List Of 50 eLearning Professionals That Use Google+

List Of 50 eLearning Professionals That Use Google+
Summary: Are you an eLearning Professional that is looking to add at your Google Circle eLearning Professionals at Google+? You aren't alone!

List Of eLearning Professionals That Use Google+

At The List of eLearning Professionals that use Google+ you will find 50 eLearning Professionals. The list is in alphabetical order. If you click a profile you will be directed at the "About" section where you can find information about the specific eLearning Pro. The following pro are highly recommended by... me! Would you like to be included at this List? Please leave a comment with a link to your Google+ profile.

  1. Adam Dawes
  2. Adriese Williams
  3. Aida Awad
  4. Alan Mustafa
  5. Alex Santos
  6. Alfredo Calderon
  7. Alice Jefferson
  8. Anita Horsley
  9. ASTD Orange County
  10. Barish Golland
  11. Beverly Dianne Calhoun
  12. Bill Brandon
  13. BJ Kitchin
  14. Brandon Carson
  15. Brigitte Hänggi
  16. Cassandra Miles
  17. Cherisse Gardner
  18. Cheryl Cox
  19. Chris Lord
  20. Chrissi Nerantzi
  21. Christopher Pappas
  22. Clive Shepherd
  23. Coach Carole
  24. Damian Farrell
  25. George Siemens
  26. Graham Clark
  27. Isabelle Nicot
  28. Ivette Guarin
  29. Jackie Flynt
  30. Jane Bozarth
  31. Jane Hart
  32. Joe DiDonato
  33. Joey Weaver
  34. Joyce Seitzinger
  35. Kelly Meeker
  36. Kevin Corbett
  37. Kevin Corns
  38. Leslie Barrett
  39. Mark Smithers
  40. Michael Gambale
  41. Mick Gwyther
  42. Olga Reidy
  43. Paul Tannahill
  44. Rachel Troychock
  45. Rich Kiker
  46. Sarunas Vaitkus
  47. Stephen Downes
  48. Stori Hybbeneth
  49. Tony Karrer
  50. Treion Muller

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