The Importance Of A Proper Learning Environment In eLearning

The Importance Of A Proper Learning Environment In eLearning
Summary: Teaching through digital means has become common now with the increasing popularity of online courses and digital tutorials. However, there are a number of challenges that instructors face when they are trying to teach via online platforms.

How Important Is A Proper Learning Environment In eLearning?

One of the most important factors in the learning process is the presence of a good learning environment. As the instructor of a digital academy or an online course, you may not think that you can do much to improve the learning process of your students outside of your content, but there are a number of things that you can do to influence this. Whether you are thinking about creating an online course via platforms like ours, or you have an existing digital academy that you wish to improve, the following sections may help you improve the learning process for your learners.

The Definition Of A Learning Environment Within An eLearning Process

The learning process is influenced via a number of factors such as concentration or mental ability to focus. As well as other factors such as availability of streamlined study resources and a chatter-free environment to focus on the course material, doubts and questions. 52% of students have surveyed that having a calm environment to focus on resources without the disturbance of chatter helps them perform better and thus learn better. However, as a digital academy instructor, you do not have much control over the physical environment of your student. Thus, you can focus on doing the following things to help your learners perform better:

  • Create a routine for your learners. It may be something as simple as releasing new videos or quizzes following a certain schedule or you can set some simple rules for your learners that require them to give up distractions and focus on the course content.
  • Statistics indicate that having a progress check or focus-check quiz at the end of a lesson motivates 72% of learners to pay attention to the course content. It acts as a strong check against bad habits such as texting or daydreaming during the class.
  • You can also employ some basic tools to create a viewing environment that does not allow your learners to open new tabs or open chatting apps once the lesson has started. This method has nearly a 92% success rate with students who find it difficult to focus on one thing at a time. However, the downside is that it is a restrictive method to ensure the engagement of a learner. This is not always a good thing.

Components Of A Good eLearning Environment

To understand the components of a good eLearning environment, all instructors need to take up a creative approach towards learning and their courses. The aim is to provide your learners with tools and resources. Then they can have the best learning experience combined with effective retention of the material taught via the online courses. To design a good eLearning environment, you need to ask yourself questions such as "What activities can I promote that will engage my target demographic and push them to apply their learning?". Or "What activities may be designed to engage interest and promote learning?"

Typically, assessment strategies, such as quizzes and progress checks combined with a culture of fun learning and application of knowledge through interactive activities, are always successful with learners of diverse demographics. Adding these components to your course will not only enhance the engagement metrics of your online courses but it will also raise the success rate of your course as more and more learners will be able to secure knowledge and perform better.

Factors That Promote Good Learning Habits And A Positive eLearning Environment

Now that we understand the need for a positive learning environment, as well as the necessity of various engaging components that will hold on to the interest of your learners, let us focus on some factors that promote good learning habits:

  • Supportive forum and Q&A sessions
    It helps to solve the doubts and questions of the readers so that they can interact mutually and apply their knowledge to solve questions provided by other learners as well.
  • Creative mentorship programs
    These help to identify and address the needs of diverse learners.
  • Positive feedback and success celebrations
    Students love to be appreciated for their hard work or their successes. As mentors or instructors, providing positive feedback can motivate your learners to focus and achieve more.

These practices will help you create online courses that learners keep coming back to. Create Online Academy is a platform where you can find all the resources and tools necessary to build an interactive course equipped with all the components of a good learning environment.

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