designed to specifically meet the individual development and training needs of your users. The LearnShare LMS is designed for extreme flexibility, usability, manageability and scalability.
  18. Learnsoft GLM 3.0 Learning Management System (LMS)
    The Global Learning Manager (GLM) is a one-stop learning solution for all forms of training. The GLM manages and tracks the training process through its flexible, web-based interface. Based on their skill profile, users will monitor their customized training program through on-line scheduling and registration, online testing and online transcripts. Management and administrator tools provide full, comparative reporting of all training data which allows for full control of the training program’s results and costs.
  19. LearnSOFT Learning Management System [LLMS]
    LLMS is a web-based application developed for corporate and institutions. This extraordinary way of learning a language is entirely different from the traditional way of learning. Here learning becomes more task-based and contextual, thereby increasing the language proficiency in an individual. It provides an easy way to master the language through the method of listing and learning in a fully computerised ambience availing individual attention.
  20. Likno eLearning LMS
    Through Likno eLearning LMS's cutting-edge technology you will be able to easily create courses, lessons, surveys, projects, and tests, as well as keep track of people's progress, create reports and schedules, and much more!
  21. Linways Learning Management System
    Linways is a fully hosted cost effective and innovative learning management system which provides centralized and automate admini- stration. It is a non-conventional method which supports collaborative learning, creating and delivering learning materials, generating reports, student notifications etc.
  22. Litmos Learning Management System
    It’s no secret that many learning professionals are unhappy with their learning management systems. We’ve been listening and we’ve got the solution. Litmos is a new LMS, built from the ground up that’s fresh and simple to use but still delivers where you need it the most.
  23. MasteryNet LMS
    MasteryNet LMS is an enterprise-class Learning Management System that will allow you to launch and track any SCORM compliant training and even training from non-SCORM compliant sources such as documents, streaming video, Flash, HTML, PDF files, PowerPoints and more. MasteryNet includes powerful assignment, reporting, and customization features.
  24. Medworxx Content Management System
    Medworxx Content Management System is a robust, highly scalable, fully featured and easy-to-use content management system that is used by hospitals to dramatically improve the functionality and content of Intranet and Internet websites at significantly reduced costs.
  25. Melon LMS
    Melon LMS is a genuine learning management system that stores and delivers learning and assessment content, and tracks and measures the learning progress. It is designed to manage on-demand, self-paced learning accessible anytime, anywhere.
  26. Meridian Global LMS
    Meridian Global LMS incorporates our experience of over 14 years delivering leading learning management ( LMS), and human capital management (HCM) solutions, supporting the largest and most demanding global enterprises. We solve learning technology challenges and enhance our clients’ business performance across the extended enterprise, educating employees, contractors, end-users, customers, partners and suppliers. Integrated business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-Commerce generates revenue from any type of learning including live instructor-led, online, mobile, virtual and social.
  27. Janison LMS
    With Janison LMS you can engage your students with a range of learning journeys.
  28. Jenzabar LMS
    Today’s students represent greater diversity than ever before in their range of needs, goals, and geographical location—and you need to deliver a vibrant educational experience for all of them. With Jenzabar e-Learning, your instructors can offer more dynamic, engaging learning environments—and develop creative learning spaces that engross students.
  29. Quest Track Learning Management System
    Control access, launch courses and track knowledge quickly and efficiently. Why pay for features you don’t need or struggle with overly complex learning management systems? Knowledge Anywhere’s Quest Track Learning Management System (LMS) is designed differently.
  30. Powerhouse LMS
    Mediasphere’s award winning e-Learning solutions are based on the Powerhouse Learning Management System and our services include course design, e-learning delivery, integrated assessment, customized content development (animation, videos and interactive learning objects) and assessment instructional design.
  31. Trellis LMS
    TrellisManage, the LMS module, includes an easily-customizable user interface and an administration/reporting system with standard reports that will meet all common needs.

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