8 Free Online Courses To Improve Your Career Prospects

8 Free Online Courses To Improve Your Career Prospects
Summary: It is all free, take the chance while you can.

Free And Effective Online Courses To Improve Your Career Prospects

Is it the end of your term in school? It’s now a chance to get away from the pressures of schoolwork, or do you have a job and would like to learn a new skill? As much as the idea of having to study may not intrigue you, learning something new over the holiday, or as you work, may come in handy.

It will keep your brain active, and you will learn a useful skill. Online courses offer flexibility, unlike the conventional classroom lessons. The following are courses that will improve your prospects. They are all offered online, and are free of charge.

You don’t have to worry about costs as you focus on rising from gpa to pa.

1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies And Skills, Coursera

Equipping yourself with negotiation skills helps you to bag the best deals. It doesn’t matter whether you are negotiating a sale, or a salary increase. This Coursera course offers you practical tips that you can apply in a variety of scenarios.

It will help you in knowing how to respond to tricky interview questions without breaking a sweat, and even to broker deals with customers and clients. Acquiring practical negotiating skills is necessary for career progression.

2. Become A Networking Master, The Muse

As you go through radiology PA school, or any other institution for that matter, it is important to foster connections, and build networks with others. This skill may not come easily to many. It could be the fear of not sounding smart that could be holding you back.

This course is email-based. It will equip you with networking skills that will make you fearless, and help you sound smart among peers and professionals.

3. Communicating Strategically, EdX

Are you having difficulty in communicating effectively? Maybe you aren’t able to explain technical terms to those who aren’t in your field, in a manner that they can understand you. This course by edX will help you improve the way you communicate your words with others who may find it difficult to comprehend your terms.

It targets experts, such as engineers, technical professionals, scientists, etc.

4. How To Start A Startup, Sam Altman, Stanford University

You could be thinking about venturing out on your own in your field of interest but don’t know how or where to start. The above course will help you learn the basics of entrepreneurship. From fundraising, management, growth, operations, etc.

You will also get to learn from entrepreneurs who have made it on their own, e.g., Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, and many more others.

5. Writing For The Web, Open2Study

Would you like to share your insights on the internet? Maybe start a blog in your niche. Readers on the web behave differently from the other readers. You need to understand how to build a connection with them through your writing, and drive traffic to your site.

It offers lessons on the use of SEO, effective writing style, designing of the website, and much more.

6. Chinese Language: Learn Basic Mandarin, EdX

Nowadays, being proficient in another language, improves your career prospects, especially if you are interested in working in an international firm. Mandarin courses are also among the favorite language among students. And many corporations are looking for Mandarin speakers.

This course by edX gives you the chance to study a new language from the comfort of your home, and at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about others, as you only have yourself to compete with, throughout as you learn words and phrases in Mandarin.

7. A Life Of Happiness And Fulfilment, Coursera

We can’t ignore the importance of what could be considered as basic courses in life. Have you ever been working on a job that makes you exhausted, not that it's hard, but you just can’t connect with it? If you aren’t intrigued by the thought of waking up and going to work, the chances are that it will affect your overall performance in the workplace.

Taking this course will help you be more receptive to your daily tasks at work. You will be able to achieve a positive work-life balance and probably cheer you up, as you continue your job search.

8. What Is A Mind? University Of Cape Town

Are you interested in learning about how the human brain operates? Then, this is the course for you. It is useful to learners and practitioners alike. If you are interested in radiology PA programs, it won't hurt to take a look at this.

It will help you build a bridge between understanding the mind, and the traditional, antagonistic approaches.


The above courses offer you the chance to improve yourself, and learn new skills. Whether you are planning on becoming an entrepreneur, or aren’t able to communicate with others, you can find something that meets your needs.

You will learn practical tips to help you adjust to the workplace life, and perform better than you were once doing.