10 Inspirational Quotes For Instructional Designers

10 Inspirational Quotes For Instructional Designers
Summary: Sometimes all it takes is a bit of insight to overcome the most challenging obstacles. In this article, I’ll share 10 notable quotes to inspire Instructional Designers.

10 Inspirational Quotes To Motivate Instructional Designers

Instructional Designers carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. Not only are they charged with creating memorable eLearning experiences that leave a lasting impression, but they must also ensure that every member of the L&D team has the online training resources they require. Thankfully, there are some words of wisdom to help them stay focused and avoid common pitfalls. These 10 inspirational quotes may be able to give Instructional Designers the boost they need to navigate even the most challenging eLearning projects.

1. “When It Comes To The Design Of Effective Learning Experiences, One Provocative Question Is Worth A Hundred Proclamations” (Bernard Bull)

The key to powerful Instructional Design is getting online learners to reflect and think for themselves. You can barrage them with information in hopes that something will stick or you can ask questions that prompt them to evaluate the subject matter and assign their own meaning.

2. “Design Is Not Just What It Looks Like Or Feels Like, But How It Works” (Steve Jobs)

The aesthetics are important, but the purpose of your eLearning course and the accessibility of information are equally so. It’s crucial to design eLearning experiences that are functional and user-friendly. Focus on how it works and why you’re creating it in the first place.

3. “The Most Important Principle For Designing Lively eLearning Is To See eLearning Design Not As Information Design But As Designing An Experience” (Cathy Moore)

We’re not simply conveying information to online learners, but designing an entire eLearning experience that captivates their emotions and gets them actively involved. Every element is merely one piece of the puzzle to help online learners achieve their goals and get the most from the eLearning content. As such, we must create positive learning conditions and environments that immerse and inspire our audience.

4. “When It Comes To eLearning, Content means Everything. If eLearning Content Is Not Masterfully Designed, All The Rest Will Just go Down The Drain” (Christopher Pappas)

As another famous saying goes: content is king. It is the crux of your eLearning course design and, thus, must be a top priority. Every piece of content that you incorporate into your eLearning course should align with the learning objectives and resonate with online learners. If something is lacking from the visuals or text-based content, everything else will fall short of expectations.

5. “Change Is The End Result Of All True Learning” (Leo Buscaglia)

When all is said and done, it’s all about making an impact and facilitating change within your online learners. The learning process should encourage them to evaluate their own cognitions and work toward bettering themselves. Even if that means challenging assumptions and beliefs that are holding them back. Push online learners past their comfort zone without making them feel too uncomfortable.

6. “You Can’t Teach People Everything They Need To Know. The Best You Can Do Is Position Them Where They Can Find What They Need To Know When They Need To Know It” (Seymour Papert)

You can’t force your online learners to learn. However, you can give them all the information they require and deliver in a way that’s easy to understand. Thereby, putting them in a position to expand their knowledge base. This also entails providing practical information at the right time, such as "moment of need" online training materials.

7. “Where My Reason, Imagination Or Interest Were Not Engaged, I Would Not Or I Could Not Learn” (Winston Churchill)

Immersion and interactivity are essential for effective learning. As Churchill so aptly put it, every eLearning experience must focus on reason (practicality) and the imaginative spark. Engagement is another crucial ingredient. If you don’t meet these basic human needs, online learners are less likely to assimilate the information.

8. “It Seems That Perfection Is Attained Not When There Is Nothing More To Add, But When There Is Nothing More To Remove” (Antoine De Saint­-Exupery)

This quote hinges on cognitive overload and simplistic eLearning course design. Effective eLearning imparts the takeaways and omits the rest. In other words, only what online learners need to know in order to accomplish the task or overcome the obstacle. It’s not about adding as much information as possible, but narrowing it down to the basics. Declutter your eLearning course design so that online learners can focus on the facts and not be distracted by extraneous information.

9. “There Are Three Responses To A Piece Of Design - Yes, No, And WOW! Wow Is The One To Aim For” (Milton Glaser)

It’s all about the wow factor. You can always aim for a “yes” response in Instructional Design, but that doesn’t guarantee learner engagement or immersion. Impressing them is the primary goal, which goes beyond the aesthetics and layout. Every aspect of the eLearning experience must captivate their attention and connect with them on an emotional level.

10. “Form Follows Function - That Has Been Misunderstood. Form And Function Should Be One, Joined In A Spiritual Union” (Frank Lloyd Wright)

How something looks is just as important as how it functions. In the case of Instructional Design, the style of the eLearning course is as crucial as the navigability and user experience. You must be able to strike a balance in order to make a mark on your audience. An aesthetically pleasing eLearning course may grab their attention, but it won’t hold it. Just as valuable information will cater to their pragmatic nature but fail to form a personal connection.

It’s not easy creating memorable eLearning experiences. But these quotes can help you keep your eyes on the prize and design top-notch eLearning courses, even if that means overcoming obstacles, such as ineffective team dynamics or challenging subject matter. Are there any go-to quotes that inspire you during the eLearning course design process?

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