Ready To Write? Here Are 5 L&D Ideas To Kick Things Off

Ready To Write 5 eLearning Writing Topics To Kick Things Off
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Summary: So little time, so much to write about. Here are 5 eLearning topics to help you narrow it down and get started.

Which L&D Writing Topics Should You Cover This Month?

There's so much eLearning ground to cover that it's often difficult to decide which items to add to your writing to-do list. However, the list below features the top 5 L&D writing topics to consider for your next guest post. These are based on trends that we've seen in the industry, as well as editorial research, to help you focus your writing efforts in the right direction.

5 eLearning Ideas To Write About

1. Preventing Toxic Work Environments

Nobody wants to work in an environment where they feel disrespected or unsafe. So, offer some actionable tips to help organizations create positive workspaces and strengthen their company cultures. You can also highlight the benefits of doing so, such as improving employee retention and team collaboration.

2. Knowledge Retention Strategies

How can L&D professionals make their learning experience stick? What are some tried-and-tested strategies that eLearning designers can use to get their audiences actively involved and improve retention rates? From leveraging microlearning to personalizing content, there's plenty to cover in your next guest post.

3. eLearning In The Retail Industry

eLearning programs can help retail employees improve customer satisfaction scores and build vital skills to boost workplace performance. What are some of the training solutions that companies should consider? Which activities are ideally suited for retail industry L&D?

4. Setting Measurable L&D Outcomes

How do you set realistic eLearning outcomes? What are the best ways to develop criteria to determine the effectiveness of L&D initiatives? You can also write about the most common pitfalls associated with goal and objective setting, such as overlooking valuable metrics.

5. Using eLearning Courses For Career Advancement

Online courses can help employees bridge gaps autonomously and empower them to take charge of their own career trajectories. Provide tips to help them find the right course for their needs, as well as how to strike a work-life-training balance to avoid burnout.

Wrapping Up

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