Adopting The Microlearning Approach For Corporate Training

Adopting The Microlearning Approach For Corporate Training
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Summary: The role of microlearning comes into place as an innovative way to deliver short pieces of information to enable employees to acquire new skills and succeed in the digital world. Interactive video nuggets, short infographics, mini-games, quizzes, and others are considered as the best choice.

Microlearning Approach For Corporate Training

In today’s corporate world, efficiency and flexibility are the priorities for organizations that want their workforce to perform better.

Delivering Bite-Sized Content For Personalized Training Delivery, Improved Workforce Efficiency, Better Knowledge Retention, And Learning Reinforcements

Here, microlearning appears like a fun, modern way to deliver the information needed so as to help employees to acquire new skills while making learning complete fun at the same time. Unlike traditional instructor-led approach, the new-age workforce is tech-savvy and want to access the right type of courses at the right point of time.

The new-age learners seek information at their fingertips, while in office, at home, or on the go. Microlearning connects educators with the learners by providing information in small pieces. It has become crucial for organizations to deliver microlearning solutions to develop a more productive workforce. It is essential to look for a knowledge-based solution that facilitates microlearning, enabling learners to access information just-in-time, that is, whenever and wherever they want to.

As Millennials form a majority of corporate employee strength, it is crucial for organizations to fulfill their ever-evolving training needs. So, microlearning approach helps to provide training at the point of need, on any mobile device, and in various interactive formats. It serves as a perfect tool to optimize knowledge retention, by enabling learners to consume short chunks of information in a minimal amount of time. To maximize overall workforce engagement, drive skill honing opportunities, and boost organizational performance, microlearning serves as a viable solution.

Practices To Adopt For Business Growth

Before creating micro-content, you must adopt the following practices which lead to improved workforce engagement and business growth. These include:

Concentrate on one training objective per bite-sized learning module to provide a unique experience for all by:

  • Focusing on custom training needs of globally dispersed learners.
  • Learning about a specific topic and reducing any complexity in the delivery process.

Include the right kind of modalities with training content that align with learners’ personalized needs and preferences. For instance, online courses include gaming elements such as rewards and badges to deliver a fun-filled experience for all. Other modalities incorporated with training content include:

  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Quizzes and mini-games
  • Blogs
  • Animations and slideshows 

Create the micro-content which is accessible on multiple mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. The delivery of chunked information helps learners to access information anytime and anywhere, thereby enhancing the overall just-in-time learning experience.

Repurpose existing training content into small chunks which are quick to digest and easy to remember. Various tools are used to export old content and reuse it further to give a fresh look, thereby resulting in reinforcing the overall learning experience.

Transforming Digital Landscape Through Microlearning

Microlearning is not merely delivering short lessons at the point of need. It also involves other significant aspects that lead to improved workforce engagement and workplace growth. Today, organizational managers and trainers are adopting microlearning solutions to optimize their training goals to:

  • Boost learner engagement by delivering training courses as short and compact 5-10 minutes videos. As a result, overall time committed to access an online course is reduced, making it more accessible and digestible for the new-age learners.
  • Deliver personalized training courses across multiple mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as per the bespoke needs of modern learners. Microlearning aids the new-age workforce to continuously hone their skills and improve competency in a relatively shorter span.
  • Create metrics by closely monitoring how learners are adopting microlearning solutions. The analytics feature supported by modern eLearning platforms helps to easily track and assess individual performance during the entire training program.
  • Enable easier access to eLearning content by integrating microlearning solution with other systems such as Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Learning Management System (LMS), and others. As a result, it reduces overall training time, improves employee engagement, knowledge retention, and drives business productivity.

With increasing internet connectivity, everyone has access to every kind of information, be it an interactive video, scrolling through tweets or social media feeds, checking emails, and others. Modern learners have grown up with smartphones and tablets with the tendency to digest chunked content. This type of information consumption is making learners more focused on short duration training courses. When it is about improving learner participation, knowledge retention, and overall business productivity, microlearning is the answer. The technological advancement is breaking down geographical boundaries by providing instant access to bite-sized content nuggets at the moment of need. Undoubtedly, microlearning is shifting from merely a trend to an essential training approach for most of the organizations. It accommodates the lives of the corporate workforce by enabling them to access bite-sized content during a meeting, lunch, coffee break, from home, and even on the go.

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