3 Reasons Why Your Offline Business Needs To Be Online

3 Reasons Why Your Offline Business Needs To Be Online
Summary: As technology advances, small-business owners are missing out on a wide range of online opportunities that help gain success. I wanted to bring up 3 key reasons why a business should get online.

Why Your Offline Business Needs To Be Online

The time we live in has been called the golden era of technology for a multitude of different reasons. These technological advancements have inspired inventors to create just about anything accompanied by the prefix, smart. Smartphones, smartwatches, there are even talks of smart-insoles that can be inserted into your shoes to heat up your feet. Oh! What a time to be alive!

With this in mind, the world of small business should be indulging itself in the opportunities being granted from the digital world; however, this is not the case with most small businesses. Why? Well, most business owners may not directly see the crossroads between startups and the internet's opportunity mine, so I wanted to bring this to the table. Here are 3 reasons why your offline business needs to be online.

Making money online isn't easy, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It takes patience, research, practice, and lots of mental stamina to earn a living online. Earning a few bucks to a buy a beer might be easy, but if you are looking for something more substantial like a monthly income, then get ready to work.

1. Social Media

Social media is huge in today's world and is quickly growing to be one of the largest assets in the online success of a small business, and it is free! Twitter chats serve as a direct form of interaction between businesses and their community, and this is just one of the many ways social media will assist in building trustworthy and long-lasting relationships between both parties.

In addition to community engagement, social media will act as a hub for quick customer service which is massively important in modern customers' eyes! Most importantly, social media is giving small businesses an enormous leg-up in the competitive pool against big-name brands; a feat that may have not been possible 10 years ago.

Disclaimer: Nobody likes spam! Social media can hurt your business just as much as it can help if you are utilizing it incorrectly. Do your research, be personable, and remember to have fun with your community!

2. Mobile Devices

As technology grows, so does the world's dependency on smartphones and mobile technology. This is fantastic! However, many small business owners are missing the opportunity to hop aboard the mobile train. There are two quick tactics your business can employ to kickstart a great mobile campaign.

First off, optimize your website with a responsive design that caters to mobile technology, as this is now a ranking factor in Google's eyes. Second, create an app for your customers to view and manage your products and services from their phone. Studies have shown that 39% of shoppers are using apps to help them grocery shop – now imagine what this number would be for what you are selling.

3. It Is Easy

With the internet being a massive hub of information, the most important reason for a business to get online is simply the fact that it is incredibly easy. Getting a business set up with a high-quality website and/or app can be done in a matter of hours, a bit of coffee, and a drive for success.

If this is not easy enough, there are places online who offer tools and resources like a free website with case study examples, coding tips, and tutorials to ensure you get the most out of your company's online experience.

Overall, starting and maintaining a business will be a difficult task, but thanks to the internet, it is becoming more and more fruitful towards the success of a small business if utilized in the correct way. Try new things! Branch out! Follow the words of Louis E. Boone, author of Contemporary Business.

Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life is: could have, might have, and should have.

If you are looking for a rich quick solution, then it's best you stop reading this article now. But if you are used to hard work, and are willing to give this your best shot, then you are in the right place.

Thank you for reading! Please, leave a comment below with any tips you have for businesses to get the most out of the internet!