5 Trending L&D Topics That Are Sure To Stand The Test Of Time

5 Trending L&D Topics That Are Sure To Stand The Test Of Time
Summary: Some eLearning topics are always worthy of the writing spotlight. We highlight 5 ideas to cover in your eLearning Industry guest post.

These eLearning Topics Aren't Just Passing Fads

The eLearning field is constantly seeing new technologies, techniques, and Instructional Design theories. However, there's something to be said for writing ideas that have been around for a while but seem to always be in fashion. Here are a few trending L&D topics to consider for your next eLearning Industry guest article.

5 Trending L&D Topics That Are Ideal For Your eLI Guest Post

1. Overcoming Remote Teamwork Obstacles

Feelings of isolation, communication barriers, and cultural differences are all obstacles that remote teams must contend with. How can organizations build a stronger team dynamic when geographical distance is part of the mix? What are some of the unexpected issues that arise when remote working, and how can leaders bring everyone together virtually?

2. Emerging eLearning Career Paths

While Instructional Design may be one of the most popular eLearning career options, there are plenty of other paths that professionals can take to break into the industry. What are the unconventional careers that people should consider? How can they develop the necessary skills and talents to achieve their aspirations?

3. Hands-On Assessments

How can employees show that they know how to put all of their training into action? Offer tips to create hands-on assessments that demonstrate practical know-how and link eLearning to real-world outcomes. You can also explore the different types of assessments that are ideal for performance management and support.

4. Debunking Hybrid Corporate Training Myths

Is it true that hybrid learning misses the mark when it comes to personalization? Can any organization—even startups with limited resources—leverage this approach? Expose the truth behind some of the most common hybrid corporate training myths to help companies make the most of this strategy.

5. Fostering Workplace Inclusivity

Everyone should feel like they're respected and that their professional contributions matter. How can organizations honor employee diversity and promote inclusivity in the workplace? What are some of the pitfalls they should be aware of?

Wrapping Up

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