Selecting The Best Mobile LMS: Learning Anytime, Anywhere, And Even On The Go

Learning Management Systems As Mobile Apps
Summary: Many Millennials prefer learning at their own pace and convenience. They do not want to sit within a confined classroom setting. They want to just hold their smartphone or tablet and start their training. Learning Management Systems as mobile apps deliver the right type of content to the right learner on the device they already own.

Learning Management Systems As Mobile Apps

The best mobile LMSs facilitate learning, content management, tracking, and more on mobile devices without the need to access the internet all the time. Today, mobile or mLearning is continuously evolving in every industry (i.e. automobile, healthcare, aviation, and retail, etc.). Salesforce, especially in the retail sector, leverages the best use of personalized mobile devices to undergo training on product catalog, sales enablement, soft skills, and more.

Why Choose A Mobile Learning Management System?

Just-In-Time learning enables the globally dispersed workforce to access training courses anytime, anywhere, and on any mobile device. Ambient Insights research group conducted global research on the mobile learning market and concluded that mobile learning revenues would triple in 32 countries worldwide by 2019. Using an LMS application for a mobile device, employees can download the mobile learning app on their smartphone or tablet and undergo training at the point-of-need. The best mobile LMSs implemented worldwide support incredible features to ensure a great learning experience.

Mobile LMS Features

  • You can create interactive online learning courses using authoring tools and publish the content as HTML5, accessible on both smartphones and tablets. Also, authoring tools convert PowerPoint or Word files into HTML5 format to ensure mobile content delivery.
  • The mLearning approach is evolving as smartwatches and wearables are becoming more pervasive in today’s learning environment. For instance, a mobile app enables users to download the learning app and online courses at the moment of need, even when offline.
  • Large enterprises have different remote locations and a large employee base. Regardless of diverse areas, organizations need to train their employees on compliance, sales, onboarding, and more. By uploading different courses on custom LMS mobile apps, managers quickly notify their employees about upcoming training programs. As a result, employees remain updated with the training calendar, whether they are at home, in a meeting, or on the go.
  • There are several LMS applications for QR code in mobile learning. For instance, sales professionals can scan the QR code on any product to showcase in-depth details of the product to the customer. Therefore, customers familiarize themselves thoroughly with the product's features and benefits, thereby enhancing overall levels of customer satisfaction, retention, and business growth.
  • The custom mobile apps offer personalized training experiences, thereby adding a great sense of motivation and interaction among the learners. The fact that courses are accessible at any point in time enables learners to stay connected with training, which results in fewer dropouts and more retention.
  • The availability of bite-sized content such as mini-games, short videos, infographics, podcasts, etc., motivates the workforce to learn more and perform better. Also, corporate managers can provide micro-assessments such as a quick quiz for mobile devices, thereby helping employees track their progress and overall skills competency.
  • Custom mobile apps also support the delivery of online quizzes and assessments. The robust mobile LMS keeps track of individual performance, content usage, and engagement level based on the course completion rate and overall assessment scores.
  • Managers and trainers can also upload audio or video-based content for the mobile device. Even the large audio/video files resize as per the screen size of the mobile device, without impacting the content quality.

With a growing number of organizations and their mobile workforce, the scope of using mobile-supported corporate Learning Management Systems is also evolving. The flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere makes mobile LMSs the next big "thing" in the training and development sector. According to the CGS 2017 Enterprise Learning Annual Report, 54% of the respondents are planning to enhance their investments in mobile learning in the year 2017 and beyond. Today, organizations want to train their employees in the least possible time, while driving optimal engagement, retention, and productivity. So, they choose amongst the best mobile LMSs used worldwide, to provide you with relevant knowledge and ensure a seamless learning experience on the device of your choice smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc.