Benefits Of Deploying A Modern Learning Solution

Benefits Of Deploying A Modern Learning Solution
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Summary: How to use modern learning technology to alleviate business pain points and give learners a better experience.

The Advantages Of Deploying A Modern Learning Solution

As your organization attempts to grow and scale online learning, it can put a tremendous amount of stress on the technology, resources, and human capital—especially if you are using homegrown or outdated legacy technology. As a result, your Learning and Development teams can struggle to keep the technology up to speed with the ever-changing needs—and wants—of your industry and learners.

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Time passes quickly, challenges become more pronounced, and scalability seems impossible, forcing your business to settle or start researching other options. If this sounds like your organization's pain points, you are in the right place.

In order to address these pains, your organization should redirect time, resources, and energy away from homegrown or outdated legacy systems to more modern, flexible, and customizable SaaS online learning technology. Being able to customize page layouts, colors, headers, footers, menus, logos, and more in order to create a unique, branded learning experience for your learners is critical. With modern systems, this can be done using drag-and-drop functionality—without the need to add scripts or extra HTML.

Here are some reasons why moving to this kind of online learning technology can benefit your business:

1. Spend Smarter

Instead of paying employees—developers, designers, etc.—to maintain homegrown or outdated out-of-the-box technology, pay for a technology that allows anyone on your team to quickly design good looking pages and courses.

2. Reduce Headaches

An investment in SaaS online learning technology means fewer headaches for everyone, but especially your development team. By investing in a SaaS online learning technology, you are also investing a full-stacked dev team that is 100% focused on innovation, updates, and bug fixes. While the SaaS team works on new page widgets and design elements, you can sit back and relax.

3. Give Your Internal Team Back Their Time

Your internal team should be spending more time on their core functions and less time building out courses. Drag-and-drop functionality and easy-to-learn customization features will allow your administrators and educators to spend more time on, well, educating, than they do building out courses and futzing with a clunky platform.

Give Learners A Better Experience

Customizing the online learning experience goes further than adding company logos to web pages and corporate colors to headers. Fully brand and white label your learning experience with the appropriate fonts, header menus, footers, page animations, images, and more to make learners feel like they are interacting with the appropriate company.

For example, if you are a software company providing on-boarding training for new products and services to partners and resellers, you might license that learning to a handful of different organizations. Use your SaaS technology to brand each learning experience to match the corporate look of each organization. That way, learners feel like they are still interacting with their organization, not taking some foreign, third-party training. That connection is important to boost engagement and knowledge retention.

In order to ensure you get the most "bang for your buck," have conversations with your SaaS provider about their innovation roadmap and features you might need as you scale your business. By investing in a SaaS online learning technology, you are investing in more than just the customizable technology. You are investing in a skilled development team, robust support resources, and a culture of innovation.

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