8 Top Online Support Resources For IT Mission Critical Training

8 Top Online Support Resources For IT Mission Critical Training
Summary: Mission critical training isn’t a one-off. You need to provide your team with ongoing support, especially if you want to avoid organizational catastrophes. In this article, I highlight 8 top online support resources for IT mission critical training.

IT Mission Critical Training: Online Support Resources For Your IT Staff

Mission critical training can save lives in certain industries. For example, healthcare professionals and first responders need to be prepared for every eventuality to ensure the patients’ wellbeing. In the IT sector, things aren’t usually as dire, but it still prevents disasters that threaten your business’s success. For example, a widespread communication systems failure that compromises sales and leaves your remote employees in the lurch. Thankfully, online support resources can offer them the "moment of need" support they require to keep things running smoothly, as well as the tools to help them handle emergencies with confidence. Let’s explore 8 top online support resources for IT mission critical training.

Top 8 Resources For Mission Critical Online Training

1. Software/Hardware Troubleshooting Guides

Employees don’t have the time to sit through a half-hour online training course when they’re trying to quickly resolve a software glitch or hardware malfunction. However, you can offer them bite-sized troubleshooting guides that cover known issues. Include links to supplemental online training resources and activities for them to complete when they do have the time. Or if they’re dealing with a more complex IT challenge that requires further investigation.

2. Social Media ‘Think Tank’ Groups

Social media groups are a more collaborative approach to troubleshooting IT obstacles. In IT mission critical training environments, they give employees the ability to communicate with peers and offer more personalized support to each other. They can also take on the form of virtual "think tanks" wherein employees can collectively brainstorm potential issues and tips/tricks to prevent or resolve them. For instance, those with more experience have undoubtedly encountered software errors or system failures they can share with their co-workers. Another great way to incorporate peer-based support is launching an online discussion or corporate eLearning blog.

3. Data Safety Breach Simulations

One of the most frightening ordeals that anyone can endure in the digital era is data theft. People have had to rebuild their lives after hackers have stolen their identities and wiped out their accounts. As such, organizations who handle sensitive information must ensure it’s kept safe and sound. Data safety breach simulations prepare your IT team for the worst-case scenario. They’re able to see what happens when information is compromised and how to prevent widespread incidents. Include tie-in online training activities that focus on data maintenance and regulatory compliance protocols.

4. Disaster Tolerance Video Demos

One of the buzzwords in IT mission critical training is “disaster tolerance.” Which is basically how well your organization and its system are able to withstand unexpected emergencies. Such as sudden power outages or malfunctioning software/hardware. It may even be something on a grander scale, like natural disasters that threaten to wipe our your database or damage servers. Produce video demos that explore potential disasters and how you can minimize their impact on your business. For instance, show employees how they should safeguard hardware in the event of a fire or flood.

5. Emergency Recovery Branching Scenarios

The ability to tolerate disasters is one thing, but is your staff able to recover from emergencies that are unpreventable? For example, what should they do if the systems go down and you aren’t able to retrieve data? A branching scenario is a great way to immerse your employees in the situation to see how they react. As well as help them understand their role in the recovery process and which tasks they’re responsible for. This helps prepare them for stressful events so that they don’t panic when under pressure.

6. Communication System Downtime Simulations

The communication system is what ties everything together. From telephone networks to internal databases. They ensure that every member of the team can access the information they need and collaborate with each other. When they go down, employees may not be able to process sales, access records, or even communicate with peers to troubleshoot the problem. An online IT Mission Critical Training simulation allows them to experience what it’s really like during a communication system failure. And how to detect the root cause so that they can get the right team members or tools involved. For example, the online training simulation centers on a phone system failure that isolates respective departments. The employee must try out the most common solutions during the online training simulation, which they’ve gleaned from their training. Then move on to more drastic measures if the situation is still unresolved to prevent customer dissatisfaction.

7. Control System Serious Games

Control systems are crucial in many sectors. They keep your devices and supplemental systems in-check so that they do their job and operate within normal parameters. Incorporate serious games in IT mission critical training to give your IT team the chance to explore these systems and see how they function. As well as what to do if the control systems suddenly stop functioning or aren’t working optimally. For instance, they must use their skills and virtual tools to diagnose the problem and stop it before it has too much of a tech domino effect.

8. Business Critical System Real-World Examples

Business critical systems are a broad umbrella that covers everything from financial accounting systems to customer databases. Provide employees with real-world examples that illustrate why these respective systems are so essential and how to deal with common issues. For instance, how they should handle an accounting system outage quickly before it damages your financial company’s credibility and risks data breaches.


IT mission critical training equips your team with the tools they need to tackle challenges. But it also gets them ready for unexpected outages, breaches, and other unfortunate events that put your organization at risk. Don’t just give them text-based checklists they need to follow and hope for the best. Provide your employees with real-world activities and immersive serious games to impart experiential knowledge.

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