A New Way to Enable Today’s Experts and Learners

How Do You Think Today’s Learning Systems Can Be Improved?

Today, much of that knowledge and experience to guide the learner is owned by our experts.  Just think about it – they’re the best at their jobs as defined by our business goals, customers, and colleagues.  Also, they’re not managers or executives, but instead labeled as leaders because people follow them in their practice. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could enable these experts to tell their story, relate their experience, document their methods, and depict their success?  After all, best results consist of multi-media assets - sometimes our experts merely need to tell their story; other times they need to record and show their methods.Ideally, experts could utilize the latest technology to document their expertise and deploy it for learners to access when, where, and how needed to acquire this knowledge and conduct their business.  This solution would allow the expert to create a variety of content rapidly without first being an instructional designer or programmer:

  • Flat documentation
  • Step by step instructions
  • Interactive simulations
  • Dynamic, contextual elearning

The solution would also leverage the pervasiveness of the web, in a public or private cloud, to facilitate:

  • Collaboration among SMEs, learning experts, business stakeholder, and learners
  • Discussions, annotations, and subscriptions
  • Translation and localization to many languages
  • Delivery of information that’s aware of the learner’s role, context, language, location, and interface
  • Embedding learning and performance support directly into a learner’s application and interface whether at the desktop or mobile device
  • Workflow review and approval before publication

Luckily, an application exists that provides the value and functionality noted above - ANCILE uPerform offered to the market by ANCILE Solutions. With uPerform, the true value is in facilitating expert generated content versus user generated.  This solution enables learning by enabling all involved in the process of acquiring knowledge and supporting performance. Of course, overall value is diminished if we do not employ one of the most important concepts in the learning industry today – leverage.  As with any initiative focused on learning, the success of an organization hinges upon organizational readiness and compliance to the process.  There is no magic, just innovation.As we make further advancements in elearning, there’s no reason to restrict our investments and not take advantage of them in instructor facilitated events whether synchronous or asynchronous. After all, ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ if all of this content were available for learners to exploit whenever and wherever they needed it?

Do you view business experts as a great source for creating elearning content? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

To learn more about ANCILE’s uPerform, please visit www.ancile.com.

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