eBook Release: Modern Learning Business Case Workbook

eBook Release Modern Learning Business Case Workbook
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Summary: Making a business case is one of the most important aspects of your career; in the sense that, if you are not able to defend your L&D initiative, your training funding will run dry before you know it.

Speaking Up For Modern Learning In Your Organization

Making a business case for modern learning is a lot harder than it should be. L&D professionals always have to deal with a wave of objections. There always matters that demand funding in more aggressive ways, and there is this false notion that L&D can be postponed "until the time is right".

eBook Release: Modern Learning Business Case Workbook
eBook Release
Modern Learning Business Case Workbook
This workbook has useful resources to help you successfully achieve buy-in for investing in a modern learning strategy within your organization.

The time is right right now, and this guide is going to help you prove it. The Modern Learning Business Case Workbook will equip you with everything you need to make your case about modern learning and show your organization how and why if they don't invest in learning today, they will be actually losing money.

About The eBook Modern Learning Business Case Workbook

The important thing you need to keep in mind about this eBook is that it actually is a workbook. That means that throughout this guide, you will need to work on your own in order to actually present your own modern learning business case.


The first chapter of the eBook is an introduction to the concept of making a business case for modern learning. It highlights the importance of learning and presents data that demonstrates how vital it is.

The Challenge

The following chapter is an overview of the challenges modern learning is currently facing. The main pain all L&D professionals have to deal with is how to convince the executives in their organizations to properly accept the necessity of training.

Define Modern Learning

The next chapter attempts to define modern learning and break it down into its core components.

Understand Your Stakeholders

The following chapter of the eBook focuses on the stakeholders and their way of thinking. This chapter helps you categorize them in a way that makes sense. It also helps you identify the key stakeholders and come up with a plan to win their support. This is one of the important steps of making your L&D scheme succeed.

Build Your Case

Building a business case for your L&D scheme is the very essence of this guide. This chapter focuses on how you can build a case that is easy for everyone to understand.

Make Your Case

Making your case is a bit different than building it. This chapter will guide you in the final steps of planning and the first steps of your presentation. This is the seed of making a business case for modern learning within your organization.

The Do-Nothing Costs

The only alternative to doing training is not doing training. Some budget-minded voices might argue that this is cheaper, however, this couldn't be further from the truth. This chapter demonstrates that not doing corporate training is in fact much more expensive than actually doing it.

Corporate Learning Example

Next, a full example of corporate learning works. This is particularly useful if your organization has never done corporate learning before and you need a solid example to impress your audience.

Handling Objections

This chapter will present six techniques useful for handling objections. These techniques are a powerful tool, and with a little bit of tweaking, they can be used to defend any position your department holds on L&D issues.

Additional Resources

This chapter is filled with valuable resources. These resources are aimed at those who want to expand their knowledge and seek new ways to enrich their business case.

In Conclusion

The eBook Modern Learning Business Case Workbook is a must-have for all Learning and Development professionals out there that might need to defend their budget and their department. It will help you spread awareness about the importance of L&D and ensure the support of your organization's executives.