Why Mobile Training And The Modern Learner Are The Perfect Pair

The Benefits Of Mobile Training To The Modern Learner

Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Salt and pepper. Sometimes in life, you can't have one without the other. In eLearning, the ideal pairing is mobile learning and the modern learner. But why does this match work so well? And how does it benefit L&D teams, organizations and the actual learner?

In this article, we'll look at the characteristics that make up the modern learner and explain why mobile training is the perfect way to reach and teach this group of workers.

Who Is The Modern Learner?

In the now iconic Meet the Modern Learner report [1], Bersin described the modern learner as "overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient" with a strong desire to learn. Since then, additional research has supported this finding and provided an even fuller picture of the modern learner.

The modern learner in the workforce today is most likely a Millennial. In fact, by 2025 this cohort will represent 75% of the global workforce. The rest will be made up of Generation Z—who share many of the characteristics of Millennials.

So, what does the modern learner look like? They're always connected, overwhelmed with information, with a short attention span. They value ongoing training, flexibility, and regular feedback.

Traditional classroom-based training will not benefit this group. And while online training delivered by an LMS on a desktop or laptop, comes close to meeting their needs, it won't be enough. The best delivery method for modern learning will be mobile.

The next question an L&D professional will be asking is: does my modern learner even have a smartphone? Statista [2] reports that by next year, there will be 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. And today, 77% of Americans already own a smartphone.

So, the chances are that your current workforce—your modern learners—have smartphones.

It's up to you to take advantage of that.

Why Is Mobile Training Ideal For The Modern Learner?

1. It's Flexible

Modern learners want to have options. In the same way that they want to be able to work from anywhere, they want to have access to learning at any time. Stuffing a modern learner in a formal training session at a predetermined time, will not produce any meaningful learning results.

Mobile learning, on the other hand, offers the flexibility they crave. Learners have access to training on the go, and they can stop and start whenever they choose.

2. It's Familiar

Have you met a Millennial who isn't using their phone regularly throughout the day? The modern learner is already using their phone for most activities. They're comfortable connecting with friends on mobile, tracking calories, water intake, finances, catching up on news and planning holidays. And according to Meet the Modern Learner [1], your employees are probably unlocking their smartphone 9 times every hour at work.

This comfort makes mobile the ideal platform to offer training that your modern learners will want to complete.

3. It's Accessible

Whether they're asking Siri or Google, the modern learner wants answers in a split second—especially at work. This thirst for knowledge is admirable. The only problem is that often, the information search engines return is inaccurate.

By making your training (and additional content) available on mobile not only endears your modern learner to your organization, but it also maximizes your employee training ROI. Because when it's easy to get to, your learners will use it.

4. It's Fun!

Judging by the number of people you see playing Candy Crush or a similar game on your morning commute, mobiles aren't just tools; they're fun tools!

Studies show that mobile training has better engagement and completion rates. Learners even finish courses 24% faster those training on desktops. Why? Because the very nature of mobile usually makes everything easier. And when learners aren't frustrated, they can begin to enjoy the learning experience.


Mobile training perfectly aligns with the needs and requirements of the modern learner. And it’s this pairing that can future-proof your training results. It’s a shame to put in all the effort of developing training for your employees, but not give them the option of engaging with training on their smartphones.

To make mobile training possible, enterprise-grade LMS eFront has just released a native mobile app for iOS. It joins the Android version for a better learning experience. Like the desktop application, eFront’s mobile apps come with all the features you need to segment training audiences, assess and evaluate your learners and deliver SCORN-supported content. Both mobile training apps also support offline study—for those moments when an internet connection drops.

Book your demo today, and find out how eFront can help you deliver training the way your modern learners want it delivered.


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