The Number One Reason You Should Implement Virtual Training Labs

Cloudshare - The Number One Reason You Should Implement VIRTUAL TRAINING LABS
Summary: There is more than one reason to combine Virtual Training Labs with an existing LMS in your company. Actually, there are numerous reasons. An integration of two separate information storehouses offers an enormous amount of benefits. Besides not wasting any portion of the existing LMS the yield of increasing its current functionality is enormous. On a chronological and financial scale.

The Number One Reason You Should Implement Virtual Training Labs

Nowadays, we are living in an online world where we organize our lives to make day to day processes more efficient. In order not to waste time and spend it accordingly. From doing our own research on any desired topic to paying bills to booking a bed & breakfast halfway across the world. The internet has empowered us in ways we could have only imagined. And yet there is a plethora of activities and learning mechanisms of which we haven't fully grasped its true potential.

eBook Release: How To Boost Software Training With LMS & Virtual Training Labs
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How To Boost Software Training With LMS & Virtual Training Labs
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Applying Technological Efficiency To An LMS

Depending on where you are from, implementation of technology in the classroom has made huge advancements — utilizing interactive learning environments from a very young age. Not only improving the learning methodologies but also enabling everyone, regardless of location or demographic to be able to learn. There is a huge versatility which is highlighted when Virtual Labs are integrated with LMSs. When a learner can learn at his convenience, on a device which suits them best, there is neither a resource or time limitation. Besides the absence of a possible constraining timeframe, there are fantastic reporting features which can help finetune the gathering of valuable data. Data which next time around can help improve the training and empower the future participants. Learning sessions are no longer limited to single sessions. Sessions can be revisited as often as the learner requires and the training itself allows. Overall, learning experiences are improved, and metrics are recovered.

The New Era Of Digitization And The Burden On Its Users

A downside from being consumed by our online lives is that we are consumed by it. We are constricted in the amount of time we have and the amount of time can bring ourselves to concentrate on a single task. Which means there are some times we feel hyperfocused and other times where we as learners have 3-second attention spans. Let alone if the learning session has an overabundance of data comprised into one session. For these reasons and for the sake of not feeling overwhelmed by data, virtual training labs are the perfect opportunity to learn at your own pace.

Being able to track progress is probably one of the best features of a Virtual Training Lab. Feedback on-the-go enables a dynamic process where content and the layout of the training is constantly readjusted. Such a great combo, allowing the people to learn on their own terms, stimulating the actual knowledge retention to the fullest extent whilst using the data analysis feature which a cloud-based training environment offers. Methodologies can be tested and proven in a virtual training lab.

Switching To A System That Works

With an understanding of how much information people retain when they are actively 'doing,' instead of just reading about it, this should make any learning provider feel inclined to implement a virtual training lab. Why waste time and money when you can save time and money? This may seem like I am stating the obvious but there are multiple reasons to contemplate such an operation.

With real-world use cases of software or applications, virtual labs optimize the status quo. Aligning with and improving the company's IT infrastructure. It can be impractical, near impossible or very expensive to gather all relevant learners into a single space for their specific training. The benefit of a cloud-hosted virtual training lab integrated with an LMS framework can be manifold:

  • Lecturers can teach an infinite number of students no matter where they are located, with the capacity to see what each learner is working on, and take control of their tool when required.
  • Without having to change or burden the operating team, you can achieve an increase in results, knowledge retention and participation.
  • Reduced time spent on logistical organization related to training lab environments.
  • A huge visible increase of who has been participating in their training offerings, where and when students are active, and which content is the most successful.
  • The ability to focus more time and energy on improving content rather than on dealing with how to deliver it.

Making Perfect Choices When It Comes To a Software Integration

The several ways you could possibly implement such an integration are endless. For clarity's sake, for example, let's say you run a fully remote company, you can use these cloud-based training environments to train developers, copywriters and marketing teams, no matter where they are in the world - always checking whether the real-world expectations match those of virtual environments. An integrated solution where you combine two independent hubs of information technology enables you to put the focus where you want it to be. Which could be on creating high-quality content. You should be enabled to deliver top-notch content if you care to do so. And make every part of the logistical setup as easy going as possible in the process. Download our eBook How To Boost Software Training With LMS & Virtual Training Labs to discover how you can create a successful virtual environment for your business, integrated with an LMS, including lots of valuable tips and tricks