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Turning Learning Into Profit – A Playbook For Launching Your Revenue-Generating Online Professional Learning Business

Such a raw statement serving as the title here, if anything gets the message through. Not trying to underplay the good intentions by so many eLearning professionals, Thought Industries just want to make sure you are aware of the opportunity presented by the circumstances. From an experienced firm as this one I take all the advice I can get, and Turning Learning Into Profit is full of it.

Turning Learning Into Profit: A Playbook For Launching Your Revenue-Generating Online Professional Learning Business
Understand the size of the market opportunity, grasp the basics of the profit-making side of learning, and expand your thinking about how to package your assets and take best advantage of new opportunities in the professional learning business.

Sit comfortably and set your eyes on tips, advice, real-world examples, and answers to frequently asked questions. All that you’ll read will get you in a level to comprehend the evolving environment around you. The heights you can reach through eLearning are not for granted, as there is a series of decisions that have to be the right ones. The knowledge packed here is selected to guide you in the right direction.

About The eBook

Starting off smoothly, like a nice roller coaster ride, the understanding of this market opportunity is the first chapter’s objective. Slipping through the evolution of online learning, and sliding on the concepts of modern learner and content, Turning Learning Into Profit is all downhill. Even when you reach the part you have monetization and packaging options ahead of you, this read doesn’t get steep; just a bit more demanding. What follows is even better, with tips on scaling and accelerating your online learning business and your team. To seal this great collection of advice you are presented with an insight of value, to choose the right platform.

Here’s a look at the eBook’s key chapters:

  • Understanding The Market Opportunity
  • The Evolution Of Online Learning
  • The Modern Learner & Contents
  • Monetization Options
  • Packaging Options
  • Accelerating Your Team’s Results
  • Scaling A Learning Business
  • Choosing The Right Platform

Online learning has established an image of constant increase over the last years. Showing you the figures is a way of motivation through comprehension. Numerous sub-markets open as well, so this is the time to be fully active. If you are wondering whether you fit in this picture, take a look at the three categories described as organizations ripe for setting up an online professional learning operation. I leave it for when you hit the eBook and reveal only the one common twist in those scenarios. This is accommodating the shift to mobile learning.

Informing yourself a bit about the modern ways of learners and what forms and shapes can content take nowadays, is bound to do you good. Get into chunking, because learners already have, and make your courses available anytime, by any device. Sooner or later it would lead to profit-making, so Turning Learning Into Profit includes notes about licensing and analyses of monetization options. The basics of B2P learning, seat licensing, sponsored learning, and content marketing are at your disposal here.

And the options available go on. This time they are for packaging, as in trying to combine courses, offer discounts and trials, cross-selling, and continuing promotion. Get introduced to the concept of customer lifetime value and, the preferable here, learner lifetime value. Accelerating your team’s results is the next subject on the table, leaving you to deal with inside stuff. Read how curriculum, marketing, technology, and sales can help on this one, along with a sort, explanative example.

Reaching the end, you will find valuable insight on how to scale your online learning business. The argument is that it has come to be a matter of developing an online presence that can adapt quickly to your changing market opportunities, and Thought Industries get convincing about it. Wrapping it all up is the choice of the right platform. There are many functions to be considered. Luckily, they are met by numerous features. The downside is that you must study more than enough solutions. Try asking yourself the questions you’ll find here, and they will bring you closer to the right choice.

If you want to discover all that can be done to turn learning into profit and exploit the great, evolving market of online learning, download this eBook today.

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