3 Tips To Sell More Courses: How To Create A Competitive Advantage

Online Training Providers: 3 Tips To Sell More Courses: How To Create A Competitive Advantage
Summary: As the online training industry becomes increasingly crowded with more providers looking to get a piece of the pie, do you feel like your once tried-and-true strategies are now leaving you behind the curve? Here are 3 tips that will help you sell more courses.

Online Training Providers: How To Sell More Courses   

Don’t worry. You’re not out of the game yet. Try these 3 ideas to create a competitive advantage that will help sell more courses of your online training.

1. Differentiate your training.

Don’t allow your online training course to suffer from the “me-too” syndrome. Gain a competitive advantage by differentiating it using the following tactics.

  • Incorporate gamification.
    Gamified activities are compelling and encourage users to come back for more. Gamification helps ensure learners engage effectively with your training.
  • Use smart design.
    Remember that anything in the design that doesn’t immediately appear professional will come off as “amateur”. Win new customers by ensuring that your training looks professional.
  • Use a mobile-friendly authoring tool.
    Not every learner uses online learning tools in the same manner. You’ll want to utilize an authoring tool –like Elucidat– that delivers learning to many screen sizes (desktop, laptop, smartphone, etc.), allowing the user to learn in the manner they see fit.

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2. Cater to the needs of the modern learner.

Modern learners are savvy. You can’t afford to offer up an online training experience that is subpar. Ensure you cater to their modern needs by applying some of these instructional design principles.

  • Use bite-sized modules.
    Today’s modern learner is busier than ever. Your customers want to buy training material that accommodates the new style of learner. Make sure you offer bite-sized training that works well with smartphones and tablets. This will allow learners to squeeze training between work periods or while they’re on the go. Consider this sales training sample (created with Elucidat) that would only take learners 5 or 10 minutes to complete.
  • Utilize branching.
    Forget linear paths. Modern learners like to have control over their learning experience. With this in mind, utilize an authoring tool that allows you to create branching scenarios that enable learners to make decisions about what they want to learn next. By incorporating branching into your training, you offer customers what they want: engaging, personalized learning experiences. Read more on how to create simple branching scenario.
  • Challenge learners.
    Modern learners will quickly lose interest if they are not challenged. Challenge learners with questions that have multiple variables—this will get them thinking about consequences. Here’s a great example of how making choices can be fun for the learner.

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3. Improve the way you deliver training to customers. 

As you create online training, there’s a yin and a yang to consider: You want an excellent training product that will help you maximize products, but you also hope to craft a wonderful, fun learning experience that keeps customers (and learners) coming back for more.

So how do you balance these two demands and deliver the best experience possible? Well, again, it’s all about utilizing the right tools.

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Instead of relying on your old, outdated sales methods, try these new ideas to create a competitive advantage that will help you sell more courses.

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