How To Create Brand Engagement During Pre-Boarding With eLearning?

Creating Brand Engagement During Pre-Boarding With eLearning

The hiring process in a corporate organization is something prospective employees dread, as it is usually a lengthy process. Employees usually have to power through 3 or more rounds of grueling interviews in addition to assignments that assess whether they’re right for the job. Then they are filtered out from the rejects and then finally given the offer letter. But usually, there’s a notice period which can be of 2-3 months (depending on the organization) in between receiving the offer letter and actual onboarding. This period of time is crucial, because a number of employees who’ve accepted their offer letters, tend to not join the respective organization when the time comes. There could be a number of reasons for that, including the anticipation of a better offer from another company (mostly), not feeling at the same page with the company, and the lack of familiarity with the company’s culture and work processes. The latter is something which occurs a lot and is due to the lack of something known as brand engagement. If your prospective employee doesn’t engage with your brand, there’s a high possibility that they’ll never join your organization, even after getting an offer letter, or if they do, will likely leave within a short time. But how do you engage the prospective employee with your brand before they’ve even joined? With the help of eLearning, and something known as pre-boarding.

Pre-boarding is pure genius because it utilizes the time an employee has from the offer acceptance to joining and providing the employee with relevant information such as:

  • What the organization does, how it came to be
  • Its customer base
  • Its work culture
  • Its non-work culture
  • The role of the employee, preferably with a ‘first day’, ‘first week’ or ‘first-month’ plan
  • The resources and perks offered by the organization

Basically, you have to engage the prospective employee with your brand, sell it to them as it were. Let us consider a few tips on how to create the best pre-boarding eLearning experience for your prospective employees, and ensure that they don’t leave you hanging during the notice period.

  1. The tone of the whole eLearning course should be friendly and conversational. But don’t get too carried away, and provide them with crisp, clear and relevant information.
  2. Use videos of existing employees working at the organization in your eLearning module, which relays how great it is to work for the organization. Prospective employees related to existing employees better than they do with HR or management.
  3. Personalize the content of your pre-boarding eLearning module to target the individual, and offer relatable information. For example, talk about the department the employee is going to be working in, home in on their likes and dislikes, and understand what drives them. Analyze all of this information on the prospective employee in advance before creating the eLearning course.
  4. Make things crystal clear right from the start. List what they’ll be expected to do plainly, and the amount of workload they can expect on the first day, week and month.
  5. Don’t waste any opportunity to talk highly about your organization, present yourself like the brand you are, and subtly let them know what a privilege it is to work for you.
  6. Finally, encourage them to ask questions if they’re not clear about any aspect of the organization or their role herein. Communication is always a good thing, and if the prospective employee is asking questions, that means that they are interested in joining the organization and care about the details.

Brand engagement primes the prospective employee to be a part of the organization even before they actually set foot in it. This way, there are no ambiguities and questions in the employee’s mind when they finally join and feel right at place, as a part of the team. Most importantly if they connect with the brand, they’ll likely ignore other offers that might come their away within the notice period. Brand engagement during pre-boarding thus is the missing link between successfully hiring and retaining valuable talent. Make sure you plan accordingly, utilize it to your organization’s advantage, and keep these tips in mind while doing so.

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