Learn How AI Is Shaping Learning And Workforce Readiness For IT Professionals

Learn How AI Is Shaping Learning And Workforce Readiness For IT Professionals
Summary: Artificial Intelligence is starting to become the driving force behind the modern workplace. AI and machine learning, as a concept, has brought about massive transformation within the enterprise of today, making it more agile, while also reducing the number of repetitive and mundane tasks throughout.

Using AI To Shape Learning And Workforce Readiness For IT Professionals

AI frees up human resources within the company to solve high-value complex problems, exercise creativity and focus on being generally more impactful. In short, AI is turning regular workers into forward-thinking success drivers, especially through its transformative learning delivery potential, which benefits IT professionals worldwide.

According to a survey by the MIT Sloan Management Review, 85% of execs believe that Artificial Intelligence will help companies sustain and develop their competitive advantage [1]. Another report by McKinsey & Company holds that the early adopters of AI are already gaining competitive advantage, and the gap between adopters and non-adopters is set to grow further [2].

Advantages Of AI Towards IT Professionals At A Glance

Following are some benefits as seen by IT professionals, due to the emergence of AI:

  • AI allows for automation and elimination of menial tasks, saving time and innovative energy.
  • IT help and support desks are empowered and improved through AI-based service applications.
  • Internal communications run much smoother with AI-governed servers and channels.

In addition, AI is reshaping training and development of not just IT staff, but the entire enterprise. Bringing Artificial Intelligence into the fold, organizations that take IT technical training seriously as a part of their strategic initiative can now take advantage of how training is delivered with the use of AI, how it can help people retain and remember what they’ve learned and how their staff can implement their learnings. Learning is more personalized and can be mapped to the goals of the department, people and the company to ensure IT workforce readiness with the use of AI.

Benefits Of AI Towards Learning And Workforce Readiness For IT

While AI benefits many organizational tasks directly, such as automating previously sub-manual tasks, it is towards delivering learning and enabling workforce readiness, where we see the maximal use and benefit of AI.

On the surface, we have advantages such as the ability to accumulate data efficiently and personalize & customize learning according to people’s competencies, projects they are working on and measurable organizational goals. In-depth, however, we see advantages such as adaptive learning experiences based on competencies, previous learning history, carrier preferences, employee roles and general workforce readiness requirements around their goals to meet IT project objectives.

Let’s look at the last point more closely, here.

As we look into machine learning and AI-driven solutions, it is inevitable to get lost in the flow of things, from an organizational point of view. The challenges of tomorrow require a workforce that can meet IT organizations goals set forth by the head of IT. Does the head of technology have the right people, with the right skill sets, at the right time, at the right cost, working on the right goals or project? This is called "workforce readiness", which makes workforce readiness uber-important for the organization.

As a CTO/ CIO, you can purchase millions of dollars of software and hardware, but would you be able to sleep at night thinking that you can achieve your goals by just making an investment in technology? Probably not. You have to invest in your people to implement and adopt the technology. You have to make sure your workforce is ready to achieve company, department and individual goals – this can be achieved through the use of AI where deficiencies in skill set gaps against each goal and projects can be measured and then mapped to specific training & learning paths to maximize your employees’ L&D time through a workforce readiness platform.

Learn With An AI-Powered Workforce Readiness Platform

Modern learners’ behavior in how they engage with learning content, learn, retain and implement has drastically changed over the years. Some prefer to learn through self-directed learning, some through social media, various modalities such as Instructor-Led, or virtual Instructor-Led, bite-sized learning, online self-paced learning, webinars, through mentors, peer-to-peer learning through communities and on various devices. If you can package all of that into one platform, it would be nirvana for the learner.

Using a workforce readiness platform not just prepares IT teams for the challenges of the present and future, but also ensures tremendous personal, as well as professional development.


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