LMS Success Kit: Become An LMS Superhero

LMS Success Kit: Become An LMS Superhero (Free Toolkit)
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Summary: Distilling our 13+ years of industry experience and LMS know-how, we bring to you a culled and curated collection of our finest LMS resources packed with practical and easy-to-implement tips, best practices, and guidelines to help you make your LMS initiative a success.

How To Become An LMS Superhero With LMS Success Kit

Superheroes are larger than life. They are strong, powerful, genius, kind-hearted, brave all rolled into one. They remind us of our strengths and inspire us to be all that we can be. Above this all, they make things happen. And how!

Presenting LMS Success Kit, a culled and curated collection of UpsideLMS' finest LMS resources to help you make your LMS initiative a success. Whether you are implementing an LMS for the first time or switching to another one, this kit is for you. Some tips here, some best practices there, some use cases and, of course, a commitment from your side to make it happen - that's all it takes. A cape or a wand - you won't need either.

LMS Success Kit: Key Topics

10 Effective LMS RFP Guidelines

An RFP is often the first step of your LMS selection process and it lays down the framework of your entire training program. So it's crucial that you provide a precise and accurate description of your/ your organisation's learning/ training needs. The more explicit you can be, the more assistance the LMS vendor(s) can offer and the more effective the final selection will be when meeting the needs of the your business.

So before you put your pen to paper, we share 10 guidelines to draft an effective LMS RFP.

LMS Buying Tips

The large number of LMS vendors in the market today, multiple considerations in the selection process etc. makes the LMS buying process challenging. To assist you in this complex process and make it simpler, we share an infographic providing a visual checklist to helps you analyse the need, understand the system requirements, and also select an LMS vendor that's right for your needs.

LMS Switching Guide

The pace of change of technology, evolving user behaviors, new learning trends, amongst other things have made it important than ever for Learning Management Systems to grow continuously so as to keep in sync with the changing landscape. However, not all LMSes are made the same. And you may be stuck with a system that does not tie in with your current requirement or future-proof your L&D initiatives. If your answer to this is a 'yes', it's time to move on and switch over to a new LMS.

Leveraging our years of experience in helping organizations transition from an old LMS to a new one, our eBook LMS Switching Guide makes the long, tedious process of LMS switching smooth and effective.

LMS Pricing 101

When it comes to an LMS purchase, understanding the different pricing models prevalent in the market today is the key to a successful LMS initiative. We help you start out on the right foot as we explain each pricing model in a simple and easy to understand way.

A Step-By-Step Guide To LMS Success

No matter which stage of the LMS selection, implementation or usage process you may be in, getting your LMS vendor's help to accomplish each step in the process is mission critical for the success of your LMS initiative. As a leading provider of the Best Value, SaaS Learning Management System, UpsideLMS, the art of driving high customer satisfaction through solid solutioning, handholding, and after-sales support process is ingrained in every member of our team. Our Client Relationship Managers leverage this very knowledge combined with their 16+ years of experience to help you get the most out of your LMS vendor and make the LMS a grand success.

Marketing Strategy For A Successful LMS Roll-Out

While formulating an internal marketing strategy for your LMS launch/ roll-out can seemingly take up a considerable amount of planning, thinking and brainstorming, it need not be so. We share pointers on who to target, what to communicate, and how to communicate through a multi-phase framework that will help you take the 'audience' from a state of ignorance, through interest (components of awareness), into engagement (motivation), and finally into a state of satisfaction or reward.

Besides, the rewards of your internal marketing for the LMS can be massive, even life-changing. So, pull out all the stops and make this one count!

LMS Case Studies

While it's always good to be up to speed on the best practices and tips, sometimes 'real's the deal'. Below are 3 case studies of our clients from different industries and verticals that showcase the real-world applications of the LMS.