Leadership Training: Why Are We Letting Down Our Managers With Outdated Learning?

How To Meet The Leadership Training Needs Of The Modern Manager

Good managers lead business success – and can drive profit increases of around 23% (BIS, 2012). Yet most organizations have a skills gap, and many are concerned that their leadership pipeline is running low (Deloitte, 2015). So, what about leadership training?

Learning: What Leaders Want

With a frustrating lack of time and suitable learning resources:

  • 70% of leaders are turning to online search engines for information on performance management, running meetings, delegation, time management, influencing others, and handling difficult situations.
  • 57% of directors say face-to-face training is not meeting their needs.
  • 7 out of 10 leaders use mobile devices to access learning, in the office or on their way to and from work (Towards Maturity, 2015).

With digital and social learning techniques now easy to add to the mix, learning providers can offer blended training that meets short-term, needs-based learning today, as well as the long-term professional development that supports our future leaders for tomorrow.

Bite-sized Modules Support Short-Term, Needs-Based Learning

According to the Chartered Management Institute’s Learning to Lead: The Digital Potential, 75% of leaders say online learning will help them do a better job. They like online learning because it’s convenient, it can be done anywhere, and it’s self-paced.

Bite-sized modules are small, self-contained information nuggets. They typically range in duration from 1 to 15 minutes and are focused on one or two learning objectives. This is in contrast to conventional learning modules, which can take between 30 and 60 minutes (or longer) to consume and have a wider range of objectives.

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A modern training approach taps into self-directed learning. To maximize digital delivery, use short, bite-sized eLearning modules suitable for multiple devices:

  • Tips.
  • Tools.
  • Infographics.
  • Demos.
  • Diagrams.
  • Short films.

Here’s an example of a multi-device tip:

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Blended Mix For Long-Term Leadership Skills And Development

For the digital side of your blended training, here are five proven ideas to try:

1. Micro learning. 

eLearning can build leadership skills by delivering a smart mix of resources. An example is Duolingo, an app that enables people to learn a language at their own pace and through incremental challenges.

2. Games and scenarios. 

Scenarios, games, and simulations can challenge learners to change behaviors and develop personal skills by putting learning into practice.

leadership training - challenge learnersAn example of an ethical challenge game created for the OU, powered by Elucidat.

3. Polls and peers. 

Managers network and care about their peers’ opinions. Your digital offering should include social and collaborative learning, including polling so that learners can compare their views with peers and experts.

leadership training polls - elucidatA polling results screen showing the learners view vs. those of other learners.

4. Scores and accreditations. 

Towards Maturity says: “Line managers are twice as likely to be motivated by online learning if it leads to professional qualification.” Make your elearning count with badges, competitive leaderboards, professional accreditations, and qualifications.

5. Stories. 

Use film and audio to release the power of memorable, personal, and expert stories to enhance elearning.

Utility Warehouse exampleExample of an expert view video, from a Utility Warehouse course

Bring Learning Together With The Right Learning Management System

To bring this all together, portals or Learning Management Systems will be key. How easy your digital learning is to find is a big part of its success.

If you’re embracing multi-device with your content, how does your Learning Management System stack up? If it can’t operate across devices, you might need to consider an upgrade or an alternative platform to house your elearning.

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Stop Letting Down Managers With Outdated Leadership Training

If you’d like to stay ahead of the game and deliver cutting-edge, digital, multi-device learning that meets the needs of modern managers and leaders, consider an authoring tool like Elucidat.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care was able to double the amount of multi-device digital learning it delivered when it switched to Elucidat, and the company saw online learning increase seven fold as a result. It could help you to close the gap between learning and leaders.

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