International Day Of Education: 4 Activities To Honor It With Your Employees

International Day Of Education: 4 Activities To Honor It With Your Employees
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Summary: Looking for tips to celebrate the International Day of Education? Explore some cost-effective ways to honor the day with your employees.

How To Celebrate The International Day Of Education With Your Employees

The International Day of Education is celebrated annually on January 24 and was first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly back in 2019. It commemorates the role of education in bringing global peace and sustainable development. Without equal opportunities in education for everyone, no country in the world can achieve the elimination of poverty, equal rights for every citizen, and general development. Unfortunately, there are more than 200 million young people out of school and more than 700 million adults that are illiterate globally. This data highlights the importance of the International Day of Education, which aims to raise awareness and help people of all ages to have access to equal educational opportunities.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has dedicated this year's Education Day to girls and women in Afghanistan who have been deprived of their right to education.

The Importance Of Educating Your Employees

This year's theme for World Education Day is "to invest in people, prioritize education." At eLI, we're firm believers that people need to have access to education at all times in their lives, as it is the best form of self-growth and development. This is why today's employees consider education opportunities a must-have company benefit, not just a job perk. Offering your employees the chance to continue educating themselves also gives organizations an advantage when it comes to recruiting, since candidates are more likely to consider joining a company that invests in their education. In turn, companies are able to have talented and willing employees who want to continue pursuing their educational goals and contributing to the team.

Educating your people doesn't have to be costly, though. You don't necessarily need to enroll them in post-graduate studies; you can also invest in their education by providing them with courses, seminars, and other training opportunities. When your employees see that you have prioritized their education, they will feel more valued and appreciated, thus being more productive and engaged in the workplace. To highlight the importance of their education and the importance of education in general, consider celebrating the International Day of Education with your staffers. Below are a few top activities that will get them excited for the International Day of Education and make them realize how much you value their development.

4 Activities To Celebrate With Your Employees

1. Inspirational Videos

It's a great idea to start the celebration by showing them videos about the International Day of Education; its history, its importance, and how they can raise awareness. You can also show them videos to inspire them to pursue any educational goals they might have, or motivate them to consider furthering their education if they haven't already. For example, a video that shows how education will help them advance in their careers can make a significant impact.

2. Invest In Their Education

Why not honor the occasion by surprising them with an educational opportunity? Allow them to choose any course from your eLearning platform. If you don't have a platform for employee training and other courses, this is a great opportunity to start looking for a solution that broadens your employees' horizons. Another option is to invite them to sign up for MOOCs. You can also use this day to highlight the importance of lifelong learning and how it fits into your company culture.

3. Share Personal Stories From School

A memorable way to spend the International Day of Education is by creating a bonding experience between your employees or team members. Have each one of them share some stories from their school days. Whether it's a funny story from elementary school or an embarrassing story from high school, it will help to underline the importance of education and give them the power to see their coworkers in a whole new light. This experience will also show how significant school has been for everyone in terms of relationship building and character shaping.

4. Donate To An Organization That Supports Education

Another meaningful experience to celebrate this day is encouraging your employees to donate to organizations that support the right to education. You can collectively donate to one or more organizations of your preference as a company, or let everyone donate to a fund they choose. It's a small but significant step to help people who have been deprived of their right to education and establish the importance of the cause in everyone's minds.


Education plays a pivotal part in people's growth and development, consequently helping countries develop, too. The International Day of Education is spreading this message globally. For companies, this day can provide you with the chance to empower employees and stress the importance of ongoing education. To start, you can show them videos that raise awareness of the cause and inspire them to chase their educational dreams. If you haven't offered them opportunities for training yet, there's no time like the present to launch your L&D strategy.

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