LMS Buyer’s Kit: The Definitive Tool For Learning Management System Selection

LMS Buyer’s Kit: The Definitive Tool For Learning Management System Selection
Summary: Expertus has a long-standing reputation in the world of Learning Management Systems. The LMS Buyer’s Kit captures all of that experience and provides companies looking for a new Learning Management System crucial LMS selection tips, shortcuts and best practices. In this article, I’ll present what Expertus’ free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit has to offer.

Interesting Information About The LMS Buyer’s Kit

Today, no learning program is successful without the help of a modern Learning Management System. To reach your globally distributed, on-the-go learners, you need advanced mobile, social and reporting tools, along with an easy-to-use, and access, interface. Obviously, selecting the right LMS for your organization is a major undertaking, and many things can go wrong. That’s why we created the free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit, an all-inclusive guide to speed and optimize your Learning Management System selection success.

LMS Buyer’s Kit: How To Quickly Find The Best LMS For Your Organization
The LMS Buyer’s Kit by Expertus is the ultimate guide to people that are looking to buy an LMS.

The eBook contains a vendor-neutral LMS RFP template by eLearning expert Craig Weiss. It also provides Craig's LMS rankings for the top 50 Learning Management Systems and 34 product reviews. Another part of the LMS Buyer’s Kit focuses on the selection and implementation of a new LMS, how to properly analyze your company’s needs and the evaluation of an LMS’ interface.

Building a business case for an LMS is essential if you want your executives to sign off on the purchase, and the LMS Buyer’s Kit provides insights into that as well. Additionally, the free eBook by Expertus educates on the LMS selection criteria you should avoid to optimize your results. LMS Buyer’s Kit showcases what a modern Learning Management System, such as ExpertusONE, can do. Real world LMS case studies present how large, global companies utilized ExpertusONE to solve their most pressing learning challenges. Last but not least, the LMS Buyer’s Kit highlights important differences between Enterprise-Class and Basic LMSs, as well as surefire LMS implementation tips.

Here are 11 article excerpts from Expertus’ free eBook LMS Buyer’s Kit:

1. Top 11 Questions To Help You Analyze Your Company’s LMS Selection Needs

Knowing what your company’s LMS needs are is the first step towards selecting the right LMS. The second step is to analyze your company’s LMS selection needs. This is achieved through determining how many employees, partners and customers will be using your LMS. You also need to determine what your budget is and what you anticipate your current and future learning needs to be. Read this article to for help in defining your company’s LMS selection needs.

2. Top 8 Criteria To Help You Select An LMS Software Provider

When it comes to LMS software providers, there are more than enough options in the learning industry. This is why you need a basic set of criteria to help you quickly narrow down your list of potential LMS software providers. This article will help you define your Learning Management System options. It will also help you evaluate top LMS software providers’ reputations as well as customer service standings. All that will aid you in selecting the ideal LMS vendor for your company’s needs.

3. 4 Things To Consider About Your LMS Tools Customization

This article from the LMS Buyer’s Kit addresses the need for companies and their extended learning enterprise to use an LMS that is completely customized to their respective needs. The LMS home page is an important part of the LMS that can be customized for marketing purposes. Additionally, it can be used to highlight vital information you don’t want your learners to miss out on. The LMS experience should be also evaluated from an LMS admin’s perspective. How will it make their jobs faster, easier and less frustrating? These are prominent aspects of LMS tools customization you need to consider.

4. 4 Convincing Arguments To Achieve LMS Implementation Funding

Chances are, your executives will not inherently realize the value a modern LMS brings to the table. They need concrete evidence, hard numbers and an actual business case to understand its real ROI. Read this article to learn formulas, steps and best practices for demonstrating how a new LMS will help meet their business goals.

5. 4 Deadly LMS Selection Traps You Must Be Aware Of

Knowing what to avoid when looking for a Learning Management System is essential. There are certain pitfalls you need to be aware of, and the LMS Buyer’s Kit is here to educate on that. A plethora of features does not guarantee an LMS is ideal for your organization. Also, you should not overlook the value of selecting a modern LMS architecture, especially if you’re ready to expand your mobile learning activities and experience.

6. How Siemens Used The ExpertusONE LMS To Achieve Standardized Training Excellence

The LMS Buyer’s Kit showcases a case study on how Siemens BT, an iconic company in corporate training, created an innovative standardized training program using the ExpertusONE LMS platform. Learn why their groundbreaking program won a Brandon Hall Excellence Award. Get insights into how you, too, can use a modern LMS to better evaluate employee skills, development and productivity, and improve customer retention.

7. How Interactive Intelligence Inc. Used The ExpertusONE LMS To Achieve Partner Training Excellence

Today’s corporate training is not only about employees, but it also encompasses the company’s extended enterprise, including partners. They represent a key part of the company’s revenue and success. So, providing them with optimal training access, functionality and resources is essential to increasing their productivity. Read this article to learn how Interactive Intelligence Inc. used the ExpertusONE LMS to deliver an exceptional partner training program after the launch of their new cloud-based product PureCloud.

8. How Empathos Used The ExpertusONE LMS To Achieve Video eLearning Excellence

Clinicians dealing with suicidal patients need highly affective training in order to provide their patients with proper suicide prevention treatment. Empathos realized that the most appropriate format for their training was video. And the ExpertusONE LMS enabled Empathos to deliver an award-winning video eLearning program that: appealed to the viewer’s emotion, learning engagement and training application. Read this article to see how you can use a modern LMS to launch a successful video eLearning program.

9. Enterprise-Class vs Basic LMS: 4 Questions To Guide You Towards The Best Option

Do you know the difference between an Enterprise-Class and a Basic LMS? More importantly, do you know which one is ideal for your organization’s needs? The LMS Buyer’s Kit enables companies to define their needs and choose the LMS that suits them best through a series of four questions. It explains how you need to look at the present and future growth of your company so you avoid costly feature add-on fees and crippling platform scalability issues.

10. 10 Tips To Find The Right Extended Enterprise LMS For Your Organization

Even after you’ve concluded that an Extended Enterprise LMS is the only way to go, your options are far too many. This article helps you narrow them down to the most viable Extended Enterprise LMS platforms for your organization. Considering factors such as your learning budget, learning objectives and the features you want your Extended Enterprise LMS to have is what will set you on the fast-track of finding the right learning solution for your company’s needs.

11. 4 Surefire Tips For A Successful LMS Implementation

Finding the right LMS does not necessarily guarantee enterprise learning success. More often than not, it’s in the LMS implementation process that many mistakes are made. This article highlights tips and techniques that will help you ensure a successful LMS implementation, such as how to identify key learning needs and audiences, find a strong program sponsor and create a training blueprint.

An eBook with such a holistic and extensive coverage of LMS-related issues is rare to find. The free LMS Buyer’s Kit offers top-notch advice to companies of various industries and learning needs. In addition, it highlights critical things to avoid during the LMS selection process. Download the free LMS Buyer’s Kit and get all the know-how you need to make an informed decision regarding your LMS selection.