Top 6 Universities Offering Physician Assistant Programs In The USA For 2017
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Best Universities Offering Physician Assistant Programs In The USA: Top List For 2017

The medical practice remains one of the core backbones of the development of an economy, with developed nations having already advanced the practice. Small numbers of staff in hospitals and health centers create the need for Physician Assistants, who are licensed through the standard laws of a country, to perform medical operations just as doctors, though with significant scrutiny and supervision.

The practitioners in the world, precisely in the US, consistently rise in numbers to serve the ever-expanding population of the countries, and the increased mutation of disease strains which provide increased mortality rates.

The education system in the United States acts as the limelight to the emphasis given to the work of Physician Assistants through renowned world-class universities that offer the programs, such as the Duke PA program. These colleges put strict regulations and standards that govern procedures, such as the intakes into their programs, and education levels which, in the long run, ensure the graduates prove their worth through the application of what they learn.

The list below highlights some of the renowned institutions, based on the quality of the programs they offer, the reviews of various stakeholders in the medical practice, and the global world rankings.

1. The Yale University

The Yale University has its institution buildings located in the New Haven, Connecticut, in the United States, and remains ranked one of the best the medical practices. The Yale college sets its standards high, with the admission rate being difficult for any prospective student at around 6%, and very excellent SAT results might get you into the institution after rigorous interviews.

The educational costs for the university, compared to other colleges, remain slightly high, and together with the high graduation rate, hence its high rankings.

2. The Duke University

The Duke University boasts of the world status as an institution that develops students holistically by equipping them with both knowledge and experience to practice medicine. The institution has its main campus in Durham, North Carolina in the US, and has a high chance of 11% on new admissions compared to the Yale University with about 130 programs offered.

The college has high SAT marks for admission, hence it does not necessarily mean the college admits many people, since the tuition has prohibitive fees.

3. The Northwestern University

The name of the institution suggests its location lies in the northwestern parts of the United States in Evanston, found in the state of Illinois which has both extreme summer and winter temperatures. The Northwestern University remains famous for its ACT which similarly serves the purpose of admission as the SAT, and raises the acceptance rate to 13% when compared to the other two.

The tuition costs, relatively high, speak of the quality of education from the 190 programs available to desiring students, and the high graduation rate over the last six years.

4. The Tufts University

The Tufts University remains one of the few universities located in the suburb town of Medford, in the Massachusetts state, operating on a semester basis and a private based institution. The university has a high population of 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students who partake in the 125 programs offered by the graduate school after fighting to be selected by the system under a little 16% admission rate.

The university remains competitive with other top colleges in the United States, such as the York college PA program, with an expensive tuition, a few grants availed to the students distributed in equal genders, and SAT score of 2160 out of the possible 2400.

5. The Emory University

The next university has its facilities located in Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, and has its ranking based on the academic excellence, educational expenses and the career readiness the institution instills on the students. The college remains difficult to get into with a 23% acceptance rate for any prospective candidates and a highly expensive tuition fee to add on the expense to meet in the private Emory University.

Graduation rates at the university range from 91% out of the possible 121 programs availed to both grad and undergrad students.

6. University Of North Carolina

The University of North Carolina serves as the public institution in the state of North Carolina, at the Chapel Hill, which serves as an easy PA school to get into, due to its low acceptance rate of 30% compared to the other top universities. The SAT marks required to join one of the 126 programs should remain above 1970, and a relatively low tuition cost ensures that at least 90 percent of the students receive their graduation certification to practice.

A small town around the university facilities provides for conducive environments to study and at the same time blend with the city's people.


The institutions above serve as a sample of the leading pack among the universities based in the United States that offer education programs on the course of Physician Assistants, or else PA. The ranking mechanism applied to the list relies primarily on the reviews done by university regulatory in the country, as well as the reviews by graduated students and the academic staff.

The ranking of the best universities for the PA programs in the United States aids qualified students to choose suitable institutions and prepare well enough for the studies ahead.