Pre-built vs Fully Customized eLearning Course Content

Pre-built vs Fully Customized eLearning Course Content
Summary: Would you be interested to know when to use pre-built eLearning courses and when fully customized eLearning courses?

Pre-built vs Fully Customized eLearning Course

It’s true that if we have a well-developed eLearning course, we can use this same material many times for different learners. Moreover, we can use individual components, such as selected modules, media elements and animations, for different contexts. By using pre-built eLearning courses, we can save a lot of money that we would otherwise need to create a customized eLearning course. We are also saving a great deal of time, since part of the material is already-made and the only thing we have to do is some fine-tuning.

Of course, when we talk about pre-existing material, we are basically talking about eLearning material, since we can’t transform conventional training materials and documents into eLearning courses, without making sure that the eLearning conversion will be successfuleLearning differs and requires different structure and format. In case we have conventional material, we need to make sure that the following 4 steps are taking place:

  1. Perform a review making sure that the content is complete and ready to be converted
  2. Determine the content that needs to be added and the media that needs to be incorporated
  3. Convert the existing content and then develop the eLearning format
  4. Ensure compliance to the appropriate standards, such as a SCORM and 508

Last but not least, it goes without saying that a fully customized eLearning course is something that might be necessary for a highly specialized audience with particular needs, perspectives and business goals. The creation cost will be substantially higher and the eLearning course itself will be pricier. It will take longer to create and needs advance planning, as well as proven audience interest. This might be something a company will specifically request. It should provide excellent learner-oriented results and definitely worth its cost.