What Your Training ROI Will Look Like After Implementing A Microlearning Approach

What Your Training ROI Will Look Like After Implementing A Microlearning Approach
Summary: If you are looking for an employee training method you can utilize to improve employee performance and maximize your training ROI, microlearning might be the strategy you are looking for. Using a microlearning approach will help you optimize your training content, increase training impact, and reduce costs.

How Can A Microlearning Strategy Improve Training Costs?

Today more traditional training methods do not always deliver the best results. The costs of instructors, travel expenses, and venue reservations add up quickly. These programs are also often expensive to maintain and update which can become a challenge in today's world. Technology changes the way we work, interact, and do business all the time. These training methods also do not address some of today's toughest training challenges such as engaging the remote workforce or training teams that are distributed in different locations. So, let's dive into implementing a microlearning approach.

Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners
Learn how to effectively deliver training content in short learning modules with microlearning.

What Does The Training ROI Of A Microlearning Program Look Like?

This is why leading organizations are shifting their focus to more modern training methods. Microlearning is quickly becoming one of the most popular training methods due to its ability to raise engagement and increase training ROI.

Utilizing a microlearning approach to deliver training to your employees provides many benefits, but one of the leading reasons it's so effective is that it is structured in a way that reduces training costs and is easy to optimize for maximum effectiveness.

To help you better understand what your training ROI will look like after implementing a microlearning approach, we have shared a few of the top ways this training method reduces training costs.

Eliminated Travel And Venue Costs

Microlearning programs are more common in online eLearning formats. This eliminates the need for travel which can become quite expensive if you have a large number of employees in different locations who need to participate in training. With microlearning, there is also no need to reserve a venue, which can also be a costly expense. The online learning format not only reduces training costs but makes it easy for all of your employees to participate in training no matter their location or time zone.

Faster Employee Development

Microlearning is typically delivered in a series of short, engaging, bite-sized courses. This format was built to engage modern learners who have busy schedules and short attention spans. Each module is focused on a single topic, which makes it memorable.

This design speeds up the employee development process by making Learning and Development more convenient. Microlearning allows for mobile learning and supports many different content types catering to employees with varying learning needs. It also speeds up the process by reducing the amount of training content that is needed for each subject.

Lowered Program Development Expenses Through A Microlearning Approach

Traditional training methods take a significant amount of time and effort to develop. This often makes them more expensive options. However, it takes less time and money to develop microlearning content than more traditional training methods because the format is short and simple. This has a huge impact on the cost of training and leads to a higher ROI. This also means you will be able to implement your training programs more quickly than with other methods that have longer formats.

Getting More For Less By Reusing And Repurposing Content

Another major way microlearning training programs can reduce costs is by giving Learning and Development professionals the ability to recycle and repurpose content. Due to their short, to-the-point format, it is easy to make quick alterations so they can be used for other similar purposes. Repurposing content will help you save even more time and money on content development.

Inexpensive Updates

Unfortunately, updating training content can quickly become a long expensive process. Thankfully, this is not the case with microlearning content. Microlearning platforms make it easy to make quick inexpensive changes to content as often as you need. This is an especially helpful benefit for companies in industries that are continuously changing.

Having the ability to make small changes quickly is also helpful when you are creating training content for diverse audiences who may speak different languages or have subtle differences in learning needs.

High Impact Of Training With A Microlearning Approach

The impact of training is one of the key components that have the largest impact on your training ROI. Microlearning experiences have several benefits that altogether improve the quality and impact of learning including the following.

  • Knowledge retention
    Providing content in short bursts makes content and learning activities easier to remember than most other formats. Most employees can only stay focused and engaged in learning for short periods of time. Microlearning uses this to your advantage.
  • Increased engagement
    Low levels of employee engagement is a common challenge L&D professionals face. The microlearning approach uses a range of multimedia content that can be accessed on mobile devices which helps boost engagement.
  • Higher participation
    Employees are more likely to participate in training that fits into their schedules. This format makes learning more convenient which boosts participation rates.
  • Increased completion rates
    A microlearning approach in programs usually delivers high completion rates. This is also due to the short flexible format that makes learning more convenient.

Summary: Why Implement A Microlearning Approach?

Simply providing employee training is no longer enough. In many cases, traditional training methods no longer deliver the best results [1]. You need a modern approach that will reduce costs, engage learners, and overcome today's common training challenges. You need a strategy that will maximize the impact of your training and improve employee performance to get the most out of your training spend. Microlearning is a training strategy that will significantly improve your training ROI.

This strategy was created to address the needs of today's learners and help you save money. Utilizing a microlearning approach to training will improve your ROI in the following ways:

  • Faster employee development
  • Lower program development costs
  • Getting more for less
  • Inexpensive updates
  • High-impact training

Implementing microlearning strategies is one of the best ways you can get the most out of your training spend and improve employee performance. To learn more about how you can benefit from implementing a modern approach to training, read the eBook Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners.

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