5 L&D Writing Ideas To Ponder For Your eLI Guest Article [August 2023 Edition]

5 L&D Writing Ideas To Ponder For Your eLI Guest Article
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Summary: Looking for the latest trends to cover in your eLI guest article? Here are a few great writing options.

Wondering Which Topic You Should Cover In Your Guest Post?

There are plenty of trends, emerging technologies, and development tips you can cover in your next guest author post. But which topics will pique readers' interest this month? Here are a few L&D writing ideas ideally suited for your eLearning Industry article.

5 L&D Writing Ideas To Consider

1. Omnichannel eLearning

What are the fundamental principles behind omnichannel learning? How can it help to personalize the experience and cater to individual needs? What steps can organizations take to centralize their efforts and launch a successful omnichannel strategy?

2. Environmental, Social, And Governance Reporting

ESG is all about transparency and accountability. Why is it so crucial for organizations, and how can they begin the reporting process? What are the benefits that ESG disclosure can bring to their brand image and bottom line?

3. Skills Mapping

Effective skills mapping helps organizations chart their team's abilities and identify gaps. How does a skills matrix fit into the big picture? What is the best way to assess employees' skillsets and core competencies? In your article, you can also cover how this exercise facilitates advancement opportunities and reduces recruiting costs.

4. Extended Reality Obstacles In eLearning

Immersive learning, particularly VR and AR activities, are all the rage. But what are the downsides that L&D managers should consider? Are there certain limitations that might hinder rather than help learner engagement?

5. eLearning Career Tips

How can professionals get started in the eLearning career path? What are some ways that seasoned Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts can embark on new career paths? You can also explore more niche career trajectories, such as Learning Strategist.

Wrapping Up

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