7 Microlearning Online Training Activities Missing From Your Sales Channel Training

7 Microlearning Online Training Activities Missing From Your Sales Channel Training
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Summary: Your brand has branched out into new markets. Remote employees, vendors, and dealers are now part of the extended team. It’s time to expand your JIT library to give your sales channels all the support they need.

Microlearning Online Training Activities That You Can Use In Sales Channel Training

Agents, reps, franchisees, and direct marketers are extensions of your brand. Every interaction with clients or customers reflects on your company image. If you want them to put your best foot forward, bite-sized support is worth every penny. Think of your microlearning online training library as a work in progress. Sales channel training continually evolves, thanks to new techniques, products, and protocols. Are these JIT activities missing from your moment of need repository?

7 Activities That Might Be Absent From Your Training Program

1. Podcast Pep Talks

Everyone needs a few words of encouragement from time to time. A podcast pep talk gives sales channels quick tips they can use on the job. It’s convenient because they don’t need to sit at a screen to broaden their knowledge. They’re able to listen to the 5-minute podcast for an extra dose of motivation in between meetings or during the commute. You can even ask top salespeople to host their own episode to inspire fellow partners. Or industry experts who have a few words of wisdom to offer.

2. 360 Product Demos

Don’t just show them a pic of the product and recap the benefits. Use 360-degree product demo videos to let sales partners examine the item up-close and see the features in action. Employees learn how to maintain it, use it in the real world, and what to do when things go wrong. For example, how to quickly adjust the settings or replace a component to troubleshoot common issues. Bonus points if you turn it into a VR demo that showcases the product from every angle.

3. Customer Challenge Simulations

Sales channels usually don’t have an on-site manager to fall back on. If they encounter a difficult customer, they need to handle the problem on their own. Customer challenge microlearning simulations give them a head start. They know how to appease that angry client or overcome their reluctance during a sale because they’ve done it all before. Granted, it was in a simulated environment. But that doesn’t lessen the experience or the insights they gained from it. Be sure to include a broad range of personas they might encounter on the job, within reason. Over-the-top characters are entertaining and good for a laugh, but they diminish the realism of your microlearning online training resource.

4. Pitch-Perfect Serious Games

A sales pitch is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age. Sales channel training gives vendors, franchisees, and remote reps the chance to perfect their technique. Especially if it’s a serious game that’s packed with unique personalities and sales roadblocks. Frame each game around a product or customer need. Then ask employees to choose a pitch based on the circumstances. They must complete every step in the process. From finding the right product to sealing the deal. You can even throw in a few compliance issues to mix things up and test their know-how. For instance, the client offers them a bribe or asks for a discount that violates company policy.

5. Cold-Calling Scenarios

Not every lead is piping hot. Sales channels may have to cold call prospects to expand your reach and hit their targets. Develop microlearning online training scenarios that let them experience the sting of rejection. Or make a sale when they venture down the right decision path. Every choice identifies areas for improvement or strengths. Since it’s a bite-sized sales channel training support tool, limit the scenario to 5 decision points to keep it brief. They gradually build their cold-call skills and discover new ways to approach reluctant prospects.

6. Product Perks Checklists

Highlight all the perks your product or service has to offer to give sales channels a quick refresher. For best results, create separate lists for each demographic. For example, customers in their mid-40s who are working professionals will enjoy the following benefits. Online learners can custom tailor their pitches based on the group/profile’s needs, expectations, and buying behaviors. You can use the same approach for product features or specs. Take things up a notch by transforming your interactive checklist into a matching serious game. Sales employees must match the product to its perks, then determine which item is right for the customer persona. Give them some brief background info to go on. Such as the consumer’s pain points, budget, and past purchases.

7. Policy Infographics

Break company policies into categories and create a 5-point infographic that covers the rules, protocols, and procedures. For example, each section of the graphic features a clothing item in the uniform. There are pictures to show the right/wrong attire and a brief description of why they must adhere to the dress code. It’s a great way to not only refresh their memory but quickly update them on new policies. Include supplemental links to expand on the topic. For instance, pop quizzes that test their understanding of the code and spot knowledge gaps. Or demo videos featuring violations, so they know what to avoid.


Sales channels are usually scattered far and wide. Their base of operations may even be whatever plane they’re on or hotel rooms. Which can make them feel disconnected from not only the team but your brand. Microlearning online training gives them support when they need it the most. They know that your company values their talent and will go that extra mile to see them succeed. However, the library must cater to different preferences, job responsibilities, and roles. Add these sales channel training activities to personalize the experience and honor the diversity of your extended team.

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