LMS Buyer’s Kit: How To Quickly Find The Best Learning Management System For Your Organization

by Expertus

Choosing an LMS that optimally supports your learning organization’s needs (and budget!) can be a tricky, time-consuming process. That’s why we developed this LMS Buyer’s Kit. With everything from LMS rankings and case studies to an LMS RFP template and selection guide, it puts you on the fast track to choosing the best learning management system for your company.

Key Chapters

  1. The Ultimate LMS RFP Template

    Save time, simplify your search and get top results with this vendor-neutral RFP template by eLearning expert Craig Weiss.

  2. Craig Weiss’ 2016 LMS Rankings

    Learn what’s next in learning tech and see profiles of the top LMS vendors, including implementation times, pricing and everything in between.

  3. LMS Success: A Step-by-Step Guidebook

    Find out how to properly select, implement and market a new learning management system from LMS Super Admin Katrina Baker.

  4. How to Build a Business Case for a Modern LMS

    Read how to get LMS funding, create persuasive LMS ROI calculations and demonstrate the real value of enlisting a modern LMS.

  5. How to Avoid Four Deadly LMS Selection Traps

    See why you should focus on usability versus a “bloated” features set and how to properly value a modern technical architecture when selecting an LMS.

  6. The Future of the LMS: A Deep Dive Demo

    Tour some of the latest and greatest capabilities in today’s learning tech and see how a modern LMS can impact your training organization.

  7. LMS Case Studies: Competency, Extended Enterprise & Video Learning

    Read how real customers used new LMS features and technology to overcome their most pressing learning problems.

  8. LMS Blogs: Enterprise vs. Basic LMSs & LMS Implementation Tips

    Jumpstart your LMS search by reading these blogs with helpful tips on what platform to select and how best to implement it.

Looking for an LMS can become a long, costly process if left unchecked. The resources here will expedite your journey, and help you get the most ROI from your new LMS investment.

Expertus has done it again! This is the ultimate guide to people that are looking to buy an LMS. Information on how to build a business case for a modern LMS, what to avoid, LMS case studies as well as tips on a successful LMS implementation comprise this informative eBook.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of the eLearning Industry's Network