Microlearning Strategies For Corporate Learners

by Infopro Learning

Investing in training development helps organizations gain a competitive edge. Microlearning is a training strategy that delivers training content in short learning modules—proven to be effective at overcoming various training challenges.

Key Chapters

  1. Benefits And Applications Of Microlearning For L&D Managers

    If you are looking for an eLearning training strategy that will help you engage learners and get the most out of your training budget, you may want to consider microlearning.

  2. What Makes Scenario-Based Microlearning Content Cutting-Edge?

    Microlearning and scenario-based learning are not new to the world of L&D. However, combining these two techniques has created a new strategy that engages employees from all generations and locations.

  3. How To Include Microlearning In Your Employee Performance Improvement Plans

    Microlearning has quickly become one of the more popular L&D approaches for training and development. It engages learners and increases knowledge retention, which both significantly impact employee performance.

  4. 4 Microlearning Strategies For L&D Leaders To Drive Strategic Innovation

    L&D teams must develop employee training programs to unlock the innovative potential and qualities in their employees. One of the newer and more popular approaches to employee training that has recently taken off is microlearning.

  5. Leveraging Microcontent For Customer Satisfaction

    There are many new strategies and methods companies can use to create modern training programs that will help them improve their employees' customer service skills. One of the more popular training approaches that works well for customer service training is microlearning.

  6. 8 Biggest Microlearning Mistakes L&D Managers Make And How To Avoid Them

    Proper development and implementation are essential components of effective training. To help you better understand how you can get the most out of microlearning we have shared the most common mistakes L&D managers make when using this approach and how you can avoid them.

  7. Measuring The Impact Of Microlearning: 5 Employee Performance Metrics That Never Lie

    All employee training programs should be evaluated to ensure that they are not only effective but are providing the maximum benefit to your employees and organization. Find out how you can determine the true value of your program.

  8. What Training ROI Looks Like After Implementing A Microlearning Approach

    Utilizing a microlearning approach to deliver training to your employees provides many benefits, but one of the leading reasons it's so effective is that it is structured in a way that reduces training costs and is easy to optimize for maximum effectiveness.

  9. 6 Reasons To Outsource Microlearning Content Development

    To help you better understand the benefits of outsourcing your microlearning needs we put together the top reasons you should consider outsourcing.

Microlearning strategy has been proven to be effective at overcoming common challenges such as training remote workforce, time constraints, short attention spans and limited budgets.

Microlearning has become a key tool for creating engaging pieces of online training for your employees. With remote working at bay, L&D managers have acknowledged microlearning as the best solution for overcoming online training challenges, while maintaining high-quality training. Wondering how? Discover more in this amazing eBook!

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