Expedite Employee Onboarding With Interactive Learning Solutions

Interactive Learning Solutions And Onboarding
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Summary: Employee onboarding is a very important task as it is the first step toward acclimatizing new employees to unfamiliar surroundings. Not so long ago, employee onboarding was all about grueling classroom sessions.

Learn How Interactive Learning Solutions Can Help With Employee Onboarding

In most cases, a trainer is assigned the task of familiarizing new hires with the work culture of an organization. While this methodology works and is still prevalent, it is definitely not the best approach, especially in these times of eLearning.

Why eLearning Is Such A Difference-Maker

Traditional training methods are not bad at all, but they lack the one thing that can make all the difference: excitement. It takes a great trainer to build excitement amongst the trainees but such a trainer can be hard to find. The situation is even worse in the case of onboarding processes that are often presided over by managers and TLs with minimum to no experience in imparting knowledge.

In such situations, interactive eLearning development solutions can be the difference-maker. Intelligently created interactive learning solutions appeal to different human senses. It is a known fact that information accumulated through different senses stays with students for a longer duration. Also, a single eLearning solution can be used for onboarding multiple employees, which makes it a lucrative proposition as well.

eLearning Development Solutions For An Immersive And Flexible Onboarding Experience

Traditional onboarding sessions are not only boring; they also waste a lot of time. The biggest problem with classroom onboarding is that it fails to evoke a passion for learning. Even the best of speakers do not get the desired results, which says a lot about the efficacy of such practices. In contrast, eLearning has several advantages when it comes to the learning experience:

  • Instant engagement
    Interactive learning solutions implemented by gamification appeal to people from all walks of life. At least, when it comes to the initiation of employees, enjoyment is a key ingredient. And, games are probably the most enjoyable medium to put forward new information.
  • Immersion with Virtual Reality (VR)
    Virtual Reality can be used to create complete experiences that are similar to real-world situations. As new employees do not have any know-how of the processes followed by a new company, classroom training may not inspire the learning spirit immediately. On the other hand, a VR experience does not feel tedious and forced, which is why newcomers are a lot more open to it when it comes to learning about a new company.
  • Motivation with competition
    Competition to learn better can be initiated with gamification solutions. High-quality eLearning development solutions allow you to distribute intangible rewards in the form of trophies and badges. In order to win these rewards, employees show more determination in studying the onboarding-related content. Some even revisit the same content again and again to gain a better understanding of the concepts, all in the spirit of competition.
  • Anytime learning
    Unlike classroom training sessions that take place at a pre-determined time, eLearning allows trainees to revisit the content at any time. So, it becomes possible for trainees to go through the content when they feel fresh and ready to learn. As there is no compulsion to learn at a fixed time, the learning experience becomes even better.
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Why eLearning Development Solutions Are Beneficial To Organizations

The above-mentioned advantages are all about how eLearning leads to a better onboarding experience for employees. Apart from that, eLearning has some other distinct advantages for companies:

  • Reduction in cost
     When you utilize Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VLIT) sessions for onboarding, you do not have to hire trainers and pay them a monthly salary. Over the long-term, VLIT provides considerable cost benefits by lowering the expenditure on salaries.
  • No need for additional infrastructure
    If you are already short on office space, then eLearning development solutions are nothing less than a boon. eLearning modules can be installed on the designated workstations of employees, which eliminates the need for additional space.

Maximize The eLearning Advantage By Choosing The Right Training Partner

Developing high-quality interactive learning solutions for employee onboarding is an intricate task. There are two primary requirements that an eLearning development company has to fulfill with regards to the training content: relevance and quality.