How Can You Use Interactive Videos For Microlearning-Based Training

How Can You Use Interactive Videos For Microlearning-Based Training

Creating Effective Microlearning-Based Training With Interactive Videos 

There’s something about the “five-meal-a-day” diet plan that a lot of the folks in the nutrition circles recommend – small amounts of food at regular intervals rather than heavy intakes twice or thrice a day.

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The scenario with learning is no different. A learning overdose can put learners off. Learners are more likely to opt for something that is less time-consuming and fulfills their learning needs in a jiffy. Learning and Development professionals the world over realize this and are exploring different ways and formats of microlearning to leverage on the power of “less is more”.

Here, I will showcase how you can use interactive videos for microlearning-based training, or else craft an effective interactive video-based microlearning solution for formal training or as a Performance Support Tool through a case study.

Before we get to that, let’s quickly recap the definition of microlearning, its benefits, and where exactly you can use it in your organization’s learning strategy.

What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a short, focused learning nugget (often 3-5 mins long or shorter) that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome. It can be used to offer formal training but it often finds a wider usage in informal training (with a focus on performance gain).

Typically designed and delivered in rich media formats, it is a learner-centric approach that provides just-in-time training that is available on multiple devices. All these aspects ensure that it can be easily accessed, quickly completed, and easily applied by the learners.

What Are The Benefits Of Microlearning?

There are several benefits of microlearning. Let’s take a look at these from both learner as well as business perspectives.

For further details on these benefits, you can read my earlier article 10 Benefits Of Microlearning-Based Training.

Where Does Microlearning Find A Fit In An Organization’s Training?

Microlearning can be used very effectively to create sticky learning experiences thereby flipping the “Forgetting Curve” to a “Retention Curve”. This can be achieved by offering microlearning nuggets in a learning path to:

  1. Supplement or reinforce the primary, formal training.
  2. Extend formal learning through Performance Support Tools (PSTs).
  3. Trigger behavioral change (leading to a transformational gain).

Case Study: Use Of Interactive Video As A Microlearning Format

Through the following screenshots, you will get a glimpse of various learning interventions we used in this microlearning-based training.


I hope this article is useful in reaffirming the power of microlearning-based training as well as how you can use interactive videos to create rich media, high impact training. While interactive videos may not suit projects that have limited budgets, you can evaluate them for programs that have a longer shelf life to offset the additional budget outlay. It is worth investing on interactive videos for behavioral change trainings where this approach creates a great ROI.

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