Making eLearning Accessible [eBook Release]

Making eLearning Accessible [eBook Release]
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Summary: How can L&D pros strike a balance between accessible knowledge and learner engagement? Discover tips for making eLearning accessible to all.

How To Create Engaging And Accessible eLearning Experiences

Everyone should have equal eLearning opportunities, regardless of their experience, background, or special training needs. They must all have the chance to bridge gaps, achieve personal goals, and assess their skills along the way. This eBook shows you how to create accessible eLearning experiences that are memorable and engaging for every member of your team.

eBook Release: Making eLearning Accessible
eBook Release
Making eLearning Accessible
Discover how to make eLearning accessible with WCAG checklists and strategies for any authoring tool.

Why eLearning Accessibility Isn't Just About Compliance

While section 508 compliance is a factor to consider, the primary aim of eLearning accessibility should be inclusivity. Online learners should have access to support resources, knowledge checks, and other training tools whenever the need arises. Otherwise, eLearning roadblocks that only grant that privilege to a select few might be erected, for example, by creating courses that exclude learners with visual impairments. In short, making eLearning accessible boosts engagement, retention, and comprehension because there aren't any tech hurdles standing in the way.

About This eBook

How do you launch an online training strategy that's suitable for every member of your audience? Here's a brief glimpse of what's inside this ultimate eLearning accessibility guide:

  • What is accessibility and why is it important?
  • What is WCAG and why is it important?
  • Best practices for creating accessible content: Lectora as an example
  • How do I make a course keyboard accessible?
  • How do users with visual impairments view visual elements within a course?
  • How and why do I need to structure headings and other text for accessibility?
  • What needs to be done to pre-recorded audio or video to make it accessible?
  • Is there anything less obvious that I should be aware of when making content accessible?


Download the eBook Making eLearning Accessible for actionable tips and insights to create truly accessible online training experiences for everyone. It covers everything from WCAG checklists and problem-solving to strategies that you can use for any authoring tool.