Kineo eLearning In The Enterprise Survey Results 2013 - Infographic

Kineo eLearning In The Enterprise Survey Results 2013 - Infographic
Summary: Would you like to know the eLearning trends for 2013? Check out Kineo’s E-Learning in the Enterprise survey results infographic.

How is eLearning being used in today’s organizations? What is the primary use for eLearning? What are the growth areas that organizations hope to enhance in 2014? Kineo explored these questions through a survey that received 200 Enterprise Survey Results from professionals in a diverse range of industries.

The Top eLearning In The Enterprise Survey Results

200 organizations participated at the 2013 E-Learning in the Enterprise Survey. 49.5% had less than 1000 employees, while 26.7% of the organizations were in the Business Services Industry.

  • Significant users of eLearning are the Training and Development (84.2%).
  • Major audiences of eLearning are Employees (87.2%), and Customers (43.1%).
  • In 2014 the areas to use more eLearning will be Employee Orientation (48%) and Professionals Skills (45.5%).
  • Major reasons to use eLearning are the ability to Reach a Broad Audience (37.6%) and the Costs Savings (21.8%).

Stay tuned for an in-depth Kineo Learning Insights Report, which will be released in November 2013. To view other Kineo reports, please visit: Kineo eLearning Reports.Are you surprised by any of the results? In what ways is your organization different/similar? Check out the eLearning infographic below to view the results.

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