eBook Release: Social Learning In The Workplace

eBook Release: Implement A Social Learning Platform
Summary: Looking for ways to turn your employees’ "gift of the gab" into a powerful online training tool? Our eBook shows you how to spark collaboration and teamwork with social learning platforms.

How To Choose And Implement A Social Learning Platform Impacting Your Corporate Training

Most organizations steer clear of pro-social policies. After all, you don’t want your team fraternizing by the water cooler when they should be pitching products to customers. However, not all social interactions are damaging your company’s bottom line. In fact, social learning platforms can help you facilitate in-house knowledge sharing and foster a sense of corporate community. This eBook, Social Learning In The Workplace: How To Choose And Implement A Social Learning Platform Impacting Your Corporate Training features tips to launch a collaborative L&D strategy. One in which every member of your team shares their experiences and helps peers achieve their potential. But that’s not the only reason why you should download our social learning guide.

eBook Release:  Social Learning In The Workplace
eBook Release
Social Learning In The Workplace
Discover everything you need to implement a social learning strategy today.

ROI-Boosting Benefits Of Investing In A New Social Learning Platform

While social learning does give employees an outlet and the opportunity to alleviate boredom with lively discussions, there are profit-centered perks as well. Here are 4 notable advantages of investing in an LMS for social learning to get better L&D returns:

1. Stretch Your (Human) Resources

Employees are your most precious commodity. They’re the ones who keep the business running thanks to their skills, knowledge base, and experience. As such, they're a valuable source of information for other team members who lack their specific expertise. Social learning software enables you to facilitate peer-based eLearning feedback and support for every member of the team. As a result, this maximizes human resources and discloses hidden talents. It also strengthens weaknesses that may be hindering organizational growth.

2. Decrease Development Costs

Social learning can take the form of social media groups, online discussions, or live events. Whatever the case, your L&D team doesn’t have to create many online training resources because social learning fills the gaps. A live chat helps new hires learn more about the task from experienced coworkers who are willing to share their insights. They can also repurpose social learning activities to stretch your budget. For instance, use snippets from the live event or forum to develop a real-world example library.

3. Keep Up With Rapidly Changing Online Training Topics

No matter what industry or niche you’re involved with, change is always the name of the game. Policies evolve when things don’t go as planned. Compliance regulations are modified to keep up with modern issues. And your online training program must keep employees informed if you want to avoid injuries, penalties, and a tarnished brand image. Social learning is fluid and flexible. Employees are able to chat with peers about current events and challenges instead of being confined to the topic their ILT instructor is required to discuss. Or only relying on the pre-built online training courses that aren’t relevant to their needs today.

4. Promote Informal Online Training Experiences

Humans often learn best by following someone else’s lead. For example, by watching a peer perform a task, then mimicking those behaviors to achieve the same outcome. Social learning is the online equivalent of this principle. Employees open up and share their problems or give their coworkers guidance. These informal online training opportunities are possible through video conferencing, live chats, online forums, and other social platforms. They benefit from one another’s experience and mistakes so that they don’t have to repeat them in the workplace. This mitigates risks and the financial consequences that come with them. Plus, informal online training can happen anytime, anywhere. Thus, your employees can upskill and expand their knowledge whenever it’s most convenient. This is when they aren’t going to be missed on the job.

How To Select And Ιmplement A Social Learning Platform In The Workplace

The secret to successful social learning programs is knowing how to eliminate the distractions and encourage meaningful peer-based dialogue. Choosing the right eLearning tool is one step in the process, but it’s just the beginning. Social Learning In The Workplace: How To Choose And Implement A Social Learning Platform Impacting Your Corporate Training goes beyond LMS vetting. It explores how to use social learning for ongoing support and ways to get employees involved in their own development. The eBook also highlights:

  • Ways Social Learning In The Workplace Improves Employee Performance And Promotes Positive Behavioral Change
  • Social Learning Examples To Add To Your Online Training Library
  • Essential Steps To Developing A Successful Social Learning Approach For Your Global Team
  • Features To Look For In Your New Social Learning Platform And Why They’re Worth The Investment
  • Ways To Use An LMS With Discussion And Live Chat Functionality In Your Online Training Program
  • Tips To Implement A Social Learning App For JIT Support So That Your Employees Can Use Peer-Based Resources To Improve Productivity
  • Secrets To Cultivate A Collaborative Online Training Culture Using Social Learning Platforms
  • Employee-Contributed Resources To Add To Your Social Learning App To Reduce Costs And Increase Staff Participation
  • Tips To Choose The Best LMS For Social Learning Through Careful Vendor Vetting And With The Help Of An Exclusive Online Directory

Social learning platforms can help you improve the health of your bottom line and make the most of in-house talent. Employees can rely on each other for moment-of-need support and to overcome common obstacles. This keeps them more productive—and more content—on the job. Thereby, allowing you to retain your top performers and increase their level of productivity.

But this chain reaction isn’t possible without an effective LMS for social learning and a sound online training strategy. Social Learning In The Workplace: How To Choose And Implement A Social Learning Platform Impacting Your Corporate Training is a great starting point. It features all the insights your organization needs to make the right buying decision. Then use the social learning tool to your advantage and facilitate behavioral change among your team.

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