Why You Need To Move Away From The LMS And Look For New Software For Corporate Learning

Why You Need To Move Away From The LMS And Look For New Software For Corporate Learning
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Summary: We know that the LMS has been dragging its feet these last few years. These systems were built as an administrative tool for housing learning not for facilitating it. It's time you looked at new SaaS software to create engaging and interactive learning for your changing workforce at a company-wide level.

Should You Prefer New Software For Corporate Learning Instead Of An LMS?

Learning Management systems are old school. Let’s be honest, it’s time for an uphaul of these old outdated systems. The industry, the term itself is outdated. So, if Learning Management Systems are out of the window, where do we go next?

The Learning Management Systems of yesteryear are holding you back from getting to grips with what is available to and what way your staff wants to be learning. The first Learning Management Systems were introduced in the early 1990’s, and the system and the way we have used it hasn’t changed much since then. We are now in 2018  and it’s time to look for new systems, new ways of offering corporate training and inductions.

You Want A System That Works Globally And Can Be Accessed Anywhere

Many of the previous learning models required access on the local network of the office and internal servers. This often meant the system could be quite slow and sluggish and there was a delay or issue in staff having access to a system from anywhere and any computer. In recent years there have been some great companies which have broken the LMS mold through a SaaS application (Software as a service) that makes the learning and training engaging. You want to be looking at these new SaaS companies as they will enable you to host your educational training with them through the internet. Encourage your staff to access training on the go with these sites that can be accessed through a website or on an app on their mobile on the go. The workforce is changing, and SaaS systems have seen this. They have built platforms that facilitate learning through a user-friendly interface that is built around their learning experience. It is estimated by 2020 Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce. If you don’t provide work computers to your staff, then this is another great reason to choose a new SaaS company.

Make Sure The Platform Offers Live Classes

Live classes are crucial to learning, regardless of whether you are an independent educator building up relationships and connecting with learners, or if you are a large corporate company with over 5,000 staff members to change. Live classes are what learning/training systems need to have these days. Live classes are not only a way to make your content engaging but they also help you build up a close relationship with your employees. This is because the training feels more personal. If you are hosting live classes rather than just live webinars then, they can interact with you, ask questions, respond to discussions and share their thoughts. Think how great this would be for creating an interesting discussion around an area of your training that often poses many questions since participating live enables you to answer all those questions in full. If you have specific courses in your business that are very much role specific, then you can have one on one live classes. For example, enabling someone from your American office to coach and train someone from your UK office.

Incorporate Gamification Into Your Training 

Gamification is a fantastic way to engage learners further. Make them feel like they are making progress. Rewarding staff with badges after completing certain modules is a great way to measure progress in your staff and for them to measure their own progress. Badges help bring learning and training modules into the 21st century with this great interactive learning formats from SaaS companies. If you want to create a proactive learning environment where staff has optional lessons they can take, to learn more and progress their own career. The badges could be great for you. This is because badges will allow you to differentiate between staff members who have been proactive in their own training and learning, allowing you to reward them and the badges to be a sign of their effort. A little competition is a healthy way to motivate a workforce and provide incentives for personal development.

So if you’re reading this and thinking "wow, I really need to get my hands on one of these SaaS systems", then have a look at this EdTech article here.