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Zsolt Olah is a creative learning consultant at Kineo with over 15 years of L&D experience. Zsolt is a frequent speaker at learning conferences on the subject of engagement and game thinking for L&D. He is also the author of the book, Engage the WORL&D!, exploring six essential traits of instructional design.
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Are You Connecting The Dots?

Are You Connecting The Dots?

Somewhere in the WORL&D people are not connecting the dots! We need training! Dot awareness training! An imaginary conversation between an Instructional Designer and a stakeholder...
Game Thinking In Action: ATD ICE 2018

Game Thinking In Action: ATD ICE 2018

When a stakeholder comes to you with "we need training yesterday", it is often too late. You are considered an order taker, a learning blender. Using game thinking might be worth a try to move from "order taking" to problem-solving.