How To Utilize Personalized Learning To Improve Employee Performance

Personalized Learning And Employee Performance
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Summary: Without a doubt, personalized learning is not a new learning concept. It has existed for many years. However, adapting it to eLearning is a present-day thing.

How Can Personalized Learning Help In The Development Of Employees?

By definition, personalized learning (PL) is a type of learning in which training instruction and pace of learning are optimized to meet an individual learner's needs. One of the benefits for learners is that it allows them to set their own learning goals. Apart from that, it also allows them to choose the learning path and the kind of interactive level that suits their individual needs. In an organization, a personalized learning approach provides numerous benefits to instructors and managers. One of them is that you can utilize it to promote a culture of learning as a continuum.

As an L&D professional, you can also use personalized learning to boost your learners' performance level. But how can you make that happen? In this article, we'll be looking at how personalized learning can help enhance the development of your employees.

There exist many factors that can drive the need to improve employee performance in an organization. One of them is to achieve a massive boost in a company's Return On Investment. Another factor is to ensure that your organization is ahead of the competition.

So, to improve employee performance levels, you can provide them with personalized training. Not only will it help deliver relevant learning experiences to your employees, but it will also enable you to achieve higher completion rates.

One way to achieve better results with personalized training is by offering learners a tailored approach that suits their strengths, interests, knowledge level, and also meets their future needs. Another way is by giving your employees control over their learning path.

By doing so, they develop a stronger interest and gain the confidence to explore the training resources necessary to help them achieve their desired learning goals.

What Are The Approaches To PL?

To drive employee performance using personalized learning in an organization, there's a need to become familiar with the approaches involved. Let’s have a look at 5 approaches to personalized learning.

1. Multiple Learning Formats

Since a one-size-fits-all is not a good fit for delivering training in a corporate organization, there's a need to look for a better approach. To cater to every employee's needs in your company, you should consider delivering training by using multiple learning formats.

This approach doesn't just accommodate an individual employee's learning preference but also empowers them to choose a learning path that suits their needs. One of the benefits of multiple learning formats is that it helps to boost employees' retention ability, hence making them productive for the organization.

2. Learning Objectives Based On Employee Performance

Another approach to personalized learning is setting clear learning objectives. It's an essential part of customizing training, as it helps increase learners' motivation. When you set clear, performance-based learning objectives, your employees tend to interact well with your course, especially if the objectives align with their desired learning goals.

3. Experiential Learning Through Branching Scenarios And Gamification

Another way to deliver personalized training for your employees is through branching scenarios. It's an interactive type of learning that challenges learners to make decisions and then face the consequences. With branching scenarios, L&D professionals can provide their employees with experiential learning from their interests and experience.

Apart from branching scenarios, gamification and simulations are some other instructional approaches that can aid personalized learning. With gamification, employees tend to acquire real-life experience by getting involved in the learning process.

To achieve better results, research and opt for the right authoring tools to create branching scenarios and gamification strategies with ease. The level of engagement and interactivity achieved through them can help drive employee performance.

4. Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is another learning approach that you can pair with personalized learning to boost employee performance. By offering mobile learning, your employees tend to access training on the go and at their pace.

One of the benefits of mLearning is that it enables learners to access training resources at their convenience. Not only does that help boost their retention ability, but it also helps to increase an individual employee's performance level.

5. Personalized Feedback

Providing your employees with personalized feedback is one of the essential approaches that you can utilize to improve your employee performance. One way to offer feedback is through performance-based assessments.

Providing your employees with personalized and constructive feedback anytime they are failing is one way to keep them on the right path.  This helps to improve their performance level in your organization.

Empowering your employees to take charge of their learning and create a learning path that suits them is one way to improve their performance level. This is because they tend to learn and retain knowledge better while learning at their convenience. So, ensure you pair the above-listed approaches with personalized learning to achieve the best results.

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