LMS Buyer’s Kit: A Comprehensive Guide To Learning Management Systems

LMS Buyer’s Kit: A Comprehensive Guide To Learning Management Systems
Summary: Choosing the right LMS for your company’s needs can be a demanding and complex process. Expertus designed the free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit to provide potential LMS buyers with a comprehensive Learning Management System guide that will direct their LMS purchase decisions. In this article, I’ll present what the free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit has to offer.

Important Information About The LMS Buyer’s Kit

The free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit has everything you need to consider when evaluating your Learning Management System options. The LMS Buyer's Kit features LMS rankings, case studies as well as an LMS RFP template and selection guide. This free eBook by Expertus puts you on the fast track to choosing the best LMS software for your company.

LMS Buyer’s Kit: How To Quickly Find The Best LMS For Your Organization
The LMS Buyer’s Kit by Expertus is the ultimate guide to people that are looking to buy an LMS.

Expertus' LMS Buyer’s Kit features 8 key chapters. These 8 chapters cover all aspects of LMS market research, evaluation and selection.

The eBook starts by providing an LMS RFP template. This template allows you to narrow down your search for the LMS that best fits your company’s needs. What's more, the world-renowned eLearning expert Craig Weiss was the person who designed it. As such, it is not promotional and does not direct you to any specific LMS, as in the case of templates by many LMS vendors. By providing important information about features, learner roadmaps and vendor training and support, as well as pricing data you will be pointed to the direction of the LMS that perfectly fits your company’s needs.

The second chapter presents a detailed report by Craig Weiss ranking the top 50 Learning Management Systems. This report also features 34 product reviews as well as company profiles for reputable LMS vendors. Additionally, it provides information about pricing, implementation timeframes, uptime, data centers, security and compliance for each LMS.

LMS selection and implementation is no easy process. So, the third chapter of the free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit was written by LMS expert Katrina Baker, who provides invaluable information to help LMS buyers analyze their company’s needs and quickly select the right LMS vendor. Katrina also points out what LMS buyers should be looking for in an LMS user interface and desirable associated tasks. Finally, she offers tips on how to expertly train managers and new LMS admins.

Building a business case for a modern LMS is what the fourth chapter of LMS Buyer’s Kit guides you through. LMS buyers will get insights into surefire ways to get funding and secure senior level buy-in for a new LMS purchase. They will also learn how to create persuasive LMS ROI calculations. Last but not least, they will learn how to present the tangible value a modern LMS brings to the table.

There are certain pitfalls companies shopping for a new LMS must avoid. The fifth chapter covers why LMS buyers should put emphasis on Learning Management System usability versus an exhaustive feature set. It also focuses on the importance of LMS mobile applications that go far beyond just replicating functionality.

ExpertusONE is a modern LMS platform that boasts all of the latest advances in learning technology. The sixth chapter of the free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit analyzes ExpertusONE and its mobile access, learner usability, reporting tools and simplified REST API integrations. The chapter also presents ExpertusONE’s advanced eCommerce tools for those that are looking to sell their courses to customers and partners via the LMS.

What’s more, Expertus has included case studies that provide real-world examples of how well-known companies used ExpertusONE to take corporate learning to a whole different level. Read this section of the eBook to learn how Siemens, Interactive Intelligence and Empathos chose the ExpertusONE LMS platform to solve their most pressing competency, extended enterprise and video learning challenges.

The final chapter of the LMS Buyer’s Kit guides you through current and crucial LMS issues. It addresses the difference between a basic LMS and an Enterprise-class LMS. It also provides tips on how to find the best extended enterprise LMS. Finally, it educates on how to achieve a successful LMS implementation.

The Learning Management System industry is a large and competitive market. This makes the LMS selection process quite an intricate process. The free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit by Expertus enables LMS buyers to make an informed decision as to the optimal Learning Management System for their company’s needs.