5 Ways To Provide The Best Manager Training Online

5 Ways To Provide The Best Manager Online Training

Managing employees in an organization isn’t an easy job. A manager in a corporate organization acts as a conduit between employees and senior management. They have to handle the expectations of both the employees as well as the higher-ups, lead employees to deliver results and monitor their performance closely. A lot has been said about training employees, but what about the importance of training managers? In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s important to train managers, how you can achieve that through corporate eLearning, and what benefits it offers an organization.

The importance of a good manager cannot be stressed enough. Good managers don’t just breathe down employees’ necks to work hard and deliver results; they stand with their employees in every challenge they face, encourage them to realize and achieve their true potential while instigating in them a commitment for the organization. A good manager can help employee retention immensely, just like a bad manager can lead to employees leaving the organization. And what differentiates a good manager from a bad one? Well, a lot of things, but mostly, skills and knowledge. Fortunately, these skills and knowledge can be developed in all managers through the proper and effective use of corporate eLearning.

Here are a few tips to train managers and transform them into management virtuosos using eLearning:

1. Help Them Realize Their Importance

Usually, managers are already quite loyal to the organization and are hard-working professionals always striving to accelerate their organization's growth. That’s why they were made managers, right? However, a little motivation and guidance will certainly help them do their jobs better. eLearning modules designed for managers should focus on educating them on the importance of their role, as well as improving their management skills through effective, educational and high-quality content.

2. Focus On Qualities Like Leadership And Empathy

There are certain qualities that are prerequisite in managers. The foremost of these are leadership and empathy. Leadership is important as it helps employees be more productive by building confidence. Employees are confident that they are in the right place if their manager is a strong leader who guides them towards productivity with ease. Empathy is important too because it helps the manager put himself/herself in the employees' shoes and then help them with their problems. Both these qualities can be inculcated in managers using soft skills eLearning modules with lots of real-life scenarios and educational content.

3. Mold Them To Be Coaches

As mentioned before, no one likes a manager whose only job is to make life hell for his subordinates. Using eLearning, mold your managers to be coaches to their subordinates. Give them training on skills like active listening and management coaching. Teach them to focus first on their team achieving collective goals, just like a coach of a sports team would do, rather than accomplishing their own goals, both personal or professional.

4. Teach Them To ‘Learn To Learn’

Confused? It’s actually very simple. How do you ‘teach’ someone skills like leadership, empathy and active listening? These are not skills, they are qualities. These, cannot be taught, you can only teach your managers to learn how to learn them, and that is through the cycle of practicing, reflecting, applying and repeating. For example, the opportunities to practice active listening will be immense, managers then need to reflect on what they’ve heard, and once they’ve reflected on what they’ve heard, they can put that to good use or ‘apply’ it. Then, they need to repeat this whole cycle until they get good at the activity, which is active listening in this case.

5. Managers Should Be Masters Of Tech

As they are on such a position of responsibility, managers should know the eLearning tools and the organization’s Learning Management System (LMS) like the back of their hands. It is only then that they can help their employees learn and develop while learning and developing themselves. The best part about eLearning is that it can be used to teach learners about their own components and tools.

Managers are like commanders in an organization's army. No army can claim victory unless and until their commanders are well-trained and skilled. If your organization doesn't use eLearning to train your managers, begin now.

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